Law of Attraction Visualizations Can Be Dangerous!!! - Jake Ducey
Jake Ducey
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Law of Attraction Visualizations Can Be Dangerous!!!

There is a danger in law of attraction visualizations as you know it. What do you use visualizing for? Something you want, right? It's easy to think or go into a visualization and actually block what it is that you want.

Everything is energy. Reality is projection of consciousness. Your consciousness is what determines what you experience in life. Most people will push the things they want into the future with their visualizations.

My life changed when I stopped this and changed my process. I thought visualization was supposed to be like daydreaming. You just lie there and you imagine your life the way that you want it to be...but it's not.

If you do that, you're passively saying to your subconscious mind, I do not have this thing. Your subconscious mind doesn't know what you do or do not want. It just responds to the frequency or the energy that you are broadcasting from your own consciousness.

How you're taught to visualize is to think of images or think of pictures that you want that hopefully you'll get some time. But if you stay in that mode, what you're really saying is this thing that I want hopefully one day I get it. So your subconscious says you don't have this thing, you do not have this thing. And then you keep pushing it further and further and further away from you.

law of attraction visualizations

The point of visualization is to call upon not a reality that doesn't exist, but a reality that does exist. You've just yet to experience it with your physical senses. Energy is never created or destroyed. 

That's what science says. So if energy is never created or destroyed, what you want already exists, you just can't see it yet. When you say to yourself, "i really can't wait until i meet my soul mate" or "one day i'm going to be financially secure" all you're doing is always broadcasting the frequency of "I do not have".

Your subconscious continues to create that. So the danger is in not understanding that visualization is actually an active process. For instance, what I'm inviting you to do is imagine a lemon and I want you to close your eyes and I want you to imagine chewing into a lemon. Like actually you cut it open, you could smell it and you're chewing on the lemon.

Actually see it and feel it. If you take a few moments and you actually do that and you legitimately imagine you're chewing on a lemon, what happens? You start salivating. Why? Cause it's really acidic and it's really bitter.


law of attraction visualizations

So you're getting more saliva in your mouth to try and dilute the acidity of it. It didn't actually happen, but you had a physiological sensation as if it happened. So what I'm inviting you to do is think of visualization like that.

Can you create a physiological sensation that whatever it is that you want is already occurring right now? So what I would do is I would imagine this YouTube channel blowing up. I used to do that, but I wasn't getting the results until all the sudden I started realizing that visualization was an active process.

I would visualize about my reach expanding and my business taking off all the time. I would think of the images in my mind. But it's not the image that is the most important thing. It's the feeling. The law of attraction says that like energy attracts like energy.

So wherever your energy is, is what determines what you will attract back to you. You don't get what you want. You get what you are. If you get what you are, what are you being? You're just energy. You're literally a vibration.

If you aren't already feeling the energy of abundance, love, peace, whatever it would feel like to be living in your dream home, then how do you expect to attract it into your experience if the law of attraction says like attracts like.

So I had to start being already in the reality of my reach expanding massively and my videos and content going viral. I had to be in the reality of all of these great things. I would try to evoke as much emotion as I possibly could to it.

I would see epic people writing and saying like that they were suicidal and telling me this crazy emotional story and how my content changed their life. I would think of things that would make me tear up. That's what I wanted. I wanted this channel to be an instrument to inspire millions of people, so I became it in my own energy.

I would leave these visualizations and start exclaiming "oh my gosh you won't believe what just happened!" It felt like it was real. It felt like it actually happened. If you can make yourself salivate over a lemon that doesn't exist, you could also fire new nerve cells and new brain cells by getting emotionally involved in visualizations or new images.

While i was doing this i was firing nerve cells. I'm firing brain cells. Well, guess what happened? Those brain cells were getting rewired for this new reality as it believed it was real and actually happening.

law of attraction visualizations

It's called Hebbs, law. Nerve cells that fire together wire together. Your brain has all these neurocircuits in it. Basically it's similar to you building a home and you flip the switch and the master bedroom to make the lights come on aren't working. You call the electrician. Hey, why aren't the lights coming on? I flipped a switch. Oh I forgot to do that room he says. I forgot to go program the room to flip the switch and make the lights come on!

It works in the kitchen because they finished the kitchen. But they didn't finish the master bedroom. The house has electrical circuits set up to operate and turn certain switches on. Similarly, your brain has electrical circuits set up to produce a certain reality and your brain is malleable. It's moldable. Meaning you can change your brain. You can make your brain the way that you want it.

I went from "I hope I get it one day" to "It's already happening now and it feels so good". In not a long matter of time, results followed. My videos on youtube started blowing up and more and more successes were coming to me at an increasing rate.

The moment you start feeling it is the moment that you start changing your vibration and the universe starts bringing different things that match that feeling. If you really want to amplify your visualization power and your manifestation power, I created a technology called the second mind.

The second mind is a technology designed to do that retraining of your brain passively. The first mind is where you are now. It's the mind that has been hi jacked by our past and our culture. The second mind is your potential that is literally waiting for you. It's just a matter of making these shifts, rewiring your mind, and stepping into your second mind so you can attract what you are. Which will be total abundance, love, and peace when you use this every day. Life not only feels way better but the things around you start to change. It's amazing and it's free to use! Right there down below :).

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The technology designed to wire your brain for what you want!!!

Sending you all so much love. I'm so grateful for you and how you continue to show up and continue your journeys growth.


Miracles are normal.


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