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law of attraction isnt working

When The Law of Attraction Isnt Working Do This!

This is what you do when the law of attraction isnt working … Maybe you know what your goals are. You know what your desires are. You pray for them. Maybe you do the law of attraction. Maybe you visualize, maybe you work hard and things aren’t happening to the level that you want. This […]

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words that block money

9 Words that Block Money Manifestation

I am sick and I am tired of people saying these nine words and blocking themselves from making more money and getting rich. So if you want to get rich in the year 2020, there are nine words you have been socially programmed to say that are actually blocking you from getting rich. I’m going […]

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attract a girlfriend or boyfriend

Attract A Girlfriend or Boyfriend Fast

Attract a girlfriend or boyfriend fast ! Would you like to attract true love would you like to manifest your soulmate? Well, if you can say these 13 words that I’m about to share with you, it’s all going to work out.  I thought I was destined to be alone. The person I was in […]

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make money

When You Need To Make Money Fast, Do This!!!

Aloha from Maui my friends! When you need to make more money, do this. If you want to get rich in 2020 do this. First thing’s first, you’ve got to erase poverty consciousness altogether. What does that mean? It’s any level of consciousness that is not in harmony with wealth. For instance, if you have […]

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