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money affirmations

5 Money Affirmations To Become Rich In 2020

Aloha friends! I’m so excited to gift you these money affirmations today! Make sure to read all the way to the bottom as I have an extra gift for you waiting there 🙂 Happy New year!!! 5 Money Affirmations​ Aloha friends! I often am asked for affirmations that will allow money to flow into your experience so […]

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second mind can help you

7 Ways Your Second Mind Can Help You

Hi friend! Today I’d like to share 7 ways that the Second Mind can helpyou …1. The 2nd Mind isn’t concerned with previous failures or what you havenot achieved in the past. It’s concerned about what you’ll do with yourfuture.2. The 2nd Mind doesn’t hold grudges or remain bitter about yesterday.It focuses on the now […]

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attract money in 2020

3 Things To Give Up To Attract Money in 2020

Guess what? 2020 is your year to start attracting money in 2020 . So often we think of what do I need to do to get more money? What do I need to do? Well, there’s habits of doing and not doing. And in this video I’m going to share with you the exact opposite, […]

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unexpected signs your manifestation is coming

3 Unexpected Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming

Three unexpected signs your manifestation is coming .These are signs from the universe. The universe is talking to you. I know for myself, I didn’t realize what it was saying and it was actually blocking me from getting what I wanted in my life. So when you can identify these three unexpected signs, you can […]

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