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Jake Ducey
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How To Ignore Your Current Reality When Manifesting

What is going on, My beautiful friends!? Today is a great day and we are going to be talking about how to ignore your current reality when you're manifesting. This is going to do a few things. 

First and foremost it's going to help you transcend all your old limiting beliefs, especially unconscious ones that are in your subconscious mind that you are probably totally unaware of.

Second, it's going to speed up the process for you to achieve your goals and attract what you want faster because it will decrease the time delay that there happens between imagining and materializing. Let's dive in!

We must ignore our current reality when manifesting. This is the biggest block that people have because they can't get past reality and when you get get past reality, you stay in a timeline loop. You stay in a manifestation loop where you continue to create the same reality for yourself over and over.


Where attention goes is where your manifestations flow and if your attention is fixated on your current reality, then you continue to unconsciously manifest the same things over and over and over again.

But when you realize that you were always manifesting at every single second, then you open up the doorway to start to bring what you want into your life faster. You see, the problem is that there is a huge gap between what we want and where our retention is quite often.

Now, this is the biggest obstacle because when that happens, we mistakenly look at everything as two things. What we want and the absence of what we want. I want money yet, look at my bank account. There's no money in it. That's "knowing what it is that you want".

how to ignore your current reality


People say you're going to get what you want, but you don't get what you want. You get where your attention goes. Wherever your attention goes dictates what you attract into your life. So you say, I want this, but you're focused on the fact that you don't have it.

I had to make this shift in order to attract my beautiful wife, Ashley, into my life. I had a relationship before that I really wanted to work out. It did not work out, and if I looked at my current reality or the current story I was telling about my reality, it was focused on the fact that this person is no longer with me anymore and it's going to be really hard to find another like-minded woman.

I realized my attention was focused on my current reality. I wanted love, but I was focused on the fact that it wasn't there yet. It was going to be hard. I wish things were the way that they used to be. I'm really hoping they'll be different in the future, and this is focused on the absence. So what's very important to realize is what you want already exists.

That's the only way to break free from the loophole of our mind to focus on our current reality. What you want already exists. Now, the reason that I say what you want already exists is because everything is energy.

It's just that what you want might currently exist in a nonphysical dimension. You may not physically see it based off the electrical signals that your eyes are picking up and sending to your brain, I. E. your reality. You may not see it. This is your physical representation, but there's a non-physical as well. And if energy is never created or destroyed and everything is energy, what you want already exists.

It's just existing at a vibrational dimension and energy, speed beyond what your eyes and your attention have been conditioned to perceive as your reality. So this brings us right into point number two, which is that you have to become delusional. What I mean by this is if you continue to affirm what you already have, you're going to get more of what you already got. All achievement in your life comes from the nonphysical. People call it nonsense, right?

"You're being nonsensical. Look at reality. Stop being so unrealistic". Those are average people trying to convince you to live in the story in reality of averageness, which is the current reality, but they're absolutely right. The word nonsense means actually going beyond your senses. Stepping into the nonphysical. Becoming a visionary.

how to ignore your current reality

Remember, everything is two things. You can be realistic or you can be unrealistic. You can be stuck in reality or you can become a visionary. And when you do become a visionary and you start to live from your inner picture and you start to be what normal people call delusional.

That's a fantastic sign that you will start to create what you want. Because by passionately believing in what does not yet exist, you create it and call it into your existence. I'm not saying you should run around the library screaming that you're manifesting unicorns and can create turquoise fire with your toes. Rather, we focus on our inner picture and trust that our imagination and energy will pull in the reality we desire. It's the law of the universe.

So this brings us perfectly into the last part of how to ignore your current reality when you're manifesting so that you can speed up the process. This is practicing gratitude. Can you offer gratitude for what you do not yet have to the universe and to God? Even though your current reality says that you don't have it.

Because once you can do that, you've officially mastered the manifestation process.It's so simple really. No need to over think. Just practice FEELING gratitude and immediately your energy will shift to abundance and love.

You've evolved outside of your present reality, and that creates the space for the things that you truly desire in your life to come to you quickly. Now for some people that may even be a little bit difficult, so the easiest way to start practicing gratitude is actually to start with what's presently in your life.

Perhaps your eyes. Have you been watching this on a phone or a computer? You've been able to see that your eyes have been able to reflect back electrical signals from your present environment that shoot an instantaneous signal to your brain and your brain decodes it. That is truly a miracle. Start your gratitude with something you really do already have. Then work your way up the delusional latter growing bigger and bigger in your expression.

how to ignore your current reality

There is something quite exciting that can happen once you've master the law of attraction and law of vibration. It's called the quantum leap. It's when in one month your entire life changes so drastically because the things that you were imagining that everyone said were unrealistic became reality quickly because you had officially practiced genuine gratitude for them.

Even though they only existed in the thought realm, you had connected your emotions to them. So your brain thought that it was real. Then your brain took that non-physical dimension or reality and made it physical. We call that manifesting.

I'm so grateful you are here and investing your precious time into your own development and impact you're having on not only yourself but the world at large. I'm sending you so much love.


Miracles are normal.


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