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How To Become A Law of Attraction BEAST

Today, I'm so excited to share with you how you really master the law of attraction? How do you get the results that you want to come quickly into your life? In this blog we're going to be talking about how to become a law of attraction beast. How to really become like a magnet. The things that you hold in your mind, you can hold in your hand a lot faster.

So the first thing that you need to be able to do is to calm your mind. For you it might be some breathing techniques or it might be a walk. I think a walk is a great way to do all of the proceeding steps we're about to share and get great results as well.

If you do breathing as opposed to a walk or you want to combine the both of them here is a great practice. I've really been enjoying a simple rhythmic breath where my inhales and my exhales are exactly the same and there's no pause between the inhale and exhale. So it's one nice rhythm, just like a wave of energy, a wave of breath. A fluid line with no points.

While you're listening and reading these words, start to become conscious of your breath and practice that for four or five seconds. Once you begin to still your mind with a walk, breathing, or combination of the both, it's very important to realize that the law of attraction is always working. It's not that sometimes it's working and sometimes it isn't working.

law of attraction beast

People get stuck on this idea of creating what doesn't exist. So if it doesn't happen and maybe it was too hard and impossible because it doesn't exist. No, everything exists. Instead of creating what doesn't exist, think about the law of attraction like this. What you are doing is actually manifesting as opposed to creating. Manifesting means that you are starting to attract things that exist on the nonphysical dimension.

Manifesting is bringing into your experience things that do exist but that you cannot yet see. So the habit is when we can't see it, we say it doesn't exist. It does exist. You're not creating it, you're manifesting it. So it's actually easier because it already exists on a non-physical dimension. Your eyes only pick up so much visible light. Your eyes don't see the whole spectrum of light and frequencies that exist.

What they really are is more like cameras that are reflecting electrical signals or impulses back to your brain. Your brain is instantly reading and perceiving them based off of perception in a story that we have of what reality is. When we realize this, we say, Oh my gosh, this becomes so much easier to quickly bring into life what I want and start to really activate the law of attraction.

And this is why the third point here now is so valuable because what you're really doing is you are actually manifesting from the nonsense dimension. We've all heard the phrase, "you're being so unrealistic". "Be more realistic". That's bad advice. Why is that bad advice? Because everything already exists and in order to change your current reality, you have to actually become nonsensical. You actually have to go into the nonphysical dimension.

It's absolutely nonsense because we are going outside the senses. It's greater than the senses. It's a dimension. It's a reality that is greater than your own physical senses and greater than what your present physical senses are perceiving as your current reality or your current environment. To know and embrace this is the only way to manifest the unseen. The unimaginable is to start to dwell in your own imagination. And as you start to bring emotion to the thought of your desired reality.

Who cares if It's about nonsense. It's about starting to get your e-motions. What are your emotions? They are your energy in motion. You have to start to feel it, and when you can start to feel it, as soon as you really do that, you create a very powerful gravitational pole instantly. You immediately change your vibration. That's how you start to manifest the things that you want.

law of attraction beast

A lot of people think they know what they want, but they feel the opposite of it. They feel their present lack of money or their lack of love. They're connected, they're feeling their nervous system, their own conscious mind is connected to their current reality of limitations.

You have to start feeling as if it already exists by expressing your gratitude for it, as if it does exist. So you start going, "man, I feel so excited and grateful for all the money that's in my life. Now I'm starting to see my bank account growing every single day. I'm attracting fantastic clients and customers. Man, I'm so grateful that I've attracted my soulmate and we just had a great walk on the beautiful beaches of Maui."

When you start to do that, your emotions are starting to pull things that presently do not exist. In the Bible it says something like you have to call upon the things that do not exist as though they were. And that's how you manifest. So during your gratitude visualization, where you start to do this, say the same thing over and over, and then practice feeling it.

Start saying thank you for this blessing. Thank you for this blessing. So you will imagine the money you want, the clients that you want. Your soul mate, your dream house, your dream job. You start imagining it with the picture making power of your mind that allows you to focus and then you utilize your emotion. Start feeling it. So I call this the gratitude visualization.

Entering the spirit of the words, start to picture what you desire and repeat, "Thank you for this blessing. Thank you for this blessing. Thank you for this blessing". When you follow this simple process and your emotions start to shift, your energy starts to shift. They say energy is never created or destroyed, that every single thing is just 99.999% empty space. That's what an atom is. 99% empty space. The atoms are the building blocks in the physical universe. So if energy is never created or destroyed, it has to always be in motion.

So when your energy in motion changes from your emotions and they start to be in the energy of what you want as if it already exists, that's when your vibration changes. The law of attraction says like energy attracts like energy. Like vibration attracts like vibration. Your vibration starts to be on the energy of thank you for this blessing.

law of attraction beast

You already have the job. You already have the dream home, you already have the money for retirement, it's already happened and you're so thankful for it. Your vibration starts to shift. Then you start to pull the luck, the synchronicities, the miracles. It's law. And the law is that like energy attracts like energy. You can make what you cannot see or what seems to others, Impossible. You can make it exist quickly in your life. Using this law of attraction formula to become a real magnet for what you want. You are more powerful than you believe and your thoughts become things. We live in a friendly, beautiful universe.

Have a fantastic day. I'm so, so, so happy and grateful that you're starting to manifest all you want right now.


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