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Finding The Beauty In Heartbreak

Finding The Beauty In Heartbreak: The most beautiful thing about a heartbreak is that it is in fact cracking, and what happens when something cracks or breaks? It's giving new space for something else to come through, so how is heartbreak an opportunity for us to bring more love into our lives? Read more to learn more - How To Be Happy Again And Attract True Love.

It's really quite simple, whether it's a heartbreak from a dream or a goal that didn't get met, whether it's a romantic heartbreak, whether we're betrayed, or something else; it's three things. One, we believe we are victims of people, places, and things. Two, we believe we are powerless to change situations because of our attitude. Three, it's a combination of all of them together. 

The Meaning Of Heartbreak

Finding the beauty in hearbreak: We believe we're victims of people, places, and things, and we're powerless to change them as well as our attitude. It's the only way that heartbreak can let us down; anything else cannot be an opportunity to let more love into our lives. If we really stop and think about it for one second, what is heartbreaking? Even if you know what it is, what is our belief about being heartbroken? It's coming from our mind, our belief that we've been victimized, so what is heartbreak? 

Our definition of heartbreak is either based on our memory of past painful experiences or on what somebody else has told us about what's pleasurable and what's painful. When it boils down to it, it's just an experience to grow and learn something new, an experience to love ourselves more and to love others more, and an experience to not be so attached to situations that when it doesn't go our way that we can't even make any adjustments after that happens, we're just stuck right there. Read more to learn more - HOW TO LET GO OF YOUR EX To Attract Your Soulmate & Manifest Love.

Turning Our Feelings Into An Idea

Turning Our Feelings Into An Idea

How many people do you know that are just stuck right where they are in their lives because something happens and they're so attached to the situation that they can't do anything about it, but really nothing can ever possibly be wrong except for our attitude and the way that we're viewing the situation because, really, as I said, it's just an experience and we can create any type of story around it about how we feel, but really we're just thinking our feelings at that point -- I feel like this, I think this -- and we're turning our feelings and experience into an idea. Read more to learn more -  Law of Attraction: How to LET GO, Surrender, And TRUST THE UNIVERSE.

If we can just leave them at that and experience and know that a new experience is coming, then we're always in an opportunity for more love and more experience, and what's the point of life in experiencing? I'd say it's to love, to feel loved, and to be more loved. So how can heartbreak not be an opportunity to let more love into our lives?


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