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Shocking Law of Attraction Coaching Tip To Manifest Anything

Here is a shocking law of attraction coaching tip that will radically shift your perspective and allow you to effectively use the law of attraction instead of wanting and wishing and not receiving. I'm so happy you're here! Let's dive in.

Today I want to offer the shocking law of attraction coaching for attracting what you want quickly. It can actually happen quick and fast. What I'm about to talk about is paradoxical. Often though, paradoxes show us some of the greatest answers to the things that we're seeking.

So many when they are trying to attract whatever they want they think, "I really want it to come in this time frame." What if your attachment to a timeframe is actually what's blocking it from coming. In order to truly align with the universe, to align with spirit, to connect with God and have that power on your side, you have to step out of time.

law of attraction coaching tip

Now, the greatest, quickest and easiest way to step out of time is to surrender your plans. To say, thank you God, I'm grateful for God's perfect plan. I'm grateful for God's perfect plan. The funniest thing is when we do that, we actually invite God in. We actually invite the miracle working presence into our lives. Most of us spend our whole time blocking it because we're like, I need this to happen in two weeks, in three weeks, and four weeks and I need this to happen and that to happen!

But as we do that, we offer a vibration of lack and we offer a vibration of resistance. When there is resistance, then the miracle working presence of the universe cannot come into our lives. So when we're in the idea of time, we're projecting our desires into a future that may or may not come. When we're projecting our desires into a future that may or may not come, we are offering a vibration of lack, and when we offer a vibration of lack, we continue to push what we want to the future.

Now, when things are showing up, the tendency is what? The tendency is to start to try harder, do more techniques, do more meditation, work more hours. They show up more.They do whatever it takes! But that energy is what continues to block. What I suggest trying is totally trusting God's perfect plan. Comment down below "I trust God's perfect plan"

Now that paradox with that phrase, I trust God's perfect plan is a lot people might say, you're surrendering. You're giving up. What you're actually doing is exemplifying total certainty that what you want or something greater will come into your life.

So when I say I trust God's perfect plan, I allow the miracles to come into my life. Like right now, this YouTube channel has like 500,000 subscribers. It's got like 40 million views. It's a fantastic livelihood for my wife and I, and it reaches a bunch of awesome people. But that didn't happen until I let go. I was trying so hard, I was working so hard. I was putting a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of energy into building this YouTube channel.

I was publishing all the time. I made all my thumbnails, I did everything, all of my own. I film myself, I set up my lights myself. I've spent money that I like hardly had because I was on a low point before I started YouTube. I was doing all of these things, but I wasn't getting progress.

So I tried harder. I tried harder and harder and harder and harder and harder. And then my wife and I were going camping in Oregon and I said to her, you know what? If this doesn't work out, I'm cool with it. I'm happy with it. I have a feeling something great is going to occur, but I'm cool with whatever's meant to be.

law of attraction coaching tip

I have a feeling something great is about to occur, but I'm going to trust the universe. I'm going to trust God's timing and I'm not going to get all worked up over how many views on this day and how many views on this, and I'm not going to like have a mental scoreboard all the time. Well, I put this many hours in and it's cost me this much time and here's how much return I've gotten... I'm not going to do that anymore.

I'm going to do what I'm doing because it's my purpose and I'm going to surrender the work to God. I'm going to surrender the work to the universe. I'm going to offer my work to God basically as a prayer of appreciation to the, and I'm not going to seek a result from it.

I finally was trusting in God's perfect plan. So we published my video and then we went camping and we had to come back into service 48 hours later to go to internet cafe to publish a new video. And when I got back, I refresh my browser, got onto the internet and I had all these comments and all these subscribers and oh my God, what the heck was happening.

My YouTube channel went viral. As soon as I had that energetic release of trying to control things, I made space for something bigger. I made space for God to finally be able to work its magic. beause I was trying to control God. I needed to happen in this time. And here's how many subscribers I want by this date and i'll just work harder. This isn't working. I'll work harder. I'll do more. I was focused on the exterior.

Abraham Maslow has a term, called the self actualized people. And he says one of the steps of the self actualized person is they're in process over outcome. They're not doing what they're doing to get an outcome. They're in the process of it and thus they evoke timelessness because they're not focused on an outcome that may or may not come in the future. And so they're lost in the process. They're doing what they're doing to offer it up to God, to the universe in essence.

And that's what allows them to become self actualized and reach high levels of their potential and their destiny in life. They aren't seeking an outcome, they aren't attached to a future. They've eliminated time altogether and now they're an open cup for the beauty of the universe to flow through. And when you finally say, I trust God's perfect plan,

in essence what you're saying is, I know there are fantastic things in store for my life and I'm calling upon the universe to deliver them to me. And I trust the universe as time because I already know these things that are in store for me. I always say, if not this, then something better.

This world is a friendly place. It's very easy to forget that, especially when things are not going our way. You're working hard and it's not working out. You're not getting the recognition or your relationship isn't going the way you want, or you're having health problems. Or maybe just all around you feel beat up from the last year. It's easy to forget that the universe has your back and is friendly because we are so used to thinking and being another way.

law of attraction coaching tip

The most important decision you'll ever make in life is whether or not you live in a friendly or hostile universe. There's only two ways to look at life - friendly or hostile. In our dog eat dog society, we're always pushing what we want into the future, comparing ourselves to others, measuring our self- worth based off of what we do or do not have. The validation or approval we do or do not get from society. When we're in this type of energy, we look at the world as a hostile place.

"I need this thing so I can be validated. I might not get what I want. There's the rich people control the money." There's so many bad people in bad situations that we get in this hostile energy and we see life as a hostile place, but nothing could be further than that. Nothing could be further than that at all. It's the exact opposite. You live in a friendly universe.

In fact, life isn't happening to you. It's happening for you. Say with me and and feel, "God, I trust you." ( And if you don't like the word God, use the word life or universe or spirit or love or whatever feels good) Alan Watts says you can't get wet by the word water. It's this miracle working presence that's in everything. That's what we're referring to here. So comment down below, God, I trust you.

I trust that the intelligence that put me here on earth is the same intelligence that's always here to support me and that is seeing all my plans through perfectly. I trust you, God. I trust that if you created me and that you've sustained my life, that you breathe life into me and you've created a perfect biological system that has me here in this moment and I'm thinking and feeling the way that I am.

I trust that you will see through all of my desires, my dreams, my goals. I trust that I will live a life of prosperity and joy and love and freedom. I trust that everything will work perfectly. I trust your plan. I trust you to open doors. I trust you to open doors where I only see giant brick walls. I trust you to fill my cells and my heart with love. I trust you to attract people into my life.

 People that love me, people that have character and integrity, people that see my value in the world. I trust you God. I trust that you will uplift my finances. God, I trust that you will restore the health of my body and I'll feel invigorated. I trust that the perfect news and opportunities will come to me and I'm going to show up to my life and offer that faith to you because I know that as I allow you continue to fill my life with more. Amen.

law of attraction coaching tip

As you do that, that's when the magic starts to happen. That's when the doors start to open. That's when the momentum really starts to pick up because now you've called upon the forces of creation and forces of nature on your side.

You've opened the door for the friendly universe to prove how friendly it is to you. The universe conspires for me. The universe is on your side. So today and this week, allow yourself to connect to this energy, to connect to this divine power. Allow yourself to surrender your worries to it, your fears to it.

Allow yourself to surrender your feelings of not being good enough. Allow all of these fears to be relinquished by you surrendering to this higher intelligence that's always here for you. As you let go of your fears, you say, God, I trust you. You continue to invite more power, more spiritual power into your life and things that are working out for you in ways even better than you could possibly imagine.

I created a success hypnosis. It's the Success Hypnosis that will reprogram your subconscious so that you have less of those thoughts that are offering resistance and blocking what you want. So it's right there, down below, it's free. Over 600,000 people from all over the world have used it now! I get amazing stories every day saying, "Jake oh my gosh you won't believe it! I've been using your hypnosis and guess what happened!?" My dream is that you too can experience those results and share them with me 🙂

Remember that all is well and perfect when we trust god's perfect plan.

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