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Weird Manifestations Techniques That Actually Work

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Dec 10
weird manifestation technique

In this blog we are going to talk about weird manifestation techniques that actually work. Yes, I said weird ones, ones that I use that helped me manifest more money, attract my soul mate, and all types of awesome things. These techniques are kind of weird and some people thought I was pretty silly when I used them, but they work.

So the first one is basically talking to yourself. Ashley and I call it. "oogling". Basically what you do is while you're driving your car, you talk out loud in the present tense expressing gratitude for things! Like this, " I am so happy and grateful that large sums of money come to me quickly and easily every single day. My videos are going viral, they're inspiring more people every single day. It seems like everything I'm doing is getting easier and easier. I'm attracting great opportunities. It's so exciting that I've attracted the perfect new people for new business opportunities that my videos are going viral everyday."

I would just talk like that for five minutes. This is weird because you're told don't talk to ourself and two, we aren't used to being grateful for what doesn't exist yet.I The reason is because the mind isn't conditioned to work that way. It's conditioned to be linear. Meaning, past, present, future.

It' can also be challenging. Just like when you're trying to run a mile and you haven't run in a year or you're playing the guitar for the first time. It feels awkward and it feels weird. So this is a new habit that you're building. Don't worry, it might feel weird. It might feel a little awkward.

You want to do this with energy too. You want to tap into high energy state so you're fired up and excited and grateful. The reason is because when you build emotion, you stimulate emotion. You fire new nerve cells in your brain, and there's a term in neuro science called Hebbs Law. It says that nerve cells, brain cells that fire together, wire together. Ironically, this is the weirdest part. You're actually rewiring your brain. You might look like a crazy person at the red light. Some one next to you may give you a funny look.

weird manifestation technique

But you're rewiring your brain. You're commanding your brain to rewire and recreate reality the way that you want. So comment down below, all I want already exists. It does because everything is energy. So what you want just exists in a vibratory frequency beyond what your physical senses are conditioned to comprehend. The way that you reprogram your physical senses to get the reality that you want is you start commanding it. Simplest way to do this is oogling. You can do this in your car. You can do this on a walk. You can do this in front of the mirror. You can do this right when this video ends for a couple minutes. But make sure you do it out loud.

The next technique is what I call the wallpaper technique. This is probably, I think the funniest one and probably the one that got the most weird stares for me. So when I dropped out of college as a 19 year old, I backpacked around the world. I decided I was going to write a book about that and every single publisher and all my friends said it was the stupidest, silliest thing ever. They all thought it wouldn't work and they were "looking out for me".

I had so much external opposition. Everyone was trying to talk me out of it. So I had to condition myself to the reality that I wanted. I took 8 X 11 pieces of paper, on normal printer paper, and I went to size 144 font in Microsoft word. I wrote, "I am so happy and grateful I'm a world famous author and thought leader, inspiring millions of people making millions of dollars". Something like that. I made a bunch of different versions of that and I printed hundreds of copies.

Literally I printed hundreds of copies. So I went in my room and I taped them all on my ceiling. That way, as soon as I woke up in the morning, I remember - "oh ya!!! I'm a world famous thought leader, inspiring millions and making millions of dollars. I'm so excited to be awake today!"

weird manifestation technique

Then they'd be all over my walls. So I call it the wallpaper technique because I quite literally taped over all my wallpaper. So I had hundreds of these. So everywhere that I looked in my room, it said that I was a world renowned thought leader, inspiring millions of people and making millions of dollars. I taped it on my mirror in my bathroom so I would look at myself in the mirror and I would see immediately that I'm a world renown thought leader.

the list goes on. I literally put it everywhere. My shower door, on my fridge, on my front door, back door, car stearing wheele... you name it. Now this is something that I highly recommend doing. This isn't mumbo jumbo. This isn't some hippie guy coming to you after I slept in a TP last night. This is rooted in science and phsycology. You are sending a new program and new signals to your mind and consciousness. When that happens, a new reality unfolds.

Your reticular activating system is a part of your brain that focuses on what's most important because otherwise you'd go insane because there's billions of things happening always all around us. So we use auto suggestion of these post cards or papers taped all over to train our reticular activating system to see abundance and ourselves the way we desire to see ourselves.

I literally conditioned myself now this channel gets millions of views every single month. I have a multimillion dollar business. All those things happened in not that long of a time frame. But first they were wallpaper.

Now the question is, what's your wallpaper? What are the auto suggestions you're giving your brain? So give the wallpaper technique a try.

Now this next one I originally learned from Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor said to take a 3 X 5 index card and write what you want as if you already have it.

weird manifestation technique

So I took that same suggestion. I'm a world renowned thought leader, an online personality, inspiring millions of people making millions of dollars. I put it on a three by five card and I carried it with, he said he carried it with him everywhere. You figure somebody will write it on a three by five card and leave it on their desk, right? That's not that big of a deal. But I took mine everywhere in my hand.

At first, I didn't even put it in my pocket. So I'd go on a walk and I would hold it. I just crumpled it up in my hand all the time and I would carry it with me in in the grocery store. I'd carry it with me in my hand while I'd walk around the house. And it became a running joke between my wife Ashley and I because she would just find hundreds of them all over the house because every morning my ritual was write a new one.

So every morning wake up, grab a three by five index card and I write it again. I'm so happy and grateful. I'm a world renowned thought leader making millions of dollars inspiring millions of people. That seems very bizarre. Almost like OCD. But understand this again, what are you doing? You're reconditioning the mind. You've got to grasp that your subconscious mind controls 95% of your life and that you have 65,000 thoughts in a day. 95% of them are unconscious and they've been programmed by other people like parents and piers, our culture, the media, etc...look around. Notice how many people are living the same program and not happy about it.

You realize you've been programmed to be average. That's why you don't have the money you want. That's why you haven't attracted all the things that you want yet. Society has programmed you to be average and this is one of the great ways to do it. So you can get a three by five index card. Take what you want, write it in the present tense. Begin the statement with, I am so happy and grateful now. I am so happy and grateful now and then finish the sentence in the present tense. I'm so happy and grateful now that I'm making $5,000 a month. I'm so happy and grateful now that I am totally healed.

Last but not least is hypnosis. Once I decided that I was going to drop out of college, travel and write a book and everyone told me I was crazy I learned that 95% of your life is unconscious and basically humans are creatures of habit. And habits are a projection of how the brain and thoughts are programmed. I learned that you can actually reprogram them. I was like, dude, I'm going to hypnotize myself.

I recorded one for myself telling myself who I was and what is coming. I listened to this over and over in the shower, in my car, once upon waking, and then again before bed!

weird manifestation technique

I want to gift it to you for free. Over 600,000 people from all over the world have used it. And so every single day I get an amazing story. Oh my God, I attracted money like this and my soul mate came into my life and I got my dream job and I started passing all my tests and the list goes on. Everybody's brainwashed. The question is, are you brainwashed for the life that you want?

I think today's going to be one of the best days you have in a really long time, so have a great day. Jake's is right there down below, and I will talk to you soon.


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