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Manifest What You Want Without Taking Action

In this blog I'm going to talk about how to manifest what you want without taking action! It sounds wild, right!? I'm happy you're here. Let me explain 🙂

Have you ever asked yourself "Can I really manifest without taking action? Can I use the law of attraction to manifest what I want without taking any action?" The answer is yes, you actually can.

I'm going to share with you how you can do that, how I've done that and how thousands of people from all over the world have done that as well using the power of their own minds. It's the most powerful super computer in the entire world and how you can use it, too. If you want to manifest without hard work, read this blog.

Part number one is you have to realize everything is energy in order to do that. I grew up with the idea that the only way to get anything that you want is with hard work alone. I was 19 years old. I dropped out of college. I decided that I was going to do what I'm doing for a living. I was going to start writing books.

I was going to get published with my books and I was going to grow my career from there. It didn't work out that way. A few years into it, my wife was in debt. The reason she was in debt is because I couldn't pay for anything. She picked up more than she could chew and she was also working 50 hours a week.

Things weren't working out. I was up all night working. I worked all day. I wasn't exercising, I wasn't stretching. I wasn't even walking, I wasn't doing anything. I just worked all day. That's all I did. I was jacked up on caffeine and I was burning out my adrenals and I was working all day. One time I pulled an all nighter. I backed out and I hit someone's car.


It was devastating because it was like all the rest of my money to pay for the fender bender. I had literally spent that entire night all the way through the night. I sat in the chair, I worked through the night to finish my book. It was my first book and then I left in the morning to grab a cup of coffee and I crashed into the car because I was out of it.

I just spent the whole night working hard. Why was I working that hard, yet I didn't even have enough money to pay the fender bender? It was because of the subconscious. That's how you manifest effortlessly and easily. I didn't know that at the time and so I began to uncover that everything was energy. I had never heard that before. I grew up thinking "Who am I? I'm this physical body. I live in a physical universe and that's about the best about the end of it."

Money is this object that's very hard to come by and you have to work really hard and even if you work really hard, you probably won't get it because the 1% have cornered the money supply. It's tough luck.

You've got to ingrain this idea in your mind if you want money to start flowing into your life. When I started applying these things, I went from not being able to pay my rent to being a millionaire and it didn't take very long. It actually ended up not being very hard.

Comment down below: Money is energy.

What I started to do was understand that everything was energy - money included. Right I'm on a leather chair right now. This isn't solid. It looks solid. Why does it look solid? Because your physical eyes are used to it being solid, but it's actually not solid. If you look under a powerful enough microscope and you look at the atoms, what you find is 95 to 99% of an atom is empty space.

95% or more of this chair is empty space. 95% more of my body is empty space. It's nonphysical. When you blow a dog whistle, you can't hear it, right? It's sound that's beyond the spectrum of sound that your ears can pick up. There's light that's happening that you can't pick up. What is reality, really? It's a bunch of light photons vibrating.

There's light photons that your eyes are able to pick up within a spectrum of visible light that your eyes can pick up, right? It seems very basic easy and understand, right?

Then there's a light that your eyes can't pick up that's outside of the spectrum of what they can pick up. Every single thing is energy. Money is energy. What are thoughts? Thoughts are energy that vibrate outside of the speed that your eyes or any of your physical senses can pick up.

They vibrate outside of speed that your eyes can pick up. You can see the ramifications of your thoughts. You can't see your thoughts, but you can see the effects of your thoughts in your life. It's as evidenced in your bank account.

What I'm inviting you to do is start to look at money like energy. If money is energy and your thoughts are energy, if your thoughts can be in harmony with the energy of money, you can attract it into your life. You never see somebody who has a lot of money that thinks thoughts of "Oh, I can never have any money. It's really hard to get it." They don't think like that.

It's only people that don't have it. I used to think like in "I don't have it". Then I started thinking a different way and started to have money in my life. The reason I'm saying all this is because whatever ideas you have, enter your subconscious mind. This is why I created a success hypnosis to rewire my subconscious mind.

​It's free to use, and what it'll do is it'll reprogram your belief systems to ones of money, success and prosperity so you can attract it into your life more easily. Whether it's love that you want, whether it's a new job opportunity that you want, you realize that it's all energy. When you understand that it's all energy, you can attract it into your life more easily.

When I programmed my mind that success was hard to come by, or love is hard to come by, my last relationship before I met my wife didn't go well. When that enters your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind controls 95% of your life - according to psychologists. I didn't just make this up. 95% of your life is unconscious. It's a program. It's just like the Matrix. It's the program that controls your life.

Consciously, I worked as hard as I could, but I wasn't getting the results that I wanted because your conscious mind is only responsible for 5% of your life. Your conscious energy is only responsible for 5% of your life. If it's only responsible for 5% of your life, then the question is what controls the other 95% of your life?

Your subconscious programming, your subconscious belief systems, those belief systems control your behaviors. Those behaviors control the outcomes that you get in your life that control the money you do or do not attract, the love you do or do not attract, the people, the circumstances, situations. It's all determined by your subconscious mind.


When you start to look at anything that you want like energy, and you understand your thoughts are energy, you can get your consciousness in harmony with what it is that you want. When your consciousness is in harmony with what it is that you want, then you start to experience those things in your life.

When you believe there's no good guys out there - "Well, there's no good guys out there. My last seven relationships haven't worked out. All guys are just so mean." Those women never have amazing relationships. Not because they don't deserve it, not because it's not possible, because their energy is in a place of lack.

If your energy is in a place of black, your consciousness can only perceive and observe of reality that matches that, so you own the experience "There is no good guys." Fill in the blank for anything else that you want. Whether it's money, success, opportunities, travel, adventure, anything that you want, car house. It doesn't matter what it is.

Your consciousness and the level of your consciousness of the possibility determines the energy that matches into your experience. Whatever it is that you want, start speaking about it in the present tense to start getting your consciousness fixated on it. If you want money, start being appreciative of the little money that you have. Whatever you spent, did you spend 90 cents today? Did you pay your rent, even though you couldn't afford your rent?

Can you be grateful that you ended up coming up with the money to pay for it? Or, if you couldn't pay for it, that your landlord gave you a two week extension and in the past you've always figured out a way to pay for it? Do you have socks on right now? Can you be grateful for them? Have your last relationships not worked out? Can you be grateful for them?


My last relationship didn't work out. My last one was really heartbreaking to me and I had to be grateful for it because I had to realize that it actually wasn't the right relationship and it was causing a lot more stress than it was joy. It was really good that she called it off because it wasn't right and I wasn't as happy as I could have been.

I had to focus my efforts and my energy inward to create more happiness and love for myself. That in turn is what brought me to my wife Ashley. We have been together for many years and it's improved every area of my life, but I couldn't get to that until I first was able to get my consciousness to a higher level of love and happiness within myself.

I didn't have it earlier and that's why my relationship matched that energy level. That relationship matched how I felt about myself and my life. As I shifted, my life shifted. You can manifest without action because 95% of your life doesn't include your conscious efforts anyways.

Some people are like "We have to work really hard." It's just psychology. If 95% of your life is subconscious, that means 95% of your life doesn't involve your own efforts. It doesn't involve your conscious efforts. It involves your habits.

If your habits are set up to attract the things that you want in your life starting with your own mindset and your own energy, you're going to experience the things that you want in life because if your habits are set up to attract it, then you're going to experience it in your life.

What I'm inviting you to do is begin by setting your mind properly for success.

​What it's going to do is start wiring your subconscious for success, for opportunity, for great things to show up in your life. Our world has conditioned you for the opposite. It said "Work really hard and you're probably still not going to be successful, but you have to work really hard. It's really hard to get money. Love is pain. We see 50% of people get divorced. The government is ruining the economy. The rich people are the reason you can't be successful and you're not qualified. You're too old and you're too young

Life is meant to be joyful. I truly believe that, and if you truly believe that life is meant to be joyful and you understand that your subconscious controls your life, you can set your subconscious mind up for the things that you want. It all begins by saying something like this: "What I want comes to me easily. I deserve joy. What I want is coming to me now. Every day, my life gets better and better."

Comment down below: Every day, my life gets better and better.

Every day my business grows. Every day my income grows. Every day I'm meeting more amazing people and going on fantastic dates. Every day I'm having more opportunities to fulfill my dreams. Every day, I'm feeling better about myself. Every moment I'm feeling more energy. Every single day I'm feeling more confident. Every day I'm feeling great things are headed in my direction."

You have to start talking like that, and your subconscious may have been programmed for 25 years in another direction. It may take a little while. That's alright, but start talking like that.

Comment down below: Every day, great things unfold for me.

What I'm inviting you to do is make up your mind that life can be easy. Life can be effortless. Why? Because you're a child of God. You're an individualization of God. You're an individualization of the universe. You're an individualization of the creative force of life, and that energy created you for you to have this experience here on planet earth. It wants you to experience the fullness of life.

It doesn't want you to be in pain forever. It doesn't want you to suffer forever. It wants you to experience life. We've experienced so much pain and suffering collectively and it's programmed deeply into our minds, so we pass it through generations. We pass it to all the young people and it's infiltrated all of our minds.

Now it's time to take conscious control and reprogram our minds by saying "Great things occur for me every day." Every single day, I'm in the energy of what I want already. I close my eyes and imagine what it is I want as if it already exists. I feel the feelings of gratitude that these great things are unfolding.

At every second, I'm doing that. I'm activating new brain cells. As I start to fire new brain cells, they start to wire together. My neuro circuits, my brain synapses, start to wire for great things, for the money I want or the love I want or the freedom I want or the job I want, or the happiness that I crave or the great new friendships.

It's all wiring in my mind. I'm feeling so grateful and joyous that I'm vibrating in harmony with the wealth I desire or the relationship I crave. I can feel my energy raising and attracting the things that I desire into my life. Life is getting easier. Life is getting more effortless. What's happening there?

Your energy's expanding. Your frequency is shifting and as your frequency shifts, you change your point of attraction. As your frequency shifts and your point of attraction changes, you start to pull to you people, circumstances and situations that match that energy.

You're just like a planet. Planet Earth pulls the Moon in its orbit, right? You have a gravitational pull and you pull things of similar energy to your own consciousness into your experience. Have you noticed that the people that believe money's hard to come by or they believe love is pain and there's no good guys left? They experience those things.

You're always manifesting with action. It's just that often it's not the action that you want. Thought energy is action. In fact, it's one of the hardest actions to take in the world, to focus on what it is that you want, as opposed to what you don't want.

Most people spend all their time focusing on the money that's missing in their life, the love that's missing in their life, the opportunities and the health that's missing in their life.

If you haven't yet,

It all starts in your own consciousness. If you can get your consciousness already believing you have what you want by saying "Thank you, universe, that the money is already here. Thank you that I've attracted my soul mate and the job is here. I'm in my brand new car. I'm shaking hands with this real estate agent. I just got my brand new house. Oh my God, this is so great. Thank you God. Thank you universe. Life is beautiful."

I actually do this. Why? Because I understand that this is the way the mind works. If I can start to train my mind for these realities before they happen, my mind's going to think they're real. If my mind thinks they're real, what's going to happen? My mind's going to create them subconsciously without my conscious effort.

Essentially, I'm creating things without effort. I'm pulling the people I can help in my life, the people I can help in business, the people that I want to experience more deeper connection with. I'm pulling the circumstances, situations that most match my inner consciousness. I'm sitting in my visualization imagining these great things unfolding and I feel so much gratitude. They feel real.

I'm having a physiological reaction to them as if they've already occurred. When that happens, you're firing new nerve cells. When you fire new nerve cells, they wire together. You build new neuro networks. You build new synaptic connections. As that happens, your brain gets conditioned to realities that may not exist yet. Once your brain starts to think they're real, they become real. It takes very little effort because it's an unconscious mechanism. It's an unconscious machine.


It's an unconscious system program for the money you want, for the love you want, for the job you want, for the life that you want. It's set in your mind. Your mind is controlling 95% of your life. Your brain starts to think its real. That's programmed your nervous system, your entire physiology and the trillions of cells in your body are all vibrating in harmony with what you want as if it's already happened.

Then it starts coming to you and things start showing up in your life. The first time that I started doing this, I was struggling to get my career going. My wife now was in debt. I started doing this. I started expressing my gratitude that my career had taken off even though it hadn't yet, and I got my first $10,000 speaking gig out of absolutely nowhere from a woman that couldn't sleep in the middle of the night.

She turned her radio on because she couldn't sleep. She heard my name. She wrote my name down at like 2:00 AM in the morning while I was on a radio show. The next morning, she reached out and I got a $10,000 speaking gig. I hadn't even made $10,000 a year before and I got a $10,000 speaking gig for somebody who couldn't sleep in the middle of the night. Their subconscious woke them up, they hit the radio to hear some noise. They heard my voice, they wrote my name down. The rest is history. That involved no effort on my part.

It involved me just setting my mind towards the abundance and success that I desire, as if I already had it. When you do that, you achieve what you want. Do not let other people's minds interfere with your own consciousness.

When somebody tells you that your dreams are possible, just say this: "Thank you, but that's not part of my belief system." When someone says no, you say next. You don't need to convince anyone. You don't need to explain yourself. Don't allow other people's crap to get into your mind.

Comment down below: Thank you, but that's not part of my belief system.

When you have a computer and your computer doesn't have any viruses, but your friends does, you don't be like "Hey dude, let's plug our computers in together and let me download all your viruses."

That would mess up your operating system, right? Similarly, your mind is your most powerful operating system. It's your operating system for the money you want, the love you want, the joy you want, happiness, success, etc. It's your most powerful operating system. Don't download other people's viruses. They're viruses that are blocking the money they want, the love they want, the job they want, the relationships they want, blocking them from being happier. It's making them incredibly pessimistic and it's causing an incredible amount of anxiety.

Don't allow their operating system to take over yours. Set your mind up.

"I just can't allow those things to enter my mind because my mind is my sacred territory and I've set my mind up for success and great things occur in my life every single day. I believe that and I'm thankful to the universe that awesome things are coming today. I'm in a great flow and I understand where you're coming from, but I can't allow that into my mind and I hope you'll understand that. I say that with all love to you. It's just not part of my belief system."

Don't allow them in. When you do that, you wake up every single morning and you force a smile on your face. The word optimism means you're consciously focusing on the best. You're consciously focusing on possibilities.

I never could have imagined that in 18 months this YouTube channel would have over 400,000 subscribers. You can't imagine the things that life has in store for you, but you've got to get your mind focused on what you want. When you get your mind focused on what you want, and you can thank the universe as if you already had it, things show up without you consciously working at them.

Everything is energy and when your consciousness matches the energy of what you want, then things come to you. You realize you're more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

If you haven't yet, make sure you

Listen to that every morning and every night to reprogram your subconscious for the success as if it's already happened

Comment down below: What I want comes to me now.

Keep saying that to yourself. Get an anticipation of the great things that are about to occur. This is you taking conscious control over your mind. When you take conscious control over your mind, great things start to occur.

Great things are headed your way and I'm excited to hear about them. When great things start to happen, come back and share them on here. If you have an amazing success story, email it to us, and share your success story with us.

Have an amazing day. Thank you for reading this and I'll talk to you soon.


Miracles are normal


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