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When You Have No Money, Do This!

When you have no money do this! This is what you have to do and when you do it, you will start to see the money come into your life. Make sure to stick around all the way through for the full value you are about to discover.

Number one you have to forget about your reality.

You have to forget about it. Otherwise all you're doing is reinforcing the circuits in your brain over and over and over again that you're broke. It does not help at all to have a problem and then keep focusing on the problem over and over and over and over again. It doesn't help, never has, and it never will.

You are being challenged right now to become a visionary. Let's break down that word, "visionary" You think about anyone who's attracted a lot of money. Anyone who's ever become financially successful or financially independent, they had to break away from their present reality. Meaning most people live their entire life where their bank account controls their thinking, always.

Their consciousness is totally attached to their physical senses and their physical senses are just giving feedback over and over again that they don't have the amount of money that they actually want in their life. And so they look at their bank account, I broke, I'm broke, I'm broke, I'm broke.

They can't break away from the present reality. So for anyone to have financial independence, business success, investment success, career success, and to come into larger and larger sums of money, they had to break away from whatever present environment they were in and they had to focus on their expanded vision of themself.

So a visionary is someone who lives into an inner vision. They've created their own mental pictures and their own mental images of who they are and associate with feelings of prosperity of a successful endeavor of their choosing. They envisioned it. Most people live their entire lives consumed by their present reality. They'll watch this video and they'll say, "that's great, I need something to work faster".

when you have no money do this

You'll never have money if you're stuck in the consciousness of being broke. If your vision and your mental images are constantly consumed with images and feelings of what it feels like when you keep hitting the withdrawal button on the ATM and seeing overcharges on your statements...you're going to continually perpetuate the emotion and identity of lack and worry.

You already know you don't have the money for next month's rent, so why do you keep doing it? And you keep looking at your room and you say, I hate this place. I wish it was nicer. I wish I had more money. I get it. You want something different, but all you're doing is allowing the same habits to make you keep having an image of poverty. Guess what That's getting you? Poverty.

If you want more money, you're going to have to change what you do. Keep on doing what you're doing, you will get what you've always got. So the first step is to imagine the life that you really want is to start to hold this image. Now, this is not the whole process. It's very important that you watch all the way through, but this is the most important part. You can never break free of where you are financially if you cannot break free mentally from the reality.

So just like you can close your eyes and picture the car that you own, or the bed you sleep in, or the face of a friend, I want you to close your eyes and I want you to start seeing money come to you. I want you to reimagine your income level like it were real and already a memory.

You have to start dwelling in financial possibility and become a visionary. Deliberately every single day in the morning, at night. Every time you catch your mind going to that limiting spot, you've got to reverse the pattern. And when that starts to happen, your self image will change and your brain will change.

All your brain is, is a processor of reality based off of your own targets. There's billions of bits of information happening at every second. There's so many things going on, but based off of the target you've set for your brain, that's the reality it focuses on and creates. And you might say, "I haven't set a target".

If you're focusing on the fact that you don't have money over and over and over again, and you keep identifying with the term, "I'm broke", you've already set your target unconsciously without your own free will. So it's time to reset the target. Reset the vision. So what I invite you to do is ask yourself, what is it that I actually want?

Not, "where am I now?" Write it out on a piece of paper. Get the vision so that you can start to live into that and send your brain a new target.

Number two, save anything that you can.

when you have no money do this

My wife, girlfriend at the time, we were not doing well financially. It was very difficult to even pay the rent. It was so difficult. I wasn't bringing any money in. I found out later that Ashley was in debt for me, not for buying shoes or some crazy thing. It was because I wasn't able to hold my end of the weight. We didn't have any money and any money we had immediately went back out the door. So our savings was zero and I realized that the problem was that I saw myself as someone who never had money and I had to change that pattern.

We started very small. Our first goal was to save $100. Which for us was gonna take a little bit of time. It was not going to be easy for us to save our first hundred. Then we got to our first hundred and we're excited. We felt accomplished. We did that faster than we thought. It's amazing with true discipline what you are actually capable of. You're far more powerful than you currently believe yourself to be. 

After we had our first $100, it changed to let's get our first $1000. Let's get our first $2000. Let's get our first $10,000. And I remember when we finally saved our first $10,000, I had a more confident mindset about money than I ever had. My focal point changed. All the sudden we saw ourselves as somebody who had $10,000 and we said, we can do $10,000 what about $100,000? Then we set our sights on becoming a millionaire and that happened too. But it all began by slowly building the habit of what you do with a dollar.

You may think it's best to wait until you make more money. But you're always going to be broke with that mentality. The amount of money is irrelevant. It's the actual habit that you build and you start to be a person that can accumulate money. Notice we didn't say a lot of money. We said money. Guess how much money is money? $1 is money, $5 is money. $100 is money. $1,000 is money. $10 million is money. It's all the same thing.

When you get your first dollar, let's double it to $2 then let's double it again to $4. Then let's double it again to $8. Then let's double it again to $16. Then let's double it again to $32. It doesn't matter if it takes you two months. It doesn't matter if it takes you one year. Start to raise the bar every single time.

What happens is not only does your own self image change, but you realize it's easier than you think. The problem when you don't have money is you think it's really hard. You think it's so hard that you keep saying, well, I'll save or I'll invest or I'll start to accumulate money when I have it. You'll never get money that way. And then you keep reaffirming that it's too hard and you don't have a healthy respect for a dollar.

If you say "it's just a dollar"... okay, start there. And let's see if we can make it a hundred. If it's just a dollar, can you get a hundred of them? If it's just a dollar, can you get a thousand of them? All of a sudden you're off to the races. Your self image changes, your energy starts to shift, and what happens is you start to be someone that can accumulate money.

when you have no money do this

Do not get sucked down the rabbit hole. Press pause and say, what was Jake saying here? Okay, let me set a goal. I don't care what the number is. It's about the consciousness shift, the mindset shift. And when that happens, then the numbers, because they're irrelevant, continue to grow. So start with a number, whether it's $10 or $100 or $1,000. Then pick a duration, a timeframe by which you will have that amount of money. Then when you get it, you keep raising it. And what happens is not just that you accumulate more money, but you start to attract more opportunities that match that.

Number three, write these words on an index card, fold it in half, and carry it in your pocket every where you go.

Here are the words you will write - "I am so thankful that large sums of money come to me now. When you are a person that does not have money, you have not only identified with that reality, but psychologically speaking, psychologists tell us we have 65,000 thoughts in a day. 95% of them are subconscious. Guess how many of them are affirming that you don't have money?

An awful lot of them. Most of them you are unaware of. So what may happen is old patterns might start up. Old thought patterns and beliefs might start to present themselves. They most likely will. This is the condition of being human and having a brain. This is a reminder of your new belief system. You are creating - large sums of money come to you now.

I carried it with me everywhere I went because I realized my thoughts were so limiting and stuck on my present reality. My thoughts were consumed with my present reality of not having enough money that I was creating so much more stress for myself. Okay, I didn't have any money. That's fine. Now let's move on to what the new thoughts and belief systems that I want. Now I'm a millionaire.

I'm a happy, spiritual, international multimillionaire and I started re suggesting thought patterns to build a new habit. My thoughts changed. When my thoughts changed, I started to attract more money.

Last but not least, brainwash yourself for prosperity.

Your present reality has brainwashed you for mediocrity. Our world brainwashes us to fear financial growth. Look at the media. It's always about recession. It's always about this problem and that problem we have. The vast majority of people are struggling financially.

76% of people are living paycheck to paycheck. The average American apparently can't come up with $500 for an emergency. So you look around and the majority of people are either struggling financially or just no where near where they would really like to be in an ideal world.

So what does this go to show us? You become like those you hang around most. You think about the fact that there's 8 billion people and the vast majority of them,If you were to ask them if they're exactly where they want to be financially, they would say "no". Not to mention that most people are actually struggling.

We become like this society that we're around unless we deliberately brainwash ourselves and create a new paradigm from the inside out. So I started hypnotizing myself. I was like, this is crazy. I'm going to inherit all these belief systems by all these other people and that's not my belief system. So I started saying those positive words on the index card to myself every time poverty consciousness had entered my mind.

Whenever a friend or a family member would complain about money, I would say to myself, "That is not part of my belief system." I created a success hypnosis to brainwash myself out of the old pattern of thinking and into one of wealth and abundance. 

You can use it for free if you want! Over 600,000 people worldwide are using it and my favorite thing is receiving many messages every day exclaiming their success stories. It's right there, down below. Just click the button to download and use it for free!

In order to obtain financial success, you have to train your mind for it.

Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in 30 days and under estimate the epic life changing results that can come in 12 of 18 months. But the question is, what do you want? What do you imagine? What is really possible? Once you decide that you truly want abundance, then can you follow the simple steps provided today.

Thanks so much for being apart of this amazing community.

Sending lots of love and abundance.


Miracles are normal.


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