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1111 Meaning

1111 secrets. The hidden meaning of seeing 1111 have you seen 1111 on your clock? Have you seen 1111 on an address or phone number? What's the hidden meaning? What is the universe trying to tell you? What is God trying to tell you? What is your higher self trying to tell you by showing you these numbers?

Okay, so the first hidden meaning is to check your thoughts. This can be one of two ways. It can be an affirmation that your thoughts are on par with what it is that you're wanting to create more of in your life. Or it could be the opposite and it's a reminder. Let's say that you wanted to attract your soulmate, but you found yourself constantly thinking about the fact that they haven't shown up.

Maybe you're thinking about past relationships and how they haven't worked out so you're thinking, are there any good guys left? Or let's say you want money. You know you want it, you work for it, your goal is clear, but you find yourself constantly focusing on the pessimism and disappointment that the good breaks and great opportunities have not presented themselves yet because everything is really two things - What you want and the absence of what you want. We now know that consciousness and perception creates reality.

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So you could consciously want money. You could consciously want your soulmate, but you could be focused on the absence of it and you only experience what it is that you perceive. So 1111 is saying, "Hey, your thoughts are in the right place". Or it's saying, "Hey, check your thoughts. Are they where they should be right now?"

If you keep saying "I'm broke. I hope the money comes sometime in the future." You're pushing your desires into the future and 1111 is asking you to reframe your phrasing. Let's start saying, "I'm so grateful that God's abundance flows into my life. I'm so grateful that I feel love within myself and every cell of my body. Therefore, I attract and I radiate. I'm so grateful that I finally am going on amazing dates. I'm so grateful. I'm attracting great and fantastic opportunities. My life is getting better and better."

1111 meaning

Number two is saying to reclaim your connection. We're all one. You are one with the universe and you are one with God. This universal energy is in everything. It's in the walls. It's in every cell of your body. It's in every fiber of your brain and tissue of your body and you are not separate from it.

You are an individualization of it. You're one with God. You're one with the universe and you're an integral part of it. The universe is always expanding, constant, and ever growing with abundance and pure love. All of these things that you would characterize as the qualities of the universe or qualities of God, are all qualities that are within you and are a part of your destiny.

When you see 1111, start affirming, "I am one with everything that I desire. All I want already exists."Comment that down below.

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1111 is saying, Hey, that thing on your mind right now, proceed confidently. You're in the coffee shop and you look at your phone and it says 1111. For the last four minutes you've seen a really attractive person that you want to talk to, but then you're psyching yourself out so you're not doing anything. 

1111 is saying, go talk to them. Proceed confidently. You have a new idea and you're like, will this work? Will this not work? You look at your phone and it says 1111. It's saying, proceed confidently. Remember you're one with God. You're one with everything that you want and you live in a friendly universe.

This is a friendly universe. Albert Einstein said that perhaps the most important question that you'll ever ask yourself is, do I live in a friendly or hostile universe? 1111 is saying you live in a friendly universe. Now, proceed confidently with whatever it is that's on your mind and good things will happen.


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