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Jake Ducey
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When The Law of Attraction Isnt Working Do This!

This is what you do when the law of attraction isnt working ... Maybe you know what your goals are. You know what your desires are. You pray for them. Maybe you do the law of attraction. Maybe you visualize, maybe you work hard and things aren't happening to the level that you want. This will make you quickly become a magnet to the things that you really want in life.

So in order to get the law of attraction to start working, what is of the most importance is to raise your vibration. And a lot of times when things aren't happening the way that we want, what happens is our consciousness can get in a pattern of seeing the world the way that it is. But our goal isn't to see the world as it is. Our goal is to see the world as we would like it to be and by passionately believing in what does not yet exist, you create it. That's how you actually create your dream life.

Everything is really two things. What you want and the absence of what you want. Now if the money hasn't come long enough, what happens is you start thinking in correspondence to your bank account.

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A statement that changed my life was by Bob Proctor. He said, does your bank account control your thinking or your thinking control your bank account? We do this with our love life. We do this with our career, our test scores in school. Whatever has happened in the past, we start to allow the evidence of our senses to control what we think.


law of attraction isnt working

So we can only imagine and think and feel at the level of our past. We want money, but we keep focusing on the lack of it because of what our eyes see in our bank account. We want love, but we keep saying over and over, "there's no good guys. I think I'm too old to find the right person. I don't live in the right place" and so many other limiting beliefs.

If you want something, but you're actually in the reality of not having it and your consciousness is fixated and programmed to the absence of the desire, then your thoughts are only continuing to create the thing that you actually do not want.

So raising our vibration begins immediately by living into the energy of the reality of us having it now. which means that you have a beautiful, marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force on your side. It's called thoughts. Your thoughts and consciousness creates everything.

You have something called freewill of the soul. Freewill of the soul is to be able to use the faculties of your mind, your mental faculties, which are super powers that are channeling the power of thought through electrical currents in your brain and essentially hallucinating this reality the way that you want it.

law of attraction isnt working

Most people are consumed with the reality of not having the money that they want, even though they want it. They're consumed with not having the soulmate, even though they want it. They're consumed with the opposite of what they want because their brain has been conditioned to focus on the fact that it's not there. But you have something called the reticular activating system, which is a part of your brain that will continue always to keep focusing on the thing that you're giving your energy to.

This is why I created the second mind. I created an actual software to start reconditioning your brain because the craziest thing is, actual science has shown us something revolutionary called neuroplasticity. This is the brain's ability to change itself.

The brain is like Plato. It can be changed and rearranged and we know now that your brain builds the neural networks that you create yourself and your reality from the way your brain is conditioned through your neural networks and neural connections. Your brain gets hardwired, and we used to think it was stuck like that after a certain age. We used to actually believe that your brain was hardwired this way. We know now from neuroplasticity, this isn't true. The coolest thing is you can actually program your brain to live in the reality of what you want.

law of attraction isnt working

You can teach your brain to have the money, to have the love, to have the competence before the outer world tells you that you have it. A lot of times we stay in reactionary consciousness waiting for something in the outside world to change how we think and feel.

But if we change how we think and we feel first, our brain creates new neural networks and new neural connections through neuroplasticity. And what happens is you think and feel a certain way, then reality responds like a mirror to the way your brain is programmed. You can use this for free by clicking the link below 🙂

Use the Second Mind for FREE

The technology designed to wire your brain for what you want!!!

Use this every morning upon waking and your brain will rewire itself. This is what changed my life and now I get to share it with others and receive success stories every single day. This is why I do what I do. My dream is to hear your success story as well.

Sending you much love and many blessings.


Miracles are normal.


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