Stop Worrying, Start Living
Jake Ducey
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Stop Worrying, Start Living

Today, I want to talk about how to stop worrying and start living. 

Here's how to reprogram your subconscious mind to attract anything and everything that you want quicker and faster than you ever thought possible. Yeah, it sounds like a stretch, but I'll show you exactly how to do that and get rid of all the programming in your mind so it has no more control over you.

All right, so the question that I got asked just recently was by Ellen and she said... 

I study and believe in the law of attraction and working hard to create what I want, but my old programming and my subconscious mind, it keeps coming back.”

She also said that she constantly doubts herself and that she has an anxiety disorder. And what should she do?

We all have an anxiety disorder on some level. What is an anxiety disorder? On a minor level, it's an identification with a negative thought pattern. On a major level, it can be a destructive type of pattern or behavior and that can control a lot of our life.

We all can identify with feeling that anxiety or worry about what we want to attract in our life. Sometimes it's stopping us or it's just like so hard to get through the day because of it. The number one way to effectively reprogram yourself to get rid of things you doubt or worry, is to rewire the old program. Our cultural program that gives us 65,000 thoughts in a day. That's what you have. That's what I have. Each of us has approximately 65,000 thoughts a day. Ninety five percent of them are subconscious.

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Almost every thought and action you have is the subconscious, but according to psychologists, 70 percent of them are negative and redundant and full of fear and anxiety. Seventy percent! We all deal with it and the way it controls you is when you identify with it. So, stop trying to fight it.

Ellen said...  

I tried to stop it all the time, but it keeps coming. I try to fight it all the time, but it keeps coming”.

Don't fight it. You don't fight with the water. You don't fight with it.

So if somebody comes to you and you're a swim coach and they say... "Hey, I've got this terrible, terrible fear of drowning and I can't swim. I'm 42 years old and I literally feel like I'm going to die if I touched the water. If I go in the water, I feel like I'm going to die. Teach me. How do you help me"?

The first thing you tell them is... "Look man, you got to stop fighting the water. Just relax. I'm going to go under you. I'm going to keep you up. Just relax. So keep your head above the water. I'm going to duck under you. Relax. Just relax. Relax your body, relax your shoulders.

Right. You would tell them to stop fighting it. Yet we try to create what we want in life and we spend all our time trying to fight our old thought patterns.

You don't fight the water. Why do you fight thoughts? Most of them aren't even yours. Remember, 95 percent of them are programmed. They're habitual and happen on their own. And 70 percent of them are negative and redundant. Why are that many negative and redundant? Because their whole culture is negative. It's programmed into us. They aren't even your thoughts. Stop identifying with them. That's the first step. It doesn't mean they're not going to happen.

See, the trouble is not the thought itself. It's the identification to the thought. Every time you have a negative thought, don't fight it. Just look around for something you're grateful for.

If you want to attract more money but you keep having thoughts about self worth and it causes you crippling anxiety every time you have it, go... "At least I have the shirt on". Every time I have a crippling thought, I can just go... "At least I just bought the shirt or $50. At least I got socks on. Those costs $4. At least I got these lights right here. They cost like a hundred and fifty bucks, or 200 bucks. At least I got this camera that costs $900 or whatever".

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Every time you're driving in your car on your way to work and you have crippling thoughts of anxiety around money and paying your bills, you're like... "At least I'm driving my car right now and I put gas in it". So every time you have a crippling thought, whether it's around money, success, love, happiness, health, well being, find an appropriate "At least" to draw away from the negative attention and focus on the positive.

Make sure to find your "At Least"in all of it, and give yourself an opportunity to stop fighting and stop identifying. This is Jake with Comment your questions about life below. I'll answer him on the Ask Jake Show.

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See you next time.

And remember... Stop Worrying, Start Living. 

About the Author Jake Ducey

Jake Ducey is a two-time published author with Penguin/Random-House (The Purpose Principles and Profit From Happiness), a leading speaker for his generation having been featured in TEDx Youth, hired by mega organizations such as Nielsen and Accenture, and a leader who has already inspired countless thousands of young people to seek meaningful career success and to make a difference in the world.

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