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How To Speak To The Universe To Manifest Anything

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Mar 18

Manifest anything that you want faster by discovering how to speak to the universe and the force that is conspiring for you. You can actually speak with and communicate with the universe because if you get this, what's going to happen is you're going to be able to say, I want this thing. I want this to show up and the universe is going to respond almost instantaneously.

             SPEAK TO THE UNIVERSE to 
             Manifest ANYTHING You Want 

We talk a lot about how to act as if or how to match the frequency of what you want or manifestation techniques. The whole goal of manifesting and using the law of attraction efficiently or quickly for you to get what you want, whether it's money, love, happiness, or anything in between, is for your vibration to get to a very powerful level. You start pulling things to you because you're like a planet, and you pull things into your orbit so when you are sitting there and saying, "Thank you Universe, thank you. Life is amazing."

You're connecting on a fast track to God, to the universe, to the creative force of the universe.

It eliminates your ego. Ego is Edging God Out. 

When you are, when you edge God out, you are no longer connected to the creative force of the universe. Wayne Dyer would call it edging God out, and it's that part of ourselves that all of a sudden goes, I don't know if I could get what I want because it's attached to your physical body. You think you're separate from God. You think you're separate from the universe. You think you're separate from what you want, and it's the part of us that is the biggest way that we block ur manifestations, our goals, dreams and desire.

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speak to the universe

Shift your focus to God and to the universe and connect to it because what the universe and what God really is is a field of energy. It's divine intelligence, and when you're aware of it, it becomes aware of you and when you are aware of it and it becomes aware of you, what happens is no more limitations in your life matter. They all fall away. 

All of them are gone, and then you get this powerful surge of energy were things start showing up. People call them synchronicities or coincidence and what's really happening is you no longer have any resistance to your connection to God, to your divine, true nature and your divine true nature is your meant to have what you want. 

You are meant to attract what you want. 

You're meant to have abundance, love, happiness, health, great things happening out of absolutely nowhere, fantastic surprises. It's just that we offer resistance to those realities so we can't experience them on a regular basis, quicker and faster in our life, and this is the time. 

Your resistance is going to drop today. You're going to notice something fantastic coming with this mantra. Comment it down below. Thank you God. Thank you universe for this beautiful life. Today. You're going to notice something fantastic. Say it with me right now, today, something fantastic is heading my way. I am so grateful today. Great things are coming my way. I am so grateful today. I'm so grateful. To the universe for this beautiful life, my life is changing the clouds, the troubles in my life or falling away. They're making way to new opportunities and for this I'm so grateful. I'm thankful to God and thankful for the universe, for where I am right now in this beautiful, beautiful life.

I'm thankful that there's infinite abundance. I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to succeed. I'm attracting the perfect people, circumstances and situations into my life. I'm an individualization of God energy. I'm a divine being and I am worthy of all that I desire. The universe says, "yes, you got it. I'm sending that to you. I've been waiting for you to say that for so long, but we live in a world of free will so I can impede on your freewill and I've been waiting for you to talk to me like that so that I can show you what this life is really about and show you the magic and abundance and potential that's within you and the abundance and magic that's available in this universe today."

Great things are headed your way. 

If you haven't yet, make sure that you download my free success hypnosis. It's right there down below. It's going to eliminate any resistant thoughts that you have. It's free. It will change your entire life. It changed my life and the lives of over a quarter million people from all over the world have used it. Every day we get a miraculous story of someone whose life changed from using it.

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speak to the universe

If you haven't yet, use our software, The Second Mind. It's a free demo and as a software design, using the latest advances in neuroscience to rewire your brain because your brain is a living record of your past, like an artifact of your past, and if you can get your brain conditioned to a new reality, your life changes.

I call that the second mind. That's the brain that's in alignment with the universe. God, it's easy for you to attract what you want. All of these fantastic things come your way. It's all in rewiring your brain and the software is called the second mind neuro program or second mind neuroprogrammer, and you can demo it for free.

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The technology designed to wire your brain for what you want!!!

Thank you God. Thank you universe for this beautiful life and then look around for things you're thankful for it. Look around for things you're grateful for. Look around for things that are fantastic, awesome, magical, beautiful. And then what's going to happen is universe is going to say, thank you for noticing my creation. Thank you for noticing my divine intelligence. I'm going to reward you 10 fold because the cup runneth over and something great is headed your way today.

Affirm that right now. 

I'm so grateful. Something great is headed my way today. 


Miracles are normal


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