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How To Raise Your Vibration Using Gratitude

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Dec 11

How to be more grateful. In this blog, I'm going to share with you some unexpected ways that you can increase your vibration to the highest level possible.

Number one, do something simple for yourself. Put yourself in an energy where you can find things to be grateful for. Whether you take a bath or you go outside in nature, it doesn't really matter. Just something that's going to make you remember that life is about you being happy and not all the obligations and stressors that you have in life.

Do something outside or something specifically for yourself that will fill up your cup. What's one thing you can do for yourself right when we wake up in the morning? before you get out of bed, take a couple minutes and think about something you're grateful for.

Maybe it's that your heart continued to beat through the night or you have something you're excited for in the day or you get to go wake up your kids and the fact that you even have kids or you have a job you get to go to is an amazing fortune to be grateful for.

If you have a partner who you go to bed with, invite them to share what they are grateful for as well. Sometimes it can be kind of uncomfortable for people to be vulnerable and express what they are grateful for. With practice and making it normal, it become not only fluid and easy but enjoyable and fun.

raise your vibration using gratitude

I'm grateful that today I got challenged and it was a little difficult, but I'm grateful that I learned some new lessons. I'm grateful we just had a great dinner. I'm grateful that you and I are able to go to bed on a comfy bed right here tonight. Just think of the things you're grateful for, either in bed in the morning or before bed when you're falling asleep. If you really want to be a gratitude rockstar and raise your vibration, you can do night and morning as well, of course.

Number two, start with the things right in front of you, like your limbs or maybe the fact that you have a screen! Might be an iPhone, it might be a computer. Sometimes we get so bogged down and our brain is so used to producing chemicals of despair, stress, misery and anger that we forget. There actually are things right here to be grateful for. Think about how cool your brain is. I'm just projecting a vibration that your brain is instantly able to interpret. How cool is that?

Maybe you're able to see this or maybe you're able to hear it or maybe you're able to fill your butt on a chair right now. There are a lot of people that literally cannot feel from their waist down or their entire body.

Number 3! Try to think of somebody that you love and appreciate. It might be a parent, a grandparent, a foster parent, your best friend, your coworker that helped you recently, maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend, It might be a new client or customer that you just acquired.

Close your eyes for a moment right now and take one breath and call onto the screen of your mind, that individual, and say to yourself, thank you. Thank you. Thank you that you are in my life. Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

raise your vibration using gratitude

Number 4! Try pulling out a journal and write five things that you're grateful for.

Maybe you only have $11 in your bank account, but you're able to buy coffee today or lunch today. That's number one. Number two is I'm currently breathing. Write out five things that you are grateful for on a list and keep a gratitude journal.

Number 5! Last but not least, try this breathing technique. Breathe in for four seconds and when you get to the top of your inhale. Just take one second before you exhale and feel the energy in your body. Then exhale for four seconds. Breathe in. One, two, three, four, pause, Exhale, four, three, two, one.

If you're not driving, try it while closing your eyes. Do this for just 5 to 10 breaths and notice the shift in your energy and feelings.

what begins to occur when you start consistantly integrating some or all of these practices into your daily life, your thoughts start to change. Your thoughts and your feelings starts to match the energy that you are intentionally and on purpose putting out.

And when you do that, you hold the key to freedom. Most people are crap magnets. Their energy is so focused on the things they are not grateful for, that they attract more of those things and perpetually live in a state of dis-ease. I'm grateful that you and I have free will to choose happiness, smiles, joy, peace, love and to let all the stuff that doesn't serve us, go.

In conclusion, I created a software. It's called the second mind and it's designed to start retraining your brain for the money you want, the happiness you want, the love you want, and the competence. It gets your brain rewired for the things that you want.You can use it for free below! Just tap the button for your free download 🙂

Miracles are normal. Thank you for being here! I am so grateful for you. I'm grateful that we're on this little rock spinning through endless space and that there's so many great things that we can be thankful for. Have a beautiful day and i'll see you soon!


Miracles are normal.


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