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Shocking Technique To Attract Money

Here is a shocking technique to attract money into your life asap. If you want to manifest more money and you want a quick and easy trick that you can start to utilize, this is for you. Let's dive right in! 

As we start here, please say with me, "I will be rich" out loud. And let it really echo in all the cells of your body. If you want to attract money, what has to happen is your conditioning or your perception about money has to shift. You can have a lot of money and you can have a lot of freedom. How does that feel to hear? Do you resist that idea and come up with justifications and reasons why it's not really true? Let's get deeper into this.

If you look at a lot of the census polls and the Gallup polls and things like that along with the statistics on the federal reserve, what you find is the vast majority of people are in debt. They don't have any savings and they're underpaid. People are retiring without money. The normal is to not have the economic freedom that you truly crave. That's the normal. So in order to step out of the normal, what do we have to do? We have to recondition our mind so it is no longer normal in our reality and paradigm. This is the beginning of you financial shift.

We have to recondition our brain for a new way of perceiving money and showing up to our lives. And so I thought, okay, so what's the end goal? The end goal is not necessarily the money in and of itself because money in and of itself is meaningless. It's the things you can buy with it or the freedom you can create with that money, whatever those things are. It might be flying first class, living in your dream home, donating to your favorite charity, employing your friends. It could be tons of things. How do we get there? Well, our mind has to expand about the possibilities that are truly out there with respect to money.

technique to attract money

Comment below "I can get rich! Money is all around me!"

Most people's mantra is the opposite, right? It's like there's no money anywhere. In the last couple business days, the federal reserve just injected like another, almost like $100 billion into the overnight funding markets. Essentially it's another bank bailout and another hundred billion dollars. It happened like nothing and it happens all the time. there's so much money in circulation that money is truly becoming meaningless, especially with low interest rates and inflation going up, it actually is becoming meaningless.

It's not hard to get money, but you have to change your perception to it. So what I do is I carry all fifties. I carry this in my wallet with me and I never spend it. It just goes in my wallet.

I also have a little stamp in my wallet. It says "I am prosperous" and every time I open up my wallet to get a card out, I see it. Great little extra tip for improving the subliminal messages to your brain. But anyway, I carry a couple thousand dollars with me every day and I don't spend it. I'm conditioning my brain to always have large sums of money and it started to shift in my perception. $2000 is alot of money to carry in your wallet. I don't share this to boast of course. I had this money in my wallet well before $2000 was "doable" for me.

But I was like, I don't want to lose my money though! If you're thinking i wouldn't want to lose all that money, thats a legitimate thought and a responsible one. lol The first part of this is definitely don't put out more money than you are comfortable losing. Of course you can lose your wallet. Ironically, I seem to keep better track of my wallet now, than I used to before because the money is in there.

I'd always lose my wallet. Now I don't. But you don't want to put more money than you're comfortable losing. The whole point is to shift your focus to seeing more abundance and feeling good about it. Please do not put more money than you can afford because it causes stress in your life knowing you have lots of loose cash and you need to get by next month.

technique to manifest money

What happens when you see more abundance in your possession than you're used to is it invokes the law of relativity. I went from thinking how this much money would be alot to lose to a state of mind over a couple months where i wasn't concerned if i lost that $2000. That type of mental shift starts to expand your horizon and your possibilities.

It's reminding you all the time that you have money, you are prosperous, money's easy to come by, and that you always have it with you everywhere you go. And so it starts to expand the perception of what you think is actually possible.

And you think about the fact that most people have digital currency. So most of us aren't seeing money very often at all and then we worry every time we swipe our card hoping we are not going over budget and always living in a lack mindset when it comes to money.

Science has long proven that your brain and your subconscious respond to your environment. Cells respond to environment. And what are you? You are a community of approximately 100 trillion cells. That's all you are. If cells are influenced by our environment and we are made up of cells, doesn't it make sense that we should pay attention to our environment and control what we can in order for us to live more lovely lives?

What environment am I creating here? I'm creating an environment where prosperity is normal. I'm creating an environment where a larger sum of money actually doesn't become that much money anymore. I'm creating an environment of wealth and prosperity and where money is always present.


technique to manifest money

Science tells us there is something called Hebbs Law and it says that "nerve cells that fire together wire together". So what that means is every time your nerve cells recognize something in your environment, you brain wires in a way that relates to your reaction around it.

Imagine what is possible and how you will feel if you're walking around all day and saying "I am prosperous, Im so happy and grateful"? And every time you saw someone with money, you were happy for them and blessed it for it is good. If we see money as bad and our reaction is "I don't need money" or "That guys an ass cuz he flaunts his money" we are only instilling the very belief that our mind wired us for earlier in life. This is why it's so important to change our environment with these techniques.

I'm taking advantage of my physiology and neurology, using what we now know about science, that the brain is malleable and plastic. Neuroplasticity says you can reprogram your brain and guess what? Most of us are programmed for poverty. We're programmed to be poor. We're programmed to be afraid of money. We think money is evil. We're programmed to think we're bad if we have money. We're programmed to think that we can't have very much of it. None of that is true, but it feels true because it's built into the neural networks of our brain. It controls our brain. Chemistry, controls our nervous system, our feelings, our thoughts, and all the results of our life.

But when the shift happens, your brain starts to live from a new operating system. It's like a new GPS is downloaded into your mind with all new maps leading you to success rather than going in circles hoping and wishing you get there one day only to end up in the middle of the desert cursing out your i phone. lol

technique to manifest money

By the way, if you haven't used my hypnosis, I created a success hypnosis for myself to get rid of all the beliefs of society so I can live my best life with the most freedom, prosperity, opportunities to be the most generous that I could, to live my dream, all of it. I wanted that and I knew I needed to retrain my beliefs about what I thought was possible for myself and my life. I had a lot of limiting beliefs around me thinking I can be successful and I was aware of that so i created a hypnosis that changed my life and now over 600,000 people from all over the world use it which is crazy amazing!

I would give this to people i was coaching when i first starting using this. People would always have these amazing results. My dream is that you use it as well and share your success story. That's what lights me up!!

So my friends, I hope a lightbulb went off today. My wish is that you know you're true power and harness your ability to rewire your mind so that you can live a loving and happy life filled with the abundance and freedom you deserve.


Miracles are normal.


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