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How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind: You can actually use sleep to get what you want. You can actually use sleep to reprogram your mind to bring you more money and anything else that you want. The CIA and the American military conducted incredible research on mind control. It's a little terrifying, but when you learn this information, you can reverse engineer it so you can break free from the system, reprogram your mind, and get anything that you want in life. I'm going to show you exactly how to do it in the year 1950, and that's when it all began in the 50s and into the early 1960s. It was CIA-funded research at Montreal's Allan Memorial Institute, and what was known as "psychic driving" was literal psyche meaning mind and driving meaning controlling. 

The CIA Was Experimenting With Controlling People's Minds

The CIA was experimenting whether they could use hidden techniques to control people's minds. I.E Psychic driving is now terrifying enough. These experiments consisted of heavy sedation in sleep states while the repetitive playing of patients or doctors recorded voices was done in order to hypnotize patients to actually do certain things. This was psychic driving because, quite literally, they were trying to erase patient psyches and then take control of the wheels of their minds. They wanted to push their psyches and see if it was possible to get people to do anything that they wanted. They even experimented with whether they could get people to actually be in a state of hypnosis enough to do assassinations. I admit this is kind of terrifying if you think about it, right? If you like this, read more here - The Most Powerful Techniques To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind

They're attempting to erase people's minds and memories, carry out fake assassinations, and all of this crazy stuff, and many people today know of these top secret experiments in pop culture. We call it MK Ultra. Now while this is terrifying, I want to say that when you discover that the mind can be reprogrammed, you can actually use it for good. So that's my warning to you, and that's the promise that you will use this for good. Journalist Stephen Kinzer studied these CIA experiments, which were led by a government chemist named Sidney Gottlieb, and during the journalist's research and the many years of investigation into these top-secret programs, he stated, as a direct quote, that the operation is the most sustained search in history for techniques of mind control. 

The CIA Wants To Create A Way To Seize Control Of People’s Minds

This leads us into big idea number one: inserting a new mind while researching MK Ultra. Stephen Kinser, the journalist, said the CIA wanted to create a way to seize control of people's minds, and they realized it was a two-part process: first, you had to blast away the existing mind, and then second, you had to find a way to insert a new mind into that resulting void. We didn't get too far on number two, but they did a lot of work on number one. I admit that that sounds crazy, but believe me, it's very real, so let me play you a clip of an interview of one of the MK Ultra patients many years later explaining the erasing of her mind that they tried to do. 

How long did they put you to sleep for? I was in a coma for 86 days, with 80 days of unbroken sleep and a total comatose state. I had to be toilet-trained. I was a vegetable. I had no identity. I had no memory. I'd never existed in the world before, and like a baby that has to be toilet trained, she eventually went home, her depression gone, and her entire previous life gone with it. So now that you've heard firsthand from a patient, let me be clear: this is terrifying; this is disgusting; they were effectively trying to raise people's minds to a pretty crazy degree, but the point of this isn't just to say, "Look how bad it is," it's to point out that this stuff is real, and if you use it for your own good, in your own free will, you can use this same information instead of for evil. They lay out a blueprint for how to successfully do this, and you can use it to reprogram your mind. You can actually use it to erase all the subpar programming that the world around you has inherited and programmed into you.

The Subject Of Unawareness

I'm going to show you how you can do it, but the question is how you actually do it, and I believe that the missing key is buried in these declassified documents. In these declassified documents, they describe a phenomenon that they call the subject of unawareness, which is defined in their own documentation as a state of mind being totally unaware, which they said was actually a necessary prerequisite to being able to reprogram your mind. What this means for you is that your conscious mind has to totally shut off, and in more neuroscientific jargon, unawareness is when your brainwave states have lowered enough for you to be in a state of mind similar to sleep. The reason that this is so significant is because as you're falling asleep and your brainwave states lower, your conscious mind shuts off, and when your conscious mind shuts off, you move into that kind of drowsy state of unawareness, which gives you direct access to your subconscious mind.

Subconscious Controls 95% Of Thoughts, Behaviors, And Actions

Psychologists have told us that your subconscious controls 95 percent of all your thoughts, behaviors, and actions, and whatever you insert into it actually becomes the default program that controls your life. When I came across this information, I thought, "Well, you know, that's spooky that they were doing these crazy things, but why don't I use this for my own good? Why don't I program myself to become a millionaire, entrepreneur, and author?" All of these things that I want, and that's what led me to start to do experiments on myself to start to retrain my mind to build a new reality, and for the last seven or eight years I've been doing that, and the results were amazing. 

I went from being a 19-year-old college dropout and self-publishing books in other languages with Penguin Random House, the biggest English publishing company in the world, to building a humongous business that operates all over the world and being able to retire my wife when she was 28 years old, and I did this all through a very specific sleep system. A lot of people were asking me if I could make it available, so I spent a lot of time and money really refining this sleep system, and I'm now making it available to you. It's called Sleep and Get Rich, and you can check it out right there down below, pinned to the comments in the description. It's my audio sleep system that actually starts to reprogram your mind. 

The Two Primary Tools To Reprogram Your Mind

The whole story of me and my sleep experimentation and the CIA's actual definition of the term unawareness is what summarizes big idea number two, which is that if you want to reprogram the mind, it needs to be in a state similar to sleep. These CIA documents describe two primary tools to reprogram the mind: hypnosis and sleep hypnosis. In a pretty straightforward way, you're put into an effective hypnotic trance, and research has shown that you can actually start to change certain personal habits. So since that's self-explanatory, let's talk a little bit more about the second tool the CIA used, which was sleep. The reason that they used sleep as an effective tool is because this is the natural state of unawareness discussed in step number two that your mind and your brain drop into, so it's basically a cheat code that allows you to have direct access to the subconscious, and in their own documents, they quote a recent study from Theodore Barber that found considerable similarities between subjects compliance with suggestions given during sleep and their reactions to ordinary hypnotic techniques. If you like this, read more here - Reprogram Your Mind To Manifest What You Want.

Sleep Was Just As Effective As Hypnosis

Sleep Was Just As Effective As Hypnosis

So what are these declassified documents saying? They said that in their own research, sleep was just as effective as hypnosis in order to do it, so their process was that they also did a lot of crazy things, right? They put you into sedation with drugs, but once they had you in a state of sleep, that's when they would start to play different hypnotic audio tracks because you could get direct access to the subconscious mind. What I discovered is that if I did this for my own highest and best good and programmed myself to be a millionaire, a viral YouTuber, and to have my books translated into other languages and become a successful author, I could brainwash myself for my own highest and best good rather than being brainwashed by the world. I thought, "Well, aren't we all necessarily MK Ultra patients in a giant unofficial experiment if MK Ultra had these mind control techniques and experiments that they did?" 

We Are Environmental Programmers

When you take a step back, you realize that psychologists and neuroscientists have demonstrated that we are environmental programmers; as a result, our parents essentially hypnotize and mind-control us from our environment, and we inherit our political beliefs. We inherit our beliefs from the religions, from the churches, from the schools, from the media, from the news, and from the music, so we are mind-controlled, and most of us are mind-controlled. Do not be very confident to never really have financial freedom and become a slave to the system, so I thought, "Well, technically, I am a mind; I am an MK Ultra mind control patient; why don't I actually reprogram myself for my highest and best good?" And that's why I created Sleep and Get Rich: to be a system that could start to rewire my mind and implant my highest and best good for the money. I want financial freedom; I want the confidence I want; and I want to do it during what the government has officially said is the most powerful time during sleep.

So if you want to check that out, it's right there down below: jakeducey.com/sleep, where it's pinned to the comments in the description. Right there down below, it's my sleep audio system to brainwash yourself before the world brainwashes you, and that summarizes big idea number three: Sleep, when used effectively, is the doorway for you to escape the matrix, reprogram your mind for your own highest and best good, and take your mind back from the mind control and brainwashing of the world and all of those negative beliefs that you and I have unfortunately inherited. If you like this, read more here -  The Truth About Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

For Mind Control: Do Your Own Thought Experiment

What I invite you to do is do your own thought experiment and consider that we're all unofficial mind control patients. We've been taught to believe you can only make so much money, you can only make x amount of dollars, you're only capable of this, you're not good at this, and you're not good at numbing. It's all mind control, but using their own documentation instead of becoming subjects of it, we can free ourselves of it and use the most powerful time in the world to do that sleep. So check out Sleep and Get Rich right there down below; it's jakeducey.com. If you liked this video, you might really like one of my other declassified document videos where I break down some incredible military research on consciousness. You can click here to watch that.


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