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Easily Manifest Money Using The Law of Attraction

Do you want to easily manifest money using the law of attraction? Of course you do! lol we all do don't we? Stick with me until the end, apply what the discovery, and get off to the races! let's dive right in. 

Easily manifesting money using the law of attraction, easy and money in the same sentence. Sounds like a big hoax. That's what I used to think. I worked as hard as I possibly could. In fact, I was working so hard at one time that I worked through the night and then I crashed into someone's car while I was backing up because I was so sleep deprived. I couldn't pay attention, yet I didn't have any money then.

I learned what I'm about to share with you and it totally changed my life. What would happen to you if you could double or triple your income? Imagine what you could do if it didn't matter how much money was in your account because you knew you had enough for the things that you wanted.

Easily manifest money using the law of attraction. Number one, you have to decide that money is good. You have to decide that it's good. You might be like "Jake, that seems silly. It seems so simple." I was starting off on my career and I was trying to get my books published and I had dropped out of school. I was trying to get everything going. I would say some phrases. Maybe they ring a bell to you. "Money isn't that important. At least I'm happy."

I used to say that to myself constantly, but when I look back in hindsight, I actually would tell it to myself because I didn't have any money, and it made me feel better about the fact that I didn't have any.

I had decided in that time that it was bad. I used to see someone in a nice car and I'd be like "Why don't they give their money to charity?" I used to think that money was the thing that destroyed our world.



Money has not destroyed our world.If anything has destroyed our world, it's our consciousness that has a fixation on material objects trying to fill a void within ourselves. It's not money, yet that's what I believed.

Every idea that you have is sending an impression to your subconscious mind. According to psychologists, your subconscious mind controls 95% of your life. If subconsciously I believe that I'll be a bad person if I have money, that if I like what I do, I should just do it for free. If I say "At least I'm happy. Money's just not that important. Money is the root of all evil. Money just complicates things. Money is hard to make."

If I say those types of things, what I'm really saying to my subconscious mind is "I do not want money." The subconscious receives that and it blocks you from attracting it into your life.

Psychologists say 95% of your life's controlled subconsciously, unconsciously. I realized that I had an unconscious belief system that was blocking me for making money, even though consciously I wanted it, I wanted the freedom that it implied. I wanted to be able to actually pay my bills first of all.

Consciously, I worked as hard as I possibly could, but subconsciously I was blocking it. You have to make the decision that it's good. Just think about how much good it can do. Think about all the good. I have a home that I really love. It's a cool, nice home and a nice area in Maui. I have a sports car, I have a truck and my wife has a car.

We're able to buy the things that we want. Yeah, cool. Whatever. Those are just material things. The things that are really invaluable about money is buying yourself freedom. I could bring my dad out to Maui, I could surprise my mom with a first class flight out to Maui. Those are the things that are valuable. Being able to provide for or do awesome things for the people that I love.

I had to make the decision that money was good. If you think about it that way, it is good. All it is is an energy system that allows you to buy yourself freedom and other people freedom. That's all it is. Make the decision that it's your right to be rich.

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Just think about it like that. If money is energy and it's an energy system that allows you to experience more life and more freedom, not only for yourself but for everyone else, then it's your right to have it because you are an individualization of God. You're God's highest creation and you're here on planet earth for this experience as a soul in a physical body. You deserve to experience the fullness of life and money helps you do that.

Therefore, it's your right to have it. In order to start to change my belief systems around that, I started to create a success hypnosis for myself. I started reprogramming my subconscious because I noticed that all of these negative ideas about money, subconsciously.

Those negative ideas were blocking me from bringing it into my life. I studied hypnosis and then I created a success hypnosis that was designed to rewire my mind to attract success into my life.

It was the coolest thing ever because I was reading a book, it was called money magnetism. In that book, the author talked about that money was an energy system and that you should have this energy system for the things that you want to experience in life.

I was like "That's interesting", because my whole time trying to build my career over the last few years, I told myself "Money isn't important. At least I'm happy. Money is going to make me greedy. I shouldn't want it."

Then I realized that those things aren't even true. Then I was like "I need to suggest new subconscious belief systems because all I have is a negative belief systems around money. I need to re-frame those."

You never meet a person with a lot of money that is full of negative belief systems around money. It just doesn't happen. You wouldn't meet someone with a Porsche as their car who's full of negative belief systems about Porsche's. It just wouldn't happen. They wouldn't have it. They have a belief system that matches their outer reality.

My belief system matched my outer reality, which was "Money is bad, money is wrong. I shouldn't want it. It's hard to get it." I didn't have any of it.

If you haven't yet,

I made this for myself and some amazing things started happening. I started getting speaking gigs. I got my first paid $10,000 speaking gig out of pretty much nowhere. A woman was asleep in the middle of the night. She couldn't sleep. She turned her radio on because she wanted to hear noise while she was sleeping to put her back to bed and she heard me on the radio. I was on a nighttime radio show, coast to coast am with George, Noory at 2:00 AM and she heard my voice.

She was like "Who the heck is that person?" She wrote my name down and contacted me. The next day, I got my first $10,000 speaking gig like that out of someone who couldn't sleep at night, so they turned their radio on. Think about that.

What happened? What was different? I had started to say "It is my right to have the money, to experience freedom in life." I decided in that moment that it was good, not bad. As a result of that, things immediately shifted.

That's why I titled this blog Easily Manifest Money Using The Law Of Attraction. I didn't say Very Hard Manifest Money Using The Law Of Attraction because what people don't understand is you can learn any trade or any new hot trend as a way to make money, but if you don't have the proper subconscious belief system, you can't attract it.

This is just plain, hard psychology. 95% of your life is subconscious, so unless you rewire the subconscious, you can't change anything.

It's free and it'll do that for you. Begin today to start saying things like "It is my right to be rich. God's wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance. I've decided in this moment that money is good and I will have money. Money flows into my life quickly and easily."

If you want to be somebody who has it, you have to decide to adopt this type of mindset.

Comment down below your favorite money affirmation.

Number two, decide how much of it you want. What often happens is people don't set goals because they don't think they can achieve them. If you set a goal and you don't think you can achieve it, then you're setting yourself up for disappointment by setting it in the first place, it will make you look stupid. You might not get it. It'll be a big disappointment.

Then people talk themselves out of setting it. I don't know what it is, but when you set a goal, you often achieve it. Your subconscious mind receives commands and when you send a command to your subconscious mind or an intention, what happens is it enters the most powerful part of your psychology and your subconscious goes about to create that thing for you. You start to fire and wire new nerve cells and new neural connections that are based off of your goal, rather than your old reality.

My old reality was "Things don't work out for me. I'm too young. I don't have the education. Money is the root of all evil. At least I'm happy." My brain was wired to produce that reality. Then started reprogramming it and my brain started getting produced to a new reality. The way that you do that is by setting a clear goal. You set a goal and then you basically hit that number. It's this weird thing, it's just how it works.

What I invite you to do is set a financial goal for yourself. Set a 30 day financial goal for yourself, and then set your annual goal for yourself. Write it on a piece of paper. Most people aren't going to do that. They're going to read this and they will not write it on a piece of paper. Literally go ahead and write it on a piece of paper and then you can start carrying it with you.


What I did when I wanted to change my life is I wrote my financial goal on a piece of paper and on a three by five card. I started carrying it with me everywhere that I went. I'd stick my hand in my pocket and I'd feel a piece of paper.

Then the mind goes "Well, what is that? It's my index card." Then I repeat my affirmation "I'm so happy and grateful. I'm making so and so a month." Whatever it says on that piece of paper. Every time you do that, you activate new nerve cells.

There's a term in neuro science called Hebb's Law. It says that brain cells that fire, wire together. When you fire the same nerve cells over and over again, you build new neuro connections. Your brain starts wiring to a certain reality.

Every time I'm doing that, I'm activating those brain cells over and over and over again. When it's in your pocket and you're on a walk and you stick your hand in, you forgot that you put it in there six hours ago and it reminds you - you start to activate those neuro connections over and over and over again.

In order to form new neural connections, you have to keep activating them. When you do that, eventually what takes places is your brain thinks the reality already exists. Then it goes about to create that reality for you.

Pull out a piece of paper and write your goal in the present tense. "I am grateful. I am making so and so a month. I am grateful I am making this much money a month. I am thankful I am making this much money a month."

Why in the present tense? Because your subconscious mind only receives information in the present tense. It doesn't matter whether something's true or not. The repetition of something in the present tense is what makes your subconscious believe something's real.


It is not true that "Well, money's not that important. I'm too young to make it. I'm too old to make it." It's not true, but I had told myself it so many times in the present tense, my subconscious believed that was my reality.

I went about to create this reality for me that was limiting and untrue, but I told myself it in the present tense so much that my subconscious was programmed for it and my subconscious controls 95% of my life, so it created this reality for me.

Your subconscious is literally a record player that you get to write the music to. You get to actually write the software to the computer that will ultimately produce your life. The question is, what code are you writing? What is your goal? What is your intention? Do you even have a financial goal?

If you don't, this is the time to set it. You end this blog, you put your piece of paper down and you write it out on a three by five card and start carrying it with you everywhere. You know, a lot of times people write down goals and they get jacked up on inspiration and motivation. They write their goals down and a week later they forget what the goal was.

"I'm going to make $3,000 a month. I'm going to make $2.7 million. I'm going to make $5 million. I'm going to make $42,000." Whatever their goal is, they get all motivated after reading a blog like this. Three weeks later, they forgot what that financial goal even was. They couldn't even recall what number their goal was.

You have to constantly remind yourself a bit. Just like you have to constantly remind a dog. My brother just got a puppy. You have to say the puppy's name a lot until it starts to identify that linguistic tone with itself because that's all this is.


This is just all linguistic tonalities, but we identify with them. I was told that I was Jake so many times that now I personally identified with that tonality and that's my name. You have to personally identify with your goal enough for it to enter your self image, subconscious and ultimately become your reality.

Last but not least, treat money with respect. I realized I didn't treat it with respect. Why did I not treat money with respect? Because I was operating with subconscious belief systems that is not very important. If you operate with a belief system that someone in your life isn't very important, how do you treat them?

Not as well as you treat someone that you think is very important. Have you ever been in a relationship before? Perhaps it was recently or perhaps when you were in high school and it was just a relationship that you kind of got into because that's like the cool thing to do when you're in high school but you never really liked the person anyways so you never really treated them that great.

Maybe you didn't even treat them bad, but you just didn't really give it much attention. How long did that relationship last and was it beneficial? No, it wasn't beneficial and it didn't last very long. Why? Because your energy around the relationship, your consciousness around the relationship was "This thing isn't very important."

You didn't truly respect it. Flash forward to the relationship I have with my wife, I really respect her. It's a very important relationship to me. Therefore, it's a relationship that's constantly growing and giving to me and me giving to it or her in this instance. ​


Money is an energy system. Everything is just energy. When you start to treat energy systems with respect, you're sending a subconscious impression that this thing is something that you value.

Subconsciously when you value something, then you bring more of it into your life. If you do not value something, then you don't. This is also evolution. There's so much energy happening all the time that your brain and your subconscious is deciding without you consciously being aware.

What is worth your energy? There's only so much energy that you can process. There's only so much information of reality you can process at any given second. Based off of your value system towards things, your subconscious decides what to draw into your experience and what to exit out of your experience as a way to preserve the energy systems of the brain.

In life, what most people do is they don't realize this, so they block the money that they want because they don't have it. When I see money anywhere, if it's a dollar, I pick it up. It's a symbol of prosperity.

I live in America. What can you really do with $1? Not that much, but it's a symbol of prosperity to me. I treat it well. I never did that. I never treated money well. I never would look at what I was spending things on. I didn't care. I was just like "Well, I don't have any so it doesn't really matter anyways." I never would care about it.

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I care about my hair. I wash it. I have really good shampoo. It's really expensive shampoo and really expensive conditioner. I have really expensive leave in conditioner. I comb it every day. Why do I do that? Because I care about my hair.

If I didn't care about my hair would look like really bad and I'd probably cut it off by now because it would get so incredibly knotted and so dried out that it wouldn't be worth having.

The things that you value tend to appreciate in your life. The things that you appreciate, tend to appreciate.

How long do things stay in your life that you don't value? Not very long. How long do things stay in your life that you don't respect? Not very long. How long do people stay in your life that you don't value? Not very long.

Start to treat money just like any other relationship. Talk about it. I love money because it comes to me when I call. Thank you for the money that I had. Instead of being like "Well, there's not much to be thankful for. I don't have any money. It's easier for you to say."

Comment down below: I love money because it comes to me when I call.

What did you buy today? Maybe it was only $7 of gas. Maybe it was a $1 green tea. What did you buy today? Can you be grateful for that and start practicing being grateful for those things?

That's what's going to allow you to have a deeper appreciation of why money is important and that's going to start sending a new subconscious message that's going to say "Hey, this thing's important. Let's cultivate more money in our life."

If you haven't yet, make sure that you

What it's going to do is start retraining your subconscious mind to the reality of success, the reality of abundance, the reality of financial prosperity, financial freedom. That money comes to you easily. Everyone has this idea that it's like so incredibly difficult. That's because most people don't have it.

If you believe that collective belief system, it's going to be very difficult to have it.

It's totally free. Over 300,000 people from all over the world have now used it, which is crazy because I was studying this stuff and I made it for myself and it worked miracles in my life so I started sharing it with people. People are creating financial miracles for themselves so I put it up online for free.

Go ahead right now and download that. Start to use that everyday and every night to rewire your subconscious and then watch the magic that unfolds in your life. When you have an amazing success with it, come back and send me an email or send an email to my team.

It's jd@jakeducey.com. Send an email and let us know. Share it down below.

Comment down below: I love money because it comes to me when I call.

I remember hearing Bob Proctor say "You can turn your annual income into your monthly income." At the time, I thought he was a salesperson and I decided to suspend my disbelief long enough to apply the things that I'm sharing with you in this blog.

I didn't invent these things. I learned them from other people and I applied them, and then my life changed. What I'm inviting you to do is suspend your disbelief long enough. Just read this blog again.

You're good enough. You're smart enough. There are great things in store for you. You deserve prosperity. You can attract it into your life, but you have to set your subconscious mind up for success.

Use that to retrain your subconscious mind.

Keep saying that to yourself hundreds of times today. Just do an experiment and see what happens if you say that to yourself 500 times over the next 24 hours. What would happen if you started doing that every single day?

I'm telling you, you'd start to send a new impression to your subconscious. It controls 95% of your life. If your subconscious believed money was easy to come by, you would see more of it in your life and great things can start unfolding for you. You're smarter than you think. Your GPA in high school doesn't matter anymore. None of these things matter you. You are a individualization of God. Great things are in store.

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When you make a decision, when you set a goal, when you write it down on an index card, the powerful forces of the universe start to work on your behalf and great things can unfold for you.

Thank you for reading this blog and have a wonderful day.


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