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Nikola Tesla’s Mind Technique & Sleep Pattern

Nikola Tesla’s Mind Technique & Sleep Pattern: It would be a silly question to ask. Have you heard of Nikola Tesla? Everybody's heard of Nikola Tesla, but what a lot of people don't know is that he had a very simple sleep technique that he used to get ideas that could change the world, and I'm going to break down how to use Nikola Tesla's little-known sleep technique so that you can get anything that you want.

Now we've made a few videos about Tesla's 369 formula and his free energy systems to power the world, right? He was a genius, but the question is what tools did he use? When he was in his late 80s, he gave a big dinner speech in New York where he thanked the world for all the incredible things he was able  to work on, and while he was speaking to the audience, he told them of a very simple sleep technique that he used every single night. I'm going to break that down and show you how you can start to use it every single night in your life before you go to sleep to communicate with the universe and get exactly what you want. Check this out if you like this - Energy Frequency: The Truth Nikola Tesla Discovered.

Cosmic Energy Enters Your Brain Like An Antenna

Big idea number one is to imagine that your brain is like an antenna receiving cosmic energy. Tesla actually said my brain is only a receiver in the universe; there is a core from which we obtain knowledge. My mentor, Bob Proctor, told me that the brain isn't where thoughts come from. The brain is only an electronic switching station. The brain is designed to do one thing and one thing only: control the functions of the body. It sends electrical impulses that go through your nervous system and your muscles, so you can walk, run, feel emotions, and feel sensations. It's controlling the blinking, it's controlling the swallowing of water, and it's controlling the entire autonomic nervous system, but it's all functioning off of energy. 

Nikola Tesla’s Mind Technique & Sleep Pattern: Your Brain Is A Supercomputer

Your Brain Is A Supercomputer

Bob Proctor used to say that the brain is nothing more than an electronic switching station that harnesses invisible energy. Another way to think about this is just like your brain being a supercomputer, right? Computers are really just electronic switching stations that project light, photons and they run off of electrical wiring and software just like your brain runs off wiring called neural networks that shoot electrical impulses. The question is, "How do you get your computer to perform the way that you want it?"  Check this out if you like this - Nikola Tesla 369 Method To Try For 30 Seconds.

In today's world, that often means that you hook it up to Wi-Fi. So you go over, you press the Wi-Fi button, and then you connect, and you connect to this invisible field of information that basically allows you to have the entire world right at your fingertips right on the keyboard, so the computer connects to an invisible field of energy, and that's exactly what this Nikola Tesla technique is all about, right? Because you go, "Well, where is Wi-Fi? You can't see it." It's the same thing: where do the million-dollar ideas that you want come from? Where are the solutions to your problem? Where does your dream job come from? Where does every great idea in your life come from?

Nikola Tesla's New York Award Speech

Now, when Tesla was in his late 80s and he was giving this big award speech in New York, he was talking about his whole career, and Tesla started speaking a little bit more candidly to the audience, and he said, I have to tell you how I got ideas to do what I've done. Every evening before bed, I would put a notepad on the little table next to my bed with a pen or pencil, and every morning when I woke up, there's a written invention on the pad. Somebody comes into my room at night and writes down an invention, and the next morning I get up and it's all written out for me. So I just go to my laboratory and I follow the instructions, and I invented radio, I invented alternating current, or I made this or that invention, and it all starts with sleep.

Nikola Tesla’s Mind Technique & Sleep Pattern: Set Your Intentions Before You Sleep

Now this leads us into big need number two, which is to set your intentions before sleep so you can access the super consciousness that Tesla would utilize every night, and for the last six or seven years I've done this in a very simple way. I imagine my brain is an antenna, and I'm tuning it to a specific frequency so I can allow new bandwidth of information to come in, or you can imagine it like a computer, and you're tapping into Wi-Fi and visible information, and you set a specific intention and receive answers for that specific intention. What I would do is create a sleep audio track for myself that utilizes different brainwave states that I'm in so I can maximize this process. I actually created this into a sleep system, which I call Sleep and Get Rich, and we just released it to make it available to people everywhere in the world for really amazing results. 

Right now, you can check that out at jakeducey.com/sleep. or you can click the link in the description or pin to the comments right there down below so you can start to utilize this Tesla technique more effectively. We took this Tesla technique and combined it with the latest advances in neuroscience and the different brain waves you enter when you're asleep so you could maximize it. All you have to do is just listen to this, and you can start to tap into million-dollar ideas, new creative things that impact the world in a positive way, and solutions to the problems that you're facing in your career and your finances. So check it out right there down below.

Write Down Your Desires Before You Sleep

Now this leads us into a big idea number three. Once you set your intention for what you want super consciousness to deliver to you, you want to make sure you have your pen and paper handy so you can first of all come up with your big ideas, but before you get there, you want to write down your desire before you go to sleep, so it might be that you have solved problem, you've got a million dollar idea that works in your online business, and after you write that down and you go to sleep, your pen and pad are handy, so you wake up in the middle of the night and you gotta pee, or you wake up and you kind of roll over, and then this huge idea flashes into your head, you just roll over, and you write that idea down. Check this out if you like this - What Is The Nikola Tesla Code?.

The crazy thing is, once you actually set the intention for doing this, it's almost like a portal opens up in your brain, and you start getting all these new ideas. A lot of my best ideas for viral YouTube videos, a new book, whatever it is, have come at 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. when I'm stumbling to the bathroom or waking up to get some water, and then boom, this idea hits me. We normally go, "Well, I'll just remember it later," but when you use this technique, you open the portal where the ideas keep coming, and if you write the ideas down, they continue to come more abundantly.

Conscious Mind Shuts Off And Move Into Brainwave State 

Now we know why this technique is so powerful, and it's because your conscious mind shuts off and you move into brainwave states to hypnosis, and this allows you to receive information and ideas that normally you're in a brainwave state to perceive, and to repeat Tesla, he said, "This is how I've got so many ideas." Every evening before bed, I will put a notepad on a little table next to my bed with a pen or a pencil, and every morning when I wake up, there's a written invention on the pad. Somebody comes into my room at night and writes down an invention, and the next morning I get up and it's all written out for me, so I just go to my laboratory and follow the instructions, and I invented radio or alternating current, or I made this invention, or I made that invention. Now the somebody that he says comes into his room and gives him all these brilliant ideas—that's the super consciousness that we all have access to. 

A Method That Lets You Access Superconscious Thoughts

Remember, you're just like a computer with all of this invisible Wi-Fi information available, but you have to first turn your Wi-Fi on, and then you have to actually click the Wi-Fi and type in the password. That's the process of using this technique, which opens your brain to superconscious ideas. So what I invite you to do is a thought experiment. Try this for the next 21 days. Try this for finances. Try this to solve your career problems. Use this for a specific objective that you want to manifest in your life, and I highly recommend that you get our new Sleep System, "Sleep and Get Rich," and that you allow these sleep tracks that are designed with specific brain waves to bring you not only deeper into sleep but also allow you to be more receptive to ideas that can reprogram your subconscious mind so you can get what you want quicker and easier into your life. 

The truth is, sleep is the most powerful time to do that, so it's jakeducey.com/sleep; it's pinned to the comments and in the description right there down below, so go ahead and check that out. If you enjoy this, I can't wait to hear about your success story. Leave your success story after you use this for 21 days right there down below, and be sure to check out our new sleep system where you can utilize the audio tracks to bring you deeper into sleep and reprogram your subconscious mind so you can start to attract what you want. It's jakeducey.com. Sleep right there down below, pin to the comments, and in the description, if you enjoy today's video, comment down below. I love this video, and I'm going to link one of my other Tesla videos here for you to watch now.


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