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9 Words that Block Money Manifestation

I am sick and I am tired of people saying these nine words and blocking themselves from making more money and getting rich. So if you want to get rich in the year 2020, there are nine words you have been socially programmed to say that are actually blocking you from getting rich. I'm going to shed some light on these words and which words to replace them with.

"Money isn't everything. I just want to be happy." Those are the nine words. Money isn't everything. I just want to be happy. Well, let me ask you this. Have you ever bought $16 Olives from whole foods that are sun dried and cured with beautiful herbs?

I love them. I used to want to buy them all the time, but every time I would buy them, my hands would start sweating and I'd have heart palpitations and refresh my bank like two times to make sure I didn't withdraw... I just wanted money so I could buy some olives! And I realized something. Money can't buy you happiness.

Money can't buy you happiness. It buys you freedom. That's a very important distinction because the entire definition that you and I have been programmed with respect to money is wrong. Money doesn't buy happiness.

Money buys freedom. Now when you look at it that way, you say all of a sudden, man, I want some freedom bucks. Money gives me the freedom to go to the gym. I get to go every single day in the middle of the day because I have a business system that pays me independent of my time. Money has bought me that freedom.

The problem with that statement is that if you say it, you've sent the signal to your brain that money isn't important. There are billions of bits of information, millions of choices, and bajillions of things happening every single second and your brains job is to find your primary targets and focus on those targets.

words that block money


This is called your reticular activating system. It's the part of your brain that is designed to make sure that you don't get information overload and acquire lots of memories and things that you don't want.

So as soon as you start saying "money can't buy happiness, it's not that important." Your brain says, well then let's not focus on that and instead let's justify your feelings so you don't even see money at all really. When this happens, we literally push the opportunity of making more money away from us.

People don't realize that they have this love hate relationship with money. They want it, but they hate it at the same time. You cannot have more of something that you hate and want at the same time because your brain doesn't know the difference between what you want and the message it's sending.

So deep down you really would like more money, but you sent the signal that money is bad and it's not important. Because of this your brain has blocked it and you don't even know why. You can work as many hours you want. You can watch 18 million videos in a row and get fired up baby, but it's not going to help you get more money because you'll sabotage it some way when it comes down to it!

words that block money

When we don't think money is important, you'll get the money and lose it. You'll mess up at the last second on the interview or the sales call. You'll somehow sabotage or procrastinate all the money away because your brain has gotten that signal.

So what if instead of saying "money isn't important, I just want to be happy". You said "money is very important. It buys me freedom" or you said "money is important because it buys my kids education" or anything else of that nature!

All of a sudden your brain says, okay, boss, money's important. Let's start creating some. What if you took it to the next level and started saying, "I'm going to get rich in 2020 I'm going to be a millionaire".

I created a Success Hypnosis! It's right there down below. It's a success hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind because what has to happen is you need to rewire those old bad habits and patterns of thinking that hold you back, and replace them with new positive thoughts on abundance and success that propel you forward and bring in more opportunities that match your vibration! I started to hypnotize myself and within a couple years I became a millionaire!

I would love for you to use it and have you share with me your success story too!

Aloha and many blessings


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