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3 Ways To Never Get Upset or Angry Again!

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Nov 05

How to never get upset or angry again ...It's the end of summertime. My hair is getting extremely long. I could really use a hair cut, but I'm probably not going to get one anytime soon because I kind of feel like seeing how long I can grow it. And you know, some people don't like that. Some people say on the comments, "you look like a girl" I also noticed a lot of other people are asking, how do I deal with negative and difficult people?

Maybe you have some toxic, negative or difficult people in your life and you're asking yourself, how do I never get upset by this again? 'm going to share with you three ways to never ever, ever get upset again by negative, toxic and difficult people.

Before we get into this, what's really important to know is that you brainwash yourself with positivity before the world brainwashes you for negativity. Before that negative family member, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, business partner, employee, stranger, before they infiltrate your mind, you've got to brainwash yourself. So right there, down below is my free success. Hypnosis.

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Number one, do not judge or condemn. Simply observe.

So what if instead when you are dealing with a headache of a person is the best way to maybe describe them, their headache person.

What if instead of of going, "Goshhh, these negative people are so annoying. Why are they so negative!?" And you just go on and on about the issues of other people, right? We condemn really difficult people who are really toxic energies. Shoot, it could be your wife or your husband right now. They can be that person. It can be your mom and your dad. We start judging them in our minds. In some senses it's rightfully so. It's like, man, this person is out of control.

But when we do that, we immediately give our power up to the situation because as soon as you judge or condemn someone, you immediately bring your ego into the picture. And once your ego's in the picture, you're automatically in a position where you've given up your real power.

never get upset or angry again

So what I invite you to do is consider this. Can you just observe it? What if you replaced the negative loop with something like this, "That's interesting". I get so many negative comments every single day from people telling me I need to fix the gap in my teeth, cutting my hair because I look like a girl, and people even condemn me to hell. I get it all.

And you know, maybe seven years ago it affected me. Now it's, actually funny. It's actually interesting. I read them and I go, wow, that is interesting. It's really interesting. Some people spend the vast majority of their waking energy being negative, being difficult, being toxic, just being absurd. And it's fascinating. It's really interesting to see that person has so much pain inside of them that they can't just go live a happy life. They can't just go work on their dreams and creating their best life. They have to try to pull you down. "Wow, that's neat".

What would happen if you shifted to this new paradigm with negative and toxic people? How would you feel? Your ego would leave the picture and you would have more self love, that's for sure. We immediately go into this fight or flight place and our nervous system starts to freak out and we create stress for ourself. The other people didn't create it. People say, "you're making me mad." or "they make me so mad!" They didn't do anything. They just have so much pain, toxicity, and negativity within themselves that they don't know how to process it. They're denying that they have it because that's the way most people are. We're denial creatures.

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I smile for a few minutes for no reason every morning. I just hold my smile ear to ear and think of happiness. It's a reminder that I create my own emotions no matter how how mean other people are or anything else in my environment. You can even take it another step forward and imagine you sending loving frequencies from your heart to theirs! Imagine the emotion you will be filled with! Total joy and peace!

Have you ever noticed that you can't feel mad enough to make someone's negative energy better? You can't feel negative enough to make somebody positive. You can't feel depressed enough to make somebody happy. The best thing you can do is be a beautiful light, a beautiful being.

Number two, Remember It's better to feel good than to be right.

A lot of times what happens is we deal with difficult people and then we feel like we need to be right. "Look, you don't understand. You don't get it. Here's what's happening." And we try really hard to be right. You can be right or you can feel good. Being right just comes from the ego.

never get upset or angry again

They don't have to get you. They don't. They lack empathy. They lack compassion. That's their problem. That's why they're suffering and you're not going to be able to fix them and no one can fix anybody.

So whenever you find yourself in the midst of a very difficult, toxic, and negative situation, here's what I invite you to do. Take a deep breath in and out and at least see yourself smile. Then say to yourself this statement, "I intend to feel good." If your intention is to feel good, then you don't need to try to make yourself right because it comes at a cost of not feeling good.

Number three, don't be like, "why are they like this? "

 don't get it. Why can't they be different? Why can't they be calmer? Why can't they be nicer? Why are they like this? I remember when they used to be different. When did they change?" This is called resistance. It's resisting what is. They're like this because that's the way they're supposed to be. Why is it raining? Apparently it's supposed to be raining.

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resistance to life in this instance, our resistance to people in their own freewill and their own soul's journey create suffering and then you say, well, I have to be around them and it's making me mad.

The solve is very simple. Go less often or not at all. It's not selfish. If you're main priority is to feel good and at peace so you can live an enjoyable experience so that you can impact everyone and everything around you. It is importatnt to set bounderies for yourself when it comes to toxic energies. Just like you wouldn't choose to eat poison. Why are you choosing to converse with poisonous people?

L. O. V. E. that's what's in every single cell of your body vibrating beautifully. There is love within every single cell of your body vibrating beautifully. The anger and toxicity in other people is not your responsibility. It is theirs. It is my hope that you apply what you've learned to day and also use my free success hypnosis. Great things are on the way my friend!


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