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You Were Programmed to Be Poor and How To Fix it

You were programmed to be poor. In this blog, I'm going to share with you three shocking ways to get rich in 2019. I made this video because somebody asked me how do I get out of the mindset of feeling poor or feeling broken and being stuck in that.

there is a very dark secret in our society and it is that you've been programmed to be poor and here's how you break out of it.

You Were Programmed To Be Poor and How To Fix It #1 

you have to challenge your habitual thinking.

I worked a lot, but every time a big break would happen it would fall apart or something. And they told me to incorporate and so it was going to cost me like, I don't know, whatever it costs in California, five, 600 bucks.

And that was a lot of money to me. I didn't really have an expendable amount of $500 or whatever. And they said, look, you got to do it. And they said, when you incorporate, what's going to happen is you're going to start having this different mindset and you're going to start being able to have a consistent flow of income once you treat it like a business rather than "this may work out, this may not work out."

So it was challenging my habitual thinking. Your brain is an artifact of the past. It's memorized your past. And then what it does is it builds neurological patterns based off of your past and then it keeps reproducing your past and it wants you to behave in the same ways over and over again. The problem with that is if you behave in the same way, you're going to get what you already got.

And if you want more money, you can't get more money by doing the same things that you used to do. So I incorporated. It scared me because I didn't have the expendable money for that, but this amazing thing happened. My income trippled the first year.

What happened? I changed my habitual thinking to "I will incorporate when I have expendable money". That was my mindset before. I'll do it when I have money. Instead I said, I'm going to do it now and I'm demanding from the universe and myself that my financial life changes. And then the fear comes up, says you can't be, you don't have the money to do that. Why don't you wait six months? Why don't you wait 12 months?

programmed to be poor

No, I'm not going to wait for my bank account to be different, to do something that I know is in my best interest. So what most of us do is we say, I'll do it when I have the money which is really saying I do not have the money. It's further conditioning your subconscious mind that you're broke. And the subconscious mind controls 95% of your life. So you're programming yourself over and over and over and over again to not have money. So that was one example for me.

Think of an example for yourself of how you can break out of your habitual mold with respect to money. How can you start to develop a rich habit? A habit that would be if you were cultivating a fantastic income, what would be going on?

It was starting to change those habits. In essence, I went from "my bank account runs my life" to "I demand my bank account changes and it feels so good".

You Were Programmed To Be Poor and How To Fix It #2

commit to saving 40% or more of your income.

it was a John Dimartini audio file of a seminar and he was talking about sir John Templeton who was a very famous investor. When he was broke, he was married at a very young age and he started saving 40% or 50% of his income.

And it led to him having, you know, relative amount of funds to start investing. And then this multiplied. And then he became wealthy very quickly. And I thought, I'm not a stock investor hedge fund manager like this guy. But there's no excuse for me not to be able to do that. If he can do that, I should be able to do that.

And again, going back to the first principle, I would always tell myself I'll save when I have money and I was always just getting by. Like I always had just enough money for my rent, just enough money for my expenses with nothing left over all the time and this was going on for a couple of years. It wasn't like I was making no money at all. I just never had any of it cause it was always out the door As soon as I got it.

programmed to be poor

I changed that philosophy to instead of going, I'll save when I have money, I started going, I will save and I will have more money. So I started demanding that my life changed instead of hoping it would change in the future, then I'll change my habits. I changed my habits now. I stuck both feet in the grass. I said, this is the way my life is going to be. I'm demanding that this shift occurs. I'm going to say 40% of my money and then my mind would go, Whoa, how are we going to do that?

You don't even have any money to save now. So if you saved 40% of your money, you're not going to be able to pay for 40% of all of your necessary expenses. You don't have any money to save.

But the craziest thing happened. When I say save 40% of your income, what do you think? You think of a very practical money management tip. Well this is also very into mindset because if you stake a claim in the ground and say I'm gonna save 40%, what happens is it also expands your mind. So I had to save 40% of it. So maybe I'm putting like 400 bucks out of 2000 away when I needed all that money. What it did is it actually expanded my consciousness.

I finally had $400 in the bank. The next month I finally had 800, then 1200! I remember when my wife and I saved our first $10,000 and we were like, "Holy shit, we just saved $10,000!" But what it did is it attracted more money. Money is attracted by money.

In the Bible it says to those that have more will be given. So I started to see my bank account growing and when I started to see that it actually brought more money. So this weird thing happened. My income was super stagnant for about couple of years. It didn't really go up ever. As soon as I started saving 40% even though logically I couldn't save it, my income started going up and to the right.

And then it was an almost vertical jump at a certain point. Crazy growth!! What happened was I stuck a claim in the ground. To this day I still save 40% of my income.

So this is so important. Society teaches you the opposite. They're like, Hey, just make sure you pay bills, make sure you pay your taxes. In reality, it's not make sure you pay your taxes. If you're on a paycheck, the government takes your money before you even get it. But we're taught to pay everything except for ourselves and we're programmed for it so deeply that it programs us to stay in poverty.

This is why it's so important to hypnotize ourselves to believe we are successful, we deserve money, and it's coming to us at a rapid rate! I created a success hypnosis for you and it's totally free. This is the same one that I made for myself and used in order to brainwash myself for success! My dream is that you do too.

You Were Programmed To Be Poor and How To Fix It #3

commit to the habit of doing one thing and then follow through.

I had a bunch of side businesses and I felt like every day I was working on a different project when I didn't have money. I Read this book by Gary Keller called the one thing, he's the cofounder of Keller Williams real estate and it was about committing to one thing will radically change your income. I eventually committed to just YouTube.

I quit doing interviews. Over the last couple of years i've probably turned down 300 of them. I mean I would do it if Oprah wanted to partner. lol obviously! But I realized that the one thing I was committing to is YouTube and I had to see it through. If you commit to too many things, which is what a lot of people that are struggling financially do, you never get really good at one thing. Too often we spread ourselves thin rather than focusing our efforts for maximum results.

So I invite you to commit to one thing and watch the magic that unfolds. Make sure to download and use my success hypnosis, if you haven't already.

programmed to be poor

Sending lots of love!!


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