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Jake Ducey
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Nightly Rituals To Manifest While You Sleep

Aloha friends! Here are five rituals you must practice before bed to manifest while you sleep. Sleep is the best time to reprogram your subconscious and actually put new desires, new realities, and new possibilities into your subconscious.

The reason is, just before you drift off into sleep, your conscious mind disappears. Psychologists tell us the subconscious mind controls 95% of our lives. So if you can utilize sleep to tap into your subconscious and reprogram it, then you can attract whatever you want and really you can manifest while you're asleep. So here are five rituals you must practice before bed to manifest while you sleep.

First of all, before we get into point number one, here's what I want to say. All is well. Life is going to get better. I can tell you that sometimes it goes this way, but then it always goes back up this way. Number one, which is to get yourself into that energy of "all as well" before the night comes to an end.

Which might mean looking for something you're excited about with your future. So the reason for this is no matter what, when we're going to bed, we're taking our old emotions into our subconscious mind. The simplest way to start to do this is to find a practice of gratitude. What I like to do is pull out a pen and paper and write out five or 10 things that I'm grateful for before bed.

nightly rituals to manifest while you sleep

By the way, it's only going to take a few minutes. But the reason that I do this is because it erases all the frustrations, or the anxieties or fears or whatever it is, and it replaces with postive energy. So it gives your subconscious a new thing to marinate on before you go to bed. Apply this and see the shift.

Point number two, Write out your vision of who you want to be and what you want out of life in the present tense. So it would begin like this. "I'm so happy and grateful now...."

What I started doing for many years was when I was trying to get my career off the ground, I made my statement and it said, I am so happy and grateful I'm a world renowned thought leader, inspiring millions of people. I'm publishing books with the biggest publishers in the world. I'm impacting millions of lives.

I have a business that's employing my friends and I'm traveling the world, and the list went on. The good news is you only need to write this down once and then you can look back and read it from that point on. So I wrote out just on one piece of paper that vision, and then every night before I went to bed, I would read it out loud. That's the important part. Read it out loud. The reason being is because you're engaging more of your senses. So you're giving your brain more of an opportunity to fire new nerve cells.

Nightly rituals to manifest while you sleep

Every time you have a thought or an emotion, you fired nerve cells. So there's a term in neuroscience called hebbs Law. It says that brain cells that fire together, wire together and nerve cells that fire together wire together. So build your neurocircuitry so you can rewire your brain and especially before sleep because your conscious mind isn't there. And your conscious mind might be like, no, this isn't possible. But the cool thing about sleep is your conscious mind is disappearing.

So it's very easy. Your subconscious in your brain becomes very malleable. Very easy to transform and reprogram. If you haven't done this yet, it's very fun to write out your vision for your life, beginning with "I am so happy and grateful now" and write it out. It doesn't need to be super long. Have it be at least 4 or 5 sentences long. Put it on your fridge, in your car, and read it every night before bed.

Number three, hypnotize and brainwash yourself. The way that I like to do this is I like to listen to a success hypnosis and I stretch while I do it. I think stretching is great before bed because the muscle tissues pick up old and stagnate emotions. So we get a lot of stiffness from the emotional body. I created a success hypnosis. It's totally free and about a half a million people around the world have used it now. It's right there, down below.


If you listen to this every night before bed, you will start to see a shift within 30 - 60 days! It's important that you remain consitent as consitency is a huge roll in rewiring our minds. Remember to be relaxed. Breathe. Don't focus too hard. Just ease into the hypnosis and focus on your breath.

Point number four, when you're in bed, I suggest you surround yourself with the images that you intend to manifest. So I like to just quick read. 10 minutes of something light and positive. This again reinforces the energy you're trying to manifest. You're reading new material, firing new nerve cells, rewiring your mind.

It's so important to be surrounded by positivity. You can put a vision board up on your wall, surround your room with positive quotes and inspiring images, all of that! Reading allows your environment to be tunnel visioned into one focus. So I love focusing my eyes and mind on positive words for some time before bed as i find its an easy way for me to "surround myself".

Last but not least, practice conscious lucid dreaming. This is in a different way than you might think I'm talking about. As you're falling asleep now, your eyes are closed. You take some deep breaths in and out and you allow yourself to just relax. This is my starting to go to sleep and get into my sleep mode. I just imagine the things that I'm creating over and over and over in my mind.

nightly rituals to manifest while you sleep

Every time I find my mind wander, I bring it right back and I continue to focus on the rising and the falling of my breath. So I continue to relax and I'm imagining inspiring way more people on YouTube and through my content. You can do this with whatever it is you wish to create. What is it for you? love, wealth, peace, happiness, more fun? What ever it is, you are more than worthy of living that out. And it all begins with imagining it in your mind.

When you start to visualize at the end of your routine and as youre lying in bed, the things you want become very tangible. And since your conscious mind is disappearing, this is going directly into the subconscious. From what i've read and seen in my own life and coaching practice, this is the fastest way to reprogram your subconscious mind. Have you ever noticed that if you're worried and thinking about something before bed, a lot of times your dreams will have an anxiety or stressful feel to them?

This is the same thing only we're consciously suggesting the things we intend to manifest. The dream is actually engaging the subconscious while you're asleep. So the lucid dream of what you want only amplifies it. It makes it easier to manifest while you sleep.

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All of these are powerful tools in rewiring your mind. The most powerful tool you can use is a hypnosis as it's so passive. If you haven't already, I encourage you to go ahead and try it for 30 days and see how it changes your life. It's totally free 🙂 What do you have to lose? It's my dream that you use it and experience life changing emotions and physical abundance where you desire. It's so possible. It's simply a matter of rewiring your mind and getting into the frequency of what you want. So go ahead and click that button below for a free download to rewire your mind.


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