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What To Do When You’re Stuck In Life

What To Do When You're Stuck In Life: I'm going to share with you a question somebody asks. I'm a YouTuber, so I said I would make a video about it. I know it's something that we all experience, something we have experienced or someone we know has experienced, and that is, I have all these dreams, but I feel like I missed my chance to achieve them, and my life has kind of fallen apart. I lost my friends, my job, my health, and my happiness. Sounds good? Read more here - You Were Programmed to Be Poor and How To Fix it.

I don't know what to do at this point or what step I should take. It seems like whatever I do leads to disaster, so I'm afraid to do anything. I've tried changing my thoughts, my diet, my exercises, and my socializing, but I feel like this nagging pain of emptiness is constantly dragging me down. Any advice? My advice is this: you already have a clean slate, you've lost all your friends, and you have a new opportunity right now to move forward.

You Will Develop New Habits If You Don't Do Something Consistently

Number two is: How long did you try meditation for? How long did you try a new diet? How long have you been attempting this consistency? Consistency breeds results. Consistency is what creates new habits if you are not doing something consistently over time. How many people do you know who are like that? Well, I just tried this new diet, and I didn't lose weight. I wanted to know how long to try it—oh, five days. You're not going to get anywhere unless you're consistent with what you're doing with your life. Sounds good? Read more here - What to do if you have no money.

I lost pretty much all of my friends when I started doing what I was doing, and that's an opportunity for you to go within yourself. It's an invitation for you to find that balance within yourself that can keep you going, that can keep you moving, that can keep you pushing forward. Next is changing your story. You said that no matter what you feel like, there's always going to be a disaster. 

That's what you're focusing on. Our current focus equals our current feeling, which is what's creating our world. If your story is that you're creating disaster over and over again, what's going to happen? You're going to keep getting disaster jobs. You said you lost your job. Was that a job you loved? If it's a job you love, then go find another one that's similar. If it's a job you didn't like, then it was an incredible opportunity from the universe for you to find something that you love to do. 

Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle

Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle

Now for you to do something that fulfills you rather than something just to fit them all just to be this jet or just to be that diet. I'm not somebody who's an advocate for diet; I'm an advocate for lifestyle. Why diet when you can embody a certain lifestyle?

Don't just choose a way to eat because you see somebody else eating it; tune in with yourself and see what's best for you instead of picking a diet or fad that you do for 30 days or 60 days for a month or a year; why not pick a lifestyle? What is it that's true to you? Maybe your friends weren't true to what you wanted them to do. Your job wasn't true to what you wanted to do. Sounds good? Read more here - You Were Programmed to Be Poor and How To Fix it.

What Is It That Kept You Going?

So take the time to find something that you like that you love, and you're still here right now; you still have the energy to write to me, so what is it that kept you doing what you're doing and kept fulfilling you through everything that you were doing? There's something that was keeping you going; there's at least one thing that was keeping you going. 

How can you expand on that? Maybe that's your passion; maybe that's what makes you feel alive. So do that and keep expanding on it. What is it that got you out of bed? You got out of bed that day, or at least you're on your computer. Something woke you up. So what is it? What is that thing, and how can you expand on it? How can you give to someone else? Smiling at the cashier is a great way to start your day, so I hope this helps. 


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  • My mind and brain is being rewired by and by and I do take all the 5 steps and consistently use them until I achieve the goal and purpose.

    Thanks so much Jake.

  • Hi Jake, My name is Robert from Ghana and in my second week in the Second Mind. I listen to it morning and evening when I am about to sleep. Is it the right way? I have loans to clear, buy a car and finish my house before going on retirement. I do 9 to 5 jobs with less salary. I believe in the law of attraction and purchased The Second Mind to get more money.
    I hope to attract more money to clear the loans, buy a car and finish the house I started 7 years ago for my family since we are in rented apartments.
    Thank you.

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