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5 Things To Give Up to Raise Your Vibration Instantly

If you can learn how to raise your vibration, you can actually get everything that you want in your life because everything is energy. So if your energy can shift with what I'm about to share with you, you will get anything that you want. Well, what if I could say you could actually do it instantly? In this blog, I'm going to share with you five things to give up in order to raise your vibration instantly.

The first thing that you got to give up to raise your vibration is wishing things were different than they are. When you're wishing things were different than they were, either the way that they used to be in the past or wishing that your present would be like the way you hope it will be in the future... Or the way that it used to be... You're offering resistance to the now.

When you resist what is, you basically don't allow the electrical current of your vibration to flow fluidly. Just like if there is a river and you put too many rocks there so the water can't flow anymore, what happens to it? There is no longer fluidity. There's no longer a current. You dammed it up. you blocked the energy from a continual flow. Similarly, energy is always in motion. Energy is always in motion and that's all you are.

You are just a bunch of energy. That's all that this body is. Everything is energy and has a current. Now, you know with old electrical cords, sometimes they don't work that well because they've been crumpled up for so long that the current isn't flowing very well through the cords anymore. Your body is just a pipeline or a cord that is transmitting and projecting vibrational frequencies. When you are in resistance to right now, you're blocking your vibration and energy. Now the way to fix that, is simply focusing on and feeling gratitude.

to raise your vibration

Start with small things like your eyes. What colors can you see?

My eyes work. Have you ever thought about the fact that your eyes work? I'm so grateful for that. If your eyes don't work, then what about your ears!? What about your nose!? How about your organs? your breath!? I'm grateful that my brain is so intelligent that my eyes are reflecting vibrational frequencies back to my brain that I perceive as colors. I'm grateful that I have fingernails growing in hundreds of trillions of cells all through my body, that my thoughts are transmitting vibrational frequencies, that I have financial abundance in my life, that I had clean water today.

What are some things that you are grateful for? Think about that. I call it a gratitude avalanche. And when you go on a gratitude avalanche for just a couple of minutes, you're going to instantly raise your vibration. The second thing to give up to raise your vibration instantly is short constricted breath. We aren't taught how to breathe because a lot of it happens automatically through your autonomic nervous system.

So we're unconscious and unaware of it. But when you are aware of your breath, you brought yourself back to the present moment. So you're no longer in mental LA LA land about the past and the future or worry or anything. You're back here in the moment. So you're aware of your true nature. And when you're aware of your true nature, you instantly tap into a deeper level of peace and you disengage from your identity in the mental realm. This raises your energy quickly.

So here's what we're going to do. We're going to breathe in and breathe out continuously. So no stopping at your inhale or exhale. No holding your breath. Just a constant rhythmic ebb and flow. Just like the waves. I like to go for about four or five, six seconds deep inhales and deep exhale.

Breathing in and breathing out. Start to notice your breath for the rest of this blog. As you notice your breath, you will feel peace. Now before we move on to number three, can you feel your energy start to raise? Comment down below. I raise my vibration instantly.

to raise your vibration

Number three is to give up jealousy. A lot of times, a way that the mind unconsciously works is when it doesn't have what it wants. It starts to get jealous that somebody else might have it. Somebody else might have the car that you want. Maybe you always wanted a certain car and your brother or sister became more successful than you quicker and so you're a little jealous. Or you see some rich random person with your dream home. A lot of times we unconsciously make other people wrong.

Somebody with a six pack and they're so fit and we're like, do you have to show off that much with your shirt off? And our mind does these weird things where it gets jealous. Now, here's what I invite you to consider. Instead, every time you see somebody with something that you want, take it as a sign from the universe that what you want is on the way. So really that person is a sign that you can do it too and that yours is coming, that it's possible. We live in an infinite universe. Nobody else's success is our failure. In fact, other people's success is just a sign of the success that is soon coming your way.

Number four, give up anticipatory anxiety of the future. Psychologists call it anticipatory anxiety. That's anxiety that we have about the future that may or may not happen. I'm anticipating maybe not attracting my soul mate and I'm planning in my head all of my worries of being alone and the list goes on! We project our fears as realities into the future and feel the anxiety now. Doesn't that sound so crazy when we actually say this out loud?! But this is what we do so much of the time.

Here's the crazy thing about your thoughts - whether they're true or not true, they affect you biochemically. You are a collection of thousands of chemical reactions happening every single second. It's really cool. And those chemical reactions actually come from your own thoughts and your feelings.

Anticipatory anxiety is you creating a chemical reaction presently in your environment that controls your vibration based off of something that probably won't happen in the future. So every thought and emotion you have unconsciously, your brain instantly responds to it. It produces the chemicals, it goes through your autonomic nervous system, It controls how you feel and thus controls your vibration and the things that you attract into your life.

So let me ask you this. If you could worry about things in the future that may or may not happen, couldn't you also express gratitude for things in the future as if they've already happened? Like couldn't you start to practice being grateful that the money is already here? You've got to get rid of this idea of reinforcing what you don't want.

to raise your vibration

Start practicing being grateful that now there is money in your bank account that now your soul mate is here. "But there's no good guys left, there's no great women left." You got to get rid of that. Start being grateful that finally you're starting to attract like minds and going on these great dates.

You're meeting all sorts of awesome people. They're coming your way. When you start to do that, your vibration raises and the law of attraction says that like energy attracts like energy. So you start to attract people, circumstances and situations that match your new energy.

Eliminate anxiety about the future. And every time you catch yourself, go back to step number two, focus on deep rhythmic breaths. And then as you breathe in and breathe out, breathe in and breathe out. Start focusing on the gratitude as if what you want is already here.

Last but not least, give up worrying about how! This stops so many people. They're so worried about how it will happen. Well, I want to be this. I want this in my life, but I don't know how. And so they start racking their mind up and wasting all their mental energy trying to figure out how or they give up because they say, "I don't know how".

Forget about the how, focus on the what. Forget about the way. When will it happen? Who cares!? Focus on the what. Start to believe that you already have it. Get out of time and when you get out of time, what you want come see you in no time. What do you want? Just focus on that.

You don't know how a toaster works In order to use a toaster. You don't have to know how the sun was perfectly created in the middle of an infinite universe and that the earth happens to rotate around it perfectly. You don't need to know how. All you need to do is be here and enjoy this beautiful universe. So comment down below, "Forget about the how. Focus on the what." this was five things to give up to raise your vibration instantly.

Great things are heading into your life right now. Take a deep breath in and out. if you want to reprogram your subconscious mind and have things show up in your life really quickly, definitely check out my hypnosis. It's free. Only take you about five minutes to use it every day and you're going to see amazing miracles come into your life very quickly.


Miracles are normal


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