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Jake Ducey
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When You Have No Money Say This

When you have no money, say this! Say these powerful words and you will start to bring wealth into your life. I can't wait to hear about the abundance that starts to come to you when you say these words.

When I say, "large sums of money can come to you easily and quickly!" What do you think?

Is it, "Yeah right, not for me it doesnt!"? Have you noticed that when you don't have any money, your thoughts affirm that you don't have any money? They're not in congruence with having money. Your thoughts and your words need to be in congruence with your desire. People that are broke have no congruence between the things that they say and think about money and their desire for it. There's a big difference between wishing for money, hoping for money, wanting for money, working for money, and believing that you can have it.

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You can work hard for money but if you say "it's not that important, at least I'm happy. Money is hard. You don't understand it is hard. You must be a scammer. You must be a rich person. You don't understand. They're taxing me too much and my boss and I don't have the right GPA and my credentials aren't worthy of it"

... Your thoughts become things including your bank account. Do you know the digits in your bank account are determined by the thoughts that you think? Have you ever met a person who makes a lot of money that speaks negatively about having a lot of money? Have you ever met a broke person who speaks positively about money? I haven't. Unless they just started following my channel 😉

So start today with this simple phrase. Say it 10 times with me right now. "I am so grateful. Large sums of money come to me quickly and easily."

There's two adjectives in there that changed my life. I'm telling you, just the straight to God honest truth. I went from my wife being in debt, not because she bought stupid stuff, it was because I was not able to even pull 50% of the weight financially in the early stages of our relationship.

She paid for our groceries, she paid for us to go out to dinner and she couldn't afford it because she worked 50 hours a week at Brandy Melville managing the store. She's trying to live in Southern California and it's expensive! She couldn't afford it and she was in debt and I finally had this thing where I snapped and I was like, "this is stupid."

I tell myself, I'm spiritual. I tell myself money isn't that important and it is because I can't go eat where I want. I can't Not stress about the bills. This is not healthy. And I snapped. Then I wrote this phrase down on a piece of paper. "Large sums of money come to me quickly and easily".

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Now those two ending adjectives really pissed me off at first. "Easily and quickly". I was actually a workaholic. I didn't realize that I was workaholic, but I was one. I'd work until two or three in the morning and wake up at six. I thought hard work equalled income.

I didn't feel good. I was always irritable, but I would tell myself money's not that important. Yet, I worked all the time. It's funny how when you don't have money, you constantly think about it. Now at 28 years old, I am a millionaire that doesn't spend a lot of money.I don't think about it very much because it doesn't limit my life.

So what changed? I kept saying those phrases over and over again and then and then eventually into my subconscious, those two adjectives fit quickly and easily. Guess what? I work less than before and I make more money than before. Money has ears. When it hears you, it will come.

Imagine if money was a romantic partner and you said to your wife or husband, "you are not important. You are the root of all evil and I don't need you at all. Every one who knows you is a greedy ass hole."

I don't know about you, but if I was in a relationship with someone who talked to me that way, I would never come around. I'd be out the door in a jiffy never to return!

What is a person? A person is a massive energy moving at a very high speed of vibration. It's energy. It's a vibration. What is paper? What is money? It's energy. Everything is all different forms of energy. That's all reality is. What are your thoughts? Your thoughts are energy.

Your energy is what dictates the outer energy that you experience. And you wouldn't want to put that energy into a relationship you are trying to build. So why would you do that in your relationship with money?

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If you start saying this phrase over and over again, I'm telling you, money's going to come your way. If you haven't yet, make sure to download my free success hypnosis in order to wire your mind for a healthy relationship with money. You've been programmed by the world, culture, and possibly family to believe money isn't healthy or right for you. This hypnosis will change that. Listen to it often! It's free. You can click the link below to access :).


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