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This Manifestation Technique Will Change Your Life

Hey, how are you today? It is a beautiful day to be spinning on giant little dot somewhere out in the middle of infinite space that goes on forever. Today I want to share with you a manifestation technique that will change your life forever. 

Whether it's more money that you want or you want to attract your soulmate or anything else that you imagine or dream or wish about late at night that you really want, that hasn't happened yet. Here's how to speed the process up so you get what you want faster.

This is called the 55 X 5 method or the 555 methods. What's the biggest problem that you or I have? One of them is your attention getting focused on what is and your current reality. We know that where attention goes, energy flows. This whole universe is just energy.

So where your attention goes dictates the energy that you manifest into your life. Thus the reality that you create for yourself. On a more scientific level, we know that everything is really 99.999% empty space.The chair you are sitting in, the wall you see, and your very body... It's just a bunch of vibrating atoms making up energy.

manifestation technique to change your life

Really it's consciousness and your observation of subatomic particles. Subatomic meaning that they are below the atomic level. We used to think Atoms where the physical building blocks of the universe, we found that there are even smaller things called subatomic particles.

Your consciousness, your awareness, your attention of subatomic particles is what creates the arrangement of them as this physical universe. And so the craziest thing about all of that is your attention creates your reality. The problem with this is that most people's attention is focused on their current reality, but they don't want their current reality anymore.

For me, the hardest thing was to detach from my lack of YouTube subscribers. Another one was to detach from the lack of financial success in my career and business. I had been working so hard and I wasn't where I wanted to be yet. But what happened was my physical senses had gotten so used to consuming that reality that my mind was so focused on what is. I knew what I wanted. I wanted this YouTube channel to blow up.

I wanted a multimillion dollar international business. I wanted to inspire millions of people every single month. I knew what I wanted. It was just, I kept getting what I didn't want. So enter the 55 X 5 method. This is how you actually manifest what you want, even if it seems impossible. So basically what you're going to do is you're going to distill what it is that you want into a cohesive sentence. One of mine is "I'm so thankful that I'm a world renowned thought leader making millions of dollars. And inspiring millions of people." So I wrote that 55 times for 5 days straight.

So whatever it is that you want. Let's say that you wanted to make $5,000 a month. It might be, I am so happy and grateful. Large sums of money come to me as I now earn $5,000 a month. It might be about attracting your perfect career opportunity, your dream home, your soulmate, perfect health, happiness, whatever it is.

You distill it into about a sentence and put it in the present tense. You're expressing your gratitude as if you're journaling about your life and how things have already happened and you're just saying how thankful you are for them. You're going to write it 55 times for 5 days straight and then let go of it. This will take you about 10 minutes a day.

manifestation technique will change your life

I call it hypnotic writing. The popular term is 55 X 5, but it's hypnotic writing. You're basically hypnotizing yourself by writing the same thing over and over again which is really you reprogramming your subconscious mind. Psychologists say 95% of our life is controlled by our subconscious mind. That's the habitual unconscious mind. So if you can basically use the 55 X 5 method to brainwash yourself, you can get what you want.

The craziest thing happened for me.I went in one month from 420 YouTube subscribers to 20,000 the next month, that's how crazy the leap that I took when I started doing hypnotic writing or the 55 by five method. Everything that happened was incredible. I also used my free success hypnosis, it's right there down below and you can listen to it too.

You're engaging your brain from all different angles and you're communicating your desires effectively to the universe from all different senses and elements of your brain. It's a success hypnosis to play softly That's going to allow you to hypnotize yourself from the audible dimension as well while you're writing.

You will start your 55 X 5 writing with "I am so happy and grateful now that...." it's up to you to fill in the blank. Your past is irrelevant. You already forgiven instantly for any guilt, shame, mistakes, regrets, failures. You are forgiven. You are loved. You live in a friendly universe.

Fantastic things can and will head your way. You are loved, you are seen, you are heard. You're worthy of what you want and great things are on the way. Let me know how your hypnotic writing is going in the comment section below along with any successes you come across from these practices! I love hearing them.

Have a wonderful day and remember.

Miracles are normal.


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