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These Thoughts Are Blocking The Law of Attraction

This may surprise you. I'm going to share with you which thoughts are blocking the law of attraction. Let's dive in! 

Sign number one! You realize there is no such things as coincidental luck!

A lot of people think of luck as a coincidence, right? We say, "Well, they're just lucky. Everything comes to you by law and that law is called the law of attraction. Law of attraction says that like energy attracts like energy. So if you believe in coincidences, then you're chocking up luck to something way off in the distance that may or may not work out for you.


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You're giving up your power instantly. But when you realize that actually you're a divine being and that the universe is friendly things will shift. Albert Einstein said that one of the most important choices that you make in life is whether you live in a friendly or a hostile universe.

When we believe in luck and how some people have it and others don't, we just give up our power instantly. This whole world is a product of consciousness. If you have a story that says, I am not lucky, guess what? You're not going to have that many good things happen to you. Why?


thoughts are blocking the law of attraction

Because life is a product of consciousness. You're sending out a vibratory frequency based off your own consciousness. If your consciousness is, I am not lucky, guess where your vibratory frequency is? It's I am not lucky. I am not attracting good things. I do not get good things, especially unexpectedly coming into my life.

So it's so important to recognize that you already are just as worthy as anyone else. You're worthy of everything that you want. And when you grasp that and that you live in a friendly universe and that miracles are normal, if you're on my email list, you see, I always end every email with miracles are normal because it's true.

And because I want to enforce that repetition in your mind. We've grown up in a world where we're taught by a bunch of people that don't know very much about the mind. And so we think these miracles are these abstract, crazy things.

Every single person can have all the things that they want in life. But you have to believe that first. And when you believe that, then you start to see your world shift. When your worldview shifts, then your world that you view shifts to become a friendly one. Things start to come back to you that match your own consciousness.

Number two, start saying this, "I am the exception of every rule".

words are blocking the law of attraction

Steve Jobs introduced me to this. Most people think that all the rules apply to them. We're not talking about make sure you have a driver's license when you drive, right? We're talking about things like, "it's just not that easy to be successful and theres no good guys and there's not that many good women. It's really hard to find true love." I'm the exception to every rule.

I started saying that to myself when I was 20. I watched this Steve Jobs documentary and I was writing my first book into the wind after I dropped out of college and I started saying, I'm the exception to every rule.

The rules do not apply to me. I'm the exception to every single one of them. Why? Because in every cell of my body is this God energy. It's in every of your body and therefore we are all a divine being. So if I'm a divine being, I'm not here to be punished. Objectively think about this for a moment.

If you're a divine being and that you're one with God or you're one with spirit or you're one with whatever word you want to use - Alan Watts says you cannot get wet by the word water. It's just words or concepts. They're just the mind. Words are a signpost that point to an energy that is beyond this dimension of space in time. So you can't get wet by the word water, but there is an energy that has created everything, an intelligence that has created everything. Beautiful, divine, loving intelligence. It's in every cell of your body. Therefore you are one with it.

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People say "I'm too fat, I'm too skinny, I'm unlovable. My dad said I would never make very much money. My last job didn't work out. I got fired. I did battle my SATs. I didn't go to college. I don't have the right resources".

That's your material self. Look, you have a spiritual DNA that's perfect. That's the mission of my channel. People don't realize they have a spiritual DNA that is perfect. It's the biggest problem in the world, but people say, well, how are we going to make the world a better place? People have to realize that their spiritual DNA is perfect. We got to know we're divine beings. Honestly, that's why I make a video every day. Yeah. I sell courses. I do. And they help people. I have a business. But I started this business because I was once super depressed, afraid, frustrated, and unsure of myself.

I didn't know the purpose of life and I didn't know how to be happy. I had no idea how to be happy. I know how to be productive. That's very different than being happy. I knew how to be right and know how to argue. I knew how to be angry, but I didn't know how to be happy. And I went on this journey of stilling my mind and finding happiness and it changed my life. And I was like, man, if millions of people knew this, the world would be so different. So I decided my mission is to help millions of people tap into that.

When I realized that, my life started to get better and better. Or should i say "luckier and luckier". I'm not special. I just realized my divine nature is perfect. And when you realize that, then your outer world matches it and all the luck that you need, we'll come to you very easily.

words are blocking the law of attraction

Number 3, you believe in a friendly higher power.

Science shows us that an Atom is the physical building block of everything solid from a computer to a wall to carpet to grass... Everything Is made up of Atoms. It's very weird. The weirdest thing we've discovered, in my opinion, it's top five weirdest things we discovered in the modern era is that an Atom is 99.9% empty space. So you say, well what do you mean and how do we discover that? Is this new age? No, it's actual science. Look it up online if you wish for more certainty.

So when we got powerful enough microscopes, we could really look at atoms up close. And we found that an atom is a 99% empty space. Theres nothing inside of it. What? How could an atom that makes up a computer that makes up a chair, and makes up your body be 99% empty space!? If this body that looks physical is 99% of empty space then what the heck is it?

It's non-physical intelligence that's emanating a frequency that is not perceptible by the physical senses. It exists, but it's at a vibratory rate beyond the spectrum of light that your eyes see. Are you still with me? Figure this. You blow a dog whistle and you can't hear it. If you only believed in what you could see, why would you blow a dog whistle? You cannot hear a dog whistle. The dog will come when you blow it, but you can't hear it.

words are blocking the law of attraction

Why? It's at an energy level beyond the vibration and the frequency that your ears are conditioned or programmed to hear. There's this higher energy that I'm 99% empty space. So when you believe in this friendly higher energy system, you open the door to miracles. You open the door to luck because you don't have to do it all on your own.

You get that email out of nowhere. You get the great news out of no where. You get the new job out of nowhere. You get the customer out of nowhere. Things like this happen - you're in the grocery store and you drop your wallet so you bend down to pick it up and somebody else picks it up for you. They turn out to be your new customer. Changes your life because you guys started talking just because you dropped your wallet. A higher power dropped your wallet because it wanted you to meet that person. There's a higher friendly order to the universe.

So comment down below. I invite a higher power into my life. Thank you so much for being apart of this amazing community and showing up to life in a way that will not only raise the vibration of you self and your luck but the entire frequency of the planet we live on. You are love and I am grateful to know that.

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Miracles are normal.


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