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5 Signs Money Is Coming To You Now

Here are 5 signs money is coming to you! I'm going to share with you five shocking signs, five simple steps that you will manifest money quick. Over a few year period, my financial life really changed. I wanted to simplify things that really changed my life and the signs that ultimately led to a huge increase in financial independence in my life.

Number one is patience. So before I get into that, you may be thinking, "patience? That stupid, give me something more exciting". What I mean by that is if you aren't in a state of patience then essentially you're in a state of lack. In a course in miracles, it says that infinite patience breeds immediate results.

And what that means is when you're in a state of patience, you're in a state of knowing. You're in a state of, I know that this money is coming as opposed to, Oh man, I really need it to come. Coming from a place of "need" consciousness is an energy of "I do not have".

when you're in that place it can become fanatic and you end up working too many hours. I used to work all the time, but I didn't have any money. Why? Because I didn't have any patients. I was in an energy of not having. I wanted it, but I did not have it because everything is really two things. Money included. It's the presence of it or the absence of it in existence in the physical realm. But this is true also in the realm of consciousness.

So I wanted it in the physical, but I didn't possess it in consciousness. I worked like crazy. If hard work created money, then everyone that worked 40 hours a week would be rich. 50 hours a week would be rich. Hard work doesn't create money. It's a level of consciousness that does and it begins with patience. 

money is coming

It begins with this deeper level of patients where you don't need it anymore and when you don't need it, you have power. It's the same way in relationships. When you go on a date, you sit across from the person and you're like, Oh my God, I want to get married, and they're like, we just met seven minutes ago and you're like, don't leave me. I just handcuffed your foot to the table.

That would end with the police... What happens is at the beginning of dating, the person that comes on so strong usually gets denied because an incredible level of need actually often pushes the things that you want away from you.

Too many times you beg people for money, you think it's going to come from one angle and so you get really hyped. It's going to come through this job, this thing, this person, this deal, this sale, this negotiation. And then for whatever reason that one falls through. But then you're heartbroken because you think that's the only way to get the money when in fact money comes through the infinite source of supply. So there's always opportunities available. But when you're so attached, you miss a lot of the opportunities that were always there.

money is coming

In the Bible, it says to those that have more will be given. What do you suppose that means? To those that have more will be given is talking about consciousness.

When you recognize that the kingdom of heaven is within, what do you really want? You don't want money. You want freedom. You don't want money. You want choices. You don't want money. You want more comfort. You don't want money. You want security. You don't want money. You want your child to go to the nice school you want.

The vast majority of those are feelings and emotions and levels of freedom and joy for life that you can feel without the money. In fact, the only way to attract the prosperity into your life is to start resonating in harmony with those feelings before the physical evidence shows itself.

When my wife and I didn't have any money and she was in debt because things weren't working out for me yet, what I used to do was I would save. It wasn't a lot of money because I wasn't making very much.

It would take me a while, but I would save around $400. Then one day i would take ashley and i to a luxury hotel for one night because that's all i could afford. I was training my focus to see nicer experiences as normal. I started to embody it. I started to hypnotize myself to produce the feelings even without events! I created a success hypnosis where I would listen to this every day and it started to program my emotions for success.

Over half a million people from all over the world have used it. The world brainwashes us every day. It's up to us to take our power back. Go ahead and download that for free below! It's totally free. Start to use that every day and see what happens!

There's a difference between conceptually knowing it and experiencing it. There's a difference between believing or wishing or hoping or wanting money and there's a difference between knowing that you are good enough. You're smart enough. It is your right to be rich and there's enough money and enough value out there that has your name written on it.

money is coming

Don't you think that God wants you to experience the fullness of creation and the fullness of life? Yes! Money is a bridge for that. Therefore, it is your right to be rich for all the experiences that you want in life.

The next one is, reject all negative ideas that don't fit in with your images of prosperity. Jack Canfield says, when someone says no, you say next. So when you go out in the big wide world with big goals and people start to tell you no, you say next.

Why do most people not get the things that they want in life? They get told no one, two, three, four or five times and they say, this must be true. This isn't for me. They're right. They accept outside influences as ultimate authority over their own lives. You have something called freewill and that's the ability to have, create and be whatever you want in life.

Reject all the ideas that block you from it. There are most likely beliefs in you that are deeply rooted. We need to begin rejecting those as false truths in our stories. They are not truths. They are simply limiting thoughts that are bad habits you keep living out. So many people roll through life having self diagnosed issues like "well i'm shy thats why im not good at that" or "oh i have ADD, I'm not smart enough for that" and we walk around with these sad stories that hold us back from ever living out our actual truth!

money is coming

I always say thank you, but that's not part of my belief system. God gave you a conscious mind. The conscious mind has the ability to reject any negative ideas.

So in your conscious mind, you can form your own image and say, "it is my right to be rich. I'm a millionaire.

I have financial freedom" whatever capacity that you desire, you have the right to do that. Reject other people's ideas if they do not fit into your vision of prosperity.

Last but not least, you need to rewire your brain and make it a magnet for money. Neuroscience has shown us something called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to rewire and recreate itself. Most people's brains are hardwired to attract poverty because of how we've been brainwashed in our society. Every time you have an emotion, you fire a nerve cell in your brain. You build new circuitry and build synaptic connections in your actual brain and that triggers an emotion.

You fire nerve cells, they start to wire together and it builds the actual circuitry of your brain.. Look around. People are having all these problems and we develop all these negative belief systems around money because of what the evidence is around us. It's hardwired into us.

But the coolest thing is neuroplasticity shows us is that you're not stuck that way. So I created a software called the second mind. The second mind is a software designed to rewire your mind for prosperity and for what you actually want. Rather than carrying around the past, press delete on it, retrain and rewire your brain.

Use the Second Mind for FREE

The technology designed to wire your brain for what you want!!!

I always get emails within 30 to 90 days of people using this consistently every morning, where tom or jackie is so excited because they finally feel better about their life on an emotional level and epic things are starting to happen. The soul mate showed up, the dream job, the dream house, its amazing. It's free to use too! Check it out below!


Miracles are normal.


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