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 Stop Worrying About The Future

Stop Worrying About The Future: JDC is coming to you here live and direct from a video camera. It took me so long to make this, and there's almost no sunlight left, and I was so pissed off. 

I thought I'd ruined my entire day because I let somebody borrow my camera and it wasn't working and the entire screen was black, and I thought that it was ruined, and then I realized that none of that happened and that I never even looked through my lens cap and it was never all black. 

I just made that entire story up right now because I want to make a point, and that's why we waste so much of our energy and so much of our day thinking that our worries are things worth worrying about, but we see only a tiny fraction of the available visible light and we hear just a tiny fraction of the available sound, and yet we think that what he said and what she said and how this happened and how that happened is actually something that should seriously take away our own happiness.  Check this out if you like this - Stop Worrying

It Is Important To Face Our Problems

It Is Important To Face Our Problems

We have to remember that if we want to be happy, we can't compromise on the past because the past doesn't exist anymore. We see just a bit of what's available in the world out of the light that's available in the sound, and if we were able to blast off in a rocket ship, we would see that. Our problems are absolutely insignificant in the grand scheme of things, and there's no reason they should let us down. We need to face our challenges, but we don't have to worry about them and then ruin our day.

Turn Your Worries Into A Glorious Comedy

Turn Your Worries Into A Glorious Comedy

Sometimes my dog stands in the yard by itself and it sits there with its back feet on the ground and it sits in an upright position as if it's talking to someone, and then sometimes it will sit there for twenty or thirty minutes. Is it possible that my dog is actually talking to a person that exists in a world just beyond what we can see? Remember, we see just a tiny fraction of visible light.

Imagine if we could see the full scale of visible light. Would there be a bunch of worlds happening on top of each other at one time, kind of like all the cars in traffic on the freeway? Imagine if we could hear everything; perhaps we would go crazy. Imagine if the dog is actually talking to another person that I can't see. If that's even a possibility, which I don't know if it is or not, why would I spend my time worrying about anything because I don't need to? And so I'm inviting you to turn your worries into a glorious comedy because it's important to have fun with this life. Check this out if you like this - Why Is The Law Of Attraction Not Working

Psychologist Say Our Unconscious Mind Controls 95% Of Our Lives

So what I do when I hear the voices in my head that are worrying me and stressing me out is that I name them. I call the voice in my head Homer. The reason I call the voice in my head Homer is because I know that I'll immediately laugh when I hear that voice in my head when it's worrying me, and I say, "Okay, Homer, you know it's not the right time for you to come out here because I'm trying to have a good day and you're always trying to ruin my day."

Psychologists claim that our unconscious mind controls 95% of our lives, which is why I do this. Our subconscious mind and unconscious mind are often not even aware of what we're doing or thinking. We can begin to not live from our unconscious when we can identify it; we can be free from our unconscious when we are conscious of it. The way that we can begin to do that is by perhaps naming the voice in your head that's always stressing you out and always making you worry about things that you don't actually need to worry about. Yes, it's important, as I said, to face your challenges, but you don't need to let them stress you out. Check this out if you like this - The Lack Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

So perhaps you should turn your life around and do glorious comedy and begin to name the various figures in your head that are stressing you out. When you do this, it will allow you to laugh and sit back and realize that this isn't that big of a deal, and on top of everything, if you're not stressed out, you're going to be in a more relaxed state of peak performance in order to face your challenges rather than going into them with your chest bent down, your neck down, and your bad posture, and you're stressed out, and you just tie it in your hands or clench up, and you're already defeated.


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