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How To Ignore Negative Manifestations

How do we ignore negative manifestations and attract whatever we want? I'm excited to share this with you. How do we ignore negative manifestations? Blocks are the number one thing that disallows people from getting what they want in life. Let's dive right into this.

So one of the main things that blocks people from getting what they want in life is they don't know how to ignore "negative" manifestations. So many people will log into their mobile banking and there's no money in it or they don't get what they want, or a relationship doesn't work out or something they thought was going to work out, doesn't and what happens is we react and internalize whats happening.

We're conditioned to react to what we see or hear. When we do that, we're living at a very small bandwidth of reality. You want more money and then you look at your mobile banking and there's still no money in there. So you might say, "I am broke" or "this isn't working". But as soon as you do that, what you're doing is affirming the past over again.

Your bank account is only a representation of the past. Your dating life is only a representation of the past. So whatever you're presently seeing, it doesn't indicate what's more to come. In fact, it could just be that your higher self has manifested a stale state where things aren't happening as quickly as you want in order so that you finally learned this principle of how to not react or overreact to negative manifestations.

negative manifestations

Now, it's very important to understand is what you're seeing and hearing isn't absolute truth. A lot of times we see our bank account, we see our love life, we get fired from a job. Something doesn't work the way that we want. We see we're heavy on the scale and then we think therefore I'm fat or I'm ugly or I'm on lovable. We see these outer representations and we think they're absolute truths.

They're not absolute truth. In fact, if you blow a dog whistle, you can't hear a dog whistle, right? But you blow it anyways. Why do you blow it? Because the dog can pick the sound up that you can't. It can hear more than you can and it's super fascinating! There's more energy of sound than our physical senses can pick up. So this reality is a relative truth, not an absolute truth.

Now, if there is sound you can't hear, there's also energy you can't see. Albert Einstein showed us that everything is energy. Matter and energy are one in the same and time is an illusion. If time is an illusion, all the energy that ever was and ever will be, and all potential realities are happening right now. They're just happening at vibratory frequencies that we cannot see. Just like a dog whistle is happening at a vibratory level that you cannot hear. There is energy happening that you cannot see.

But in order to manifest that, that energy, that possibility that you cannot see, you have to stop reacting to your present bank account, to your present love life, to your present, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Somebody that changed my life is what Bob Proctor, he said. He said, does your thinking control your bank account or your bank account Control your thinking? I realized my bank account was controlling my thinking. Whatever the digits were, that was who I thought I was and how capable I was. I thought whatever was in there was determining what my future was.

You and I have a free mind. We have a conscious mind. We have the ability to think whatever it is that we want to think. Now, when we grasp this, we're free from the past. So comment down below, my inner world creates reality.

In order to manifest something different, we have to be able to live from that inner reality that we're speaking of as opposed to reacting to the outside stimulus or stimuli around us. And in order for this to be easier, we've got to understand the psychology behind this and the neuroscience behind this. So every time we have a thought or emotion in lack, like if you look at your bank account and it doesn't have the money you want, you can do it with your love life, getting denied on a date, or It could be with anything.

negative manifestations

What you're doing is you're firing nerve cells. Every time you have an emotion or a thought, you fire nerve cells in your brain. There's something in neuroscience called Hebbs Law. It Says that nerve cells that fire together wire together.

So what this is telling us is that based off of the way we react to our environment, we build neurological connections. We build synaptic connections in our brain that ultimately then control how our brain produces reality. is a huge paradox because we're, our brain is responding to our emotions and thoughts about our present environment. But if your present environment isn't what you want and you keep reacting to it, you keep telling your brain to reinforce that reality so your brain keeps reproducing it.

Then you get that reality again, then you reacted to it again. Then you continue to fire more nerve cells that wire in that same neurological pattern. Then you keep producing that. Your brain keeps producing that reality unconsciously again. Then you keep it again, so then you react to it again. And it's this downward cycle where what we think and feel wires our brain that our brain produces reality. Then we think and feel in response to reality, which further wires our brain. Are you with me? lol

So we have to actually begin to ignore the negative manifestations of our life and not give them emotional credence. Otherwise we're reinforcing them in our brain. And the best way to do this is to simply recognize that it's not part of your belief system. Start to see it as a barometer of the way you used to think not of what's more to come. "That's not part of my belief system".

You have a conscious mind. You have a subconscious and a conscious mind. The subconscious controls 95% of your life. It's your habitual mind. Then you have a conscious mind and that's the ability to reject or accept any ideas. So you can reject your present bank account. You can reject the absence of love and failed relationships in your life. You can reject that and say you know, all of this just prepared me for this moment and now I'm destined for fantastic things.

When you start to reframe your own thoughts and you remember that everything is energy, so all possibilities already exist, then the truth becomes very important - to think what you want to think regardless of appearance is truth.

So thought is how you express universal energy. You're one with God. You're one with this universal intelligence and you express this universal intelligence, the will of this universal intelligence through your own thought and your mental faculties.


negative manifestations

So to think what you want to think regardless of the appearances in your life, the circumstances in your life, that's truth. Why? Because being able to freely think is you expressing the godlike qualities that you have within you. Your present environment and thinking in response to it is just an illusion. All be it a very powerful one because that's the way our brains have been wired on a neurological level. It creates our very reality.

It's still an illusion. So the goal here is how can I start to get emotionally involved in my inner pictures? So the first way to start to do that is to visualize correctly. Which means starting to close your eyes and imagining the future you intend to create as if it already exists. Everyone's always visualizing. It's just that most people are visualizing the things that they don't want.

Visualize correctly means you know that it already exists. And so you're getting excited about it and you're feeling the emotions of it. Why is that important? Because the way you feel is what fires nerve cells. So your brain doesn't know the difference between what is real and what's not real. It just responds to how you feel. So when you react to negative manifestations, your brain wires in the same way that you would react to positive things, you're visualizing over and over.

Your brain doesn't care what's happening. It just carries the emotions that you have to it. And then your brain starts to build neurological patterns based off of that.

So when you can start to not only believe in a future that doesn't exist, but you can start to feel that future, what happens? You start to pull it from the quantum field and then slowly but surely the outer reality becomes secondary to your inner reality. Your inner reality is the one that's truth. That's you expressing the highest form of creation, which is your ability to think.

negative manifestations

So the question is, can you believe and can you practice gratitude for a future that has not been made manifest yet? And the answer is yes. To the degree that you and I can do this is to the degree we can start to manifest new experiences. What I invite you to do is start practicing, closing your eyes and giving thanks for a future that has not been made manifest yet.

By made manifest we're talking about here with our eyes that we can see. Technically it is manifested just at an energy level beyond what we can see. Much like the dog whistle is something that you cannot hear, but still is existing on another note and frequency beyond what your senses are conditioned to perceive. So just because you see something doesn't mean it's truth. You create your truth in your mind.

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To ward off the naysayers, you can say, "that's not part of my belief system. I'm the one that creates my own belief system" and you start to free yourselves from the negative manifestations and can stop constantly reacting to the present environment of your life.

I had alot of trouble with this process early on in my journey so what I did is I created a software for myself to start retraining my brain to have the money I wanted, the success I wanted, the love I wanted, the friendships I wanted, the impact in the world that I wanted to make... I felt like I had a lot of negative beliefs and patterns. So I created this software for myself originally to reprogram my brain and the results were astounding. Over a few hundred thousand people from over the world, have used it. It's free to demo. It's right there, down below.

Thanks so much for being here. Much love to you and have a beautiful day!


Miracles are normal.


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