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programmed to be poor

You Were Programmed to Be Poor and How To Fix it

You were programmed to be poor. In this blog, I’m going to share with you three shocking ways to get rich in 2019. I made this video because somebody asked me how do I get out of the mindset of feeling poor or feeling broken and being stuck in that. there is a very dark […]

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law of attraction coaching tip

Shocking Law of Attraction Coaching Tip To Manifest Anything

Here is a shocking law of attraction coaching tip that will radically shift your perspective and allow you to effectively use the law of attraction instead of wanting and wishing and not receiving. I’m so happy you’re here! Let’s dive in. Today I want to offer the shocking law of attraction coaching for attracting what […]

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technique to attract money

Shocking Technique To Attract Money

Here is a shocking technique to attract money into your life asap. If you want to manifest more money and you want a quick and easy trick that you can start to utilize, this is for you. Let’s dive right in!  As we start here, please say with me, “I will be rich” out loud. […]

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law of attraction visualizations

Law of Attraction Visualizations Can Be Dangerous!!!

There is a danger in law of attraction visualizations as you know it. What do you use visualizing for? Something you want, right? It’s easy to think or go into a visualization and actually block what it is that you want. Everything is energy. Reality is projection of consciousness. Your consciousness is what determines what […]

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