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Have You Been Seeing Repeating Numbers

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Mar 19

If you're seeing repeating numbers, you're in the perfect spot to understand what they mean. if you've been working on creating something in your life and it hasn't shown up yet, this is for you. Here's why you're seeing all of these signs and what the universe is trying to tell you. Let's dive right in.

Maybe you're working really hard and just maybe you're not making the progress that you want. Along with this you're seeing repeating numbers. It's likely that it's a reminder from your higher self that everything is two things. What you want or the absence of what you want. Everything is two things.

This is imperative. This is important when you are not getting what you want because when you're not getting what you want, you have the tendency to start habitually telling that story to yourself. It's not here yet. It's not working. It's not manifesting. When will it come if it works?

That keeps us in the consciousness of lack and everything is two things. What you want or the absence of what you want. We know long by now that life is ultimately the result of consciousness. And it's ultimately the result of perception. You create your reality based off of your own consciousness and your own perception. That's how the energy world rearranges itself into what you see and experience as your physical reality. But it's a result of consciousness and perception.

repeating numbers

So you create your reality. But everything is two things. You can be in the presence, the consciousness, the reality of what you want. Or you can constantly be looking out for the absence of it. When what you want hasn't happened yet, it's easy to fall victim to what your eyes are showing you. It's easy to keep on saying, "man this isn't working."

But what your eyes are telling you is just a mirror of your old story. In the Bible it says to those that have more will be given and to those that don't have even the things that they have are going to be taken away. What is that saying? It's saying that if you are in the energy of possibility versus the old story of lack, that's what's going to determine what manifests itself in your life. When you're seeing the repeating signs, your higher self is really nudging you and encouraging, "don't forget".

I know it's a little disappointing. It hasn't happened yet. I get it. But you gotta get your head back out of the gutter. You've got to stop looking out in the world. It's reminding you that lack of evidence is not evidence of lack. It's my favorite quote. Just because there's a lack of evidence based off of the story that your senses are telling you, it doesn't mean it's real evidence of lack because everything is energy and you only see a small bandwidth of energy called visible light.

repeating numbers

Science tells us that energy is never created or destroyed. Energy is everything including my body, including this chair, including the car you want, the house, the money, the relationship, the health, whatever it is...it's energy too and is never created or destroyed. It's just manifesting itself. It's just transferring into different States, into different frequencies, and different vibrations based off of the consciousness that we are projecting as our experience and as our reality.

Now what that means is what you want already exists. It's just waiting for you to start to realize it in consciousness. It's for you to start to possess it first in consciousness. To live from it rather than moving towards it. And those repeating numbers are reminding you to go back to your I am statement. In the scripture It doesn't say, and the word of God is "I will be". I might be one day. That's not it. It's "I am". Because consciousness is never in the past or future. It's omnipresent and it's always. It's always creating and it can only create now. So drop the story of I'm not getting the evidence. Remember, lack of evidence is not evidence of lack. Remind yourself, everything is energy. All the energy that ever was and ever will be is 100% evenly present right here and now.

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What you want is already in existence and it's time for you to start speaking it into life. It's time for you to start speaking it into existence. So every time you see those repeating numbers, remind yourself, I'm so grateful that large sums of money have come into my life. I got that amazing job. Or say, I am so grateful that universal energy is restoring my health. I feel invigorated and inspired. Or say, I am so grateful that peace vibrates through my energy. I feel so grateful i'm alive. I'm attracting amazing people in my life. Use your I am statement to start to make a real declaration of the consciousness you are choosing to embody.


Miracles are normal.


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