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Do This Second Mind Blessing To Manifest Anything

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Dec 12

Right now I'd like to show you an exercise called the second mind blessing. Not only is this a really quick way to get into your second mind...what will start to happen is more synchronicities are going to show up into your life. You're going to attract the right people and the right opportunities faster. 

The coolest part about this is there are thousands of people from all over the world doing this every day from hundreds of countries. So the coolest thing is that when you do this, you're tapping into that collective consciousness and it's going to start to work on your behalf. So the things that you want speed up in your life and come to you quicker. So what I want you to do is take a look at your beautiful hands. These beautiful hands are actually the most powerful tools that you have.

These beautiful hands can shake someone's hand, they can create art, they can create music, they can create businesses, they can change your whole community when you're in your second mind. but when you're in your first mind, these hands can greedily take away from people.

These hands can shut you off from the love of the world. These hands can actually start to block you from all the things that you want and that's why these hands are so powerful because they can allow you to be in your first mind or your second mind. So what I want you to do right now is I want you to take these good old hands right out in front of you and I want you to mentally assign a word to each one of these fingers.

2nd Mind Blessing Quadrant

Your index finger is going to be health. Second finger is going to be wealth. Your ring finger is going to be love. And your pinky is going to be gratitude. Now what I want you to do is start massaging the points on your index finger. This is bringing your attention and your intention to health. Now, the reason we assigned this finger to health is because it's the number one most important thing.

You can't enjoy wealth and you can't enjoy love and you certainly can't enjoy anything else in life without health. It's the basis of everything. When we show up and we treat ourselves well and we have a level of fitness and a level of health and a level of emotional wellbeing, what happens is it opens the doorway to all the other great things in life. So it's the first thing that we need to be aware of and grateful for.

Next, I want you to go to your middle finger and I want you to say, I am deserving of wealth. The reason that this is second is because wealth is a huge medium to all the other great things in life. See, you might have a spiritual mission or a purpose in your life. Now, if you master wealth, you can be a huge contributor to your community or to your church.

If you master wealth, you can send your kids to the right school. You can help out other people and employ other people. Now, wealth isn't just the financial wealth. Wealth is also an abundance of opportunity. It's the ability to have a sincere appreciation for where you're at in your life right now. I want you to go to this second finger and I want you to massage your second finger and say again, I am grateful for wealth.

Next I want you to move over to your ring finger. I want you to say, "I am deserving of love". So you move over to your ring, give it a little bit of a massage. Bring your intention right over there and say, I am deserving of love. Now when we can stop and slow down and have our attention in our intention, focus on love, that's when fantastic things had our way because we're first recognizing it within ourselves. The tendency is often to look out into the world and think the right guy isn't out there, the right woman isn't out there.

Whenever we're looking outward to try to find love, we won't find it. But when we bring our attention to it within ourselves, we activate that part of our brain and we start to see it form in our outside world. So take a moment, bring your attention to love. Maybe you feel your heart warmly starting to open. And as you do that, say to yourself, I am worthy of love.

second mind blessing

Next, move to your pinky finger. Bring your attention to gratitude. And maybe you just feel all the cells in your body starting to light up and feel so fantastic. Now I want you to say, I am so happy and grateful to access my second mind. Say, I am so happy and grateful to access my second mind.

Now this last one encapsulates and brings together all the new and important aspects of your brain that you've started to activate. Your brain has started to remember or bring attention to love, to health, to wealth. Now you round it all off with the most important component of life, gratitude. You can have the health, you could have the money and you could have the love.

But if you're unaware of how blessed you are, you can't even enjoy it anyways. So this is just a quick and easy exercise that immediately brings you back to the present moment. It immediately activates your second mind. It immediately raises your consciousness and your vibration. And the coolest thing is there's thousands of people from all over the world doing this. So every time you do this, you tap into a community of like minds, and you start to get the power behind it.

We call it the second mind blessing for a reason, because there's an actual energy behind it. When you stop and you get your brain focused on that, you start to access the power of myself, my team, and thousands of other people that do this every day. So it becomes almost like a secret that allows you to access more energy and more positivity.

I recommend you do this whenever you get a free second. You might be in the office and you just stop for two minutes right before you get to work or after a lunch break. You do this in the morning, right before you turn your car on, while you're sitting in the driveway waiting for the heater to come on. You might do this right before bed. It's a quick and easy exercise to get your intention and attention into your second mind.

When you do that, fantastic things head your way. Finally, now that we've massaged all the different fingertips, each with their own intention, the final way to seal the blessing and start to bring those powerful forces into your life is to bring all your fingertips together in a prayer-like form. all Finger tips are touching.


second mind blessings

This is just like bringing together the feminine, the masculine, bringing together your past, bringing together the future, the dark, the light, the poor, the rich, bringing it all together as one.

This is an opportunity for us to see that everything is one. You can seal this just by bringing your thumbs together and bringing them to your third eye center. When you do this, you can say, "AHO". This means yes, I agree. Or yes, it is done. Your health, your wealth, your gratitude, your happiness, all the things that you have been desiring and all the things that you would like for your life are already here with you now. AHO.


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