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Is Your Manifestation Coming or not!?

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Mar 17

What you want might be closer than you think. Is your manifestation coming? Here's how to know it is on it's way! 

The first part to know whether your manifestation is coming is that you're no longer wondering whether or not it's coming. You've stepped out of time entirely. What happens to most people is they're constantly wondering if they're about to meet good luck. If their hard work is going to finally pay and they're going to attract their soulmate.

If they're finally going to get the right job, if the money's going to come, they're always wondering about it and when you're always wondering about it, you're stuck in time. When you're stuck in time you're projecting what you want into the future. "I hope that it comes, maybe it will come. Is it going to come?"

This is all being in the mind. And the mind lives off of time, past, present, and future. It's always wondering, am I doing it right now so that I can get what I want later? which is really offering off the signal of not having what you want.

is your manifestation coming


In order to get what you want, you have to possess it in consciousness first because we live in a holographic universe. Hologram meaning that this place is an actual mirror that's reflecting back to you, your current level of consciousness. What happens with a lot of people is they get it. They get attached to time. All possibilities already exists right now.

We live in a world of infinite parallel realities where all the possibilities already exist in this moment. What determines what we experience is our consciousness of it.

That's why sometimes people manifest things instantly. Why? Because they had an instant shirt in consciousness so what they wanted, showed up immediately. There was no longer a vibration of resistance being offered. So when you drop the idea that what you want will come in the future and you recognize that the way to get something exterior is by first possessing it in consciousness, then the goal becomes, can I give thanks for a future that has not been made manifest yet?

Can I give thanks for a desire or a reality that has not been made manifest yet? It hasn't been made manifest here according to the world of the physical senses, but it does exist in the quantum field. That does exist in the higher energies of the universe. And can I give thanks for it? Can I feel the reality of that before I see it with my eyes?

is your manifestation coming

And when I can do that, I've eliminated time. I have brought my future desire into the present moment in my consciousness. And that's when you know you're going to get it sometime very soon. So comment down below. What I want is on the way.

Part number two is you no longer find yourself saying, "I hope. I wish. If, then" if it happens, then I'll do this. I really wish this will happen. I'm really hoping that this will work out. Again, this is projecting what you want into the future and it's implying in in immediate, in an instantaneous consciousness of lack. In the Bible it says to those that have more will be given and to those that do not have even that which they have will be taken away.

If somebody is teaching you how to swim, do you hope that they know how to swim? I hope not.

You want to know that they know how to swim. You don't wish. You want to actually know for certain they can swim. The big difference between thinking you know how to swim is you understand the concept of it and actually knowing how to swim. There is a big difference between hoping you get what you want and knowing that it is on the way because you're assured you're a divine being and that all possibilities exist in the quantum field.

if it's not in physical form yet it is certainly in spirit. Your consciousness based off of the words you're using are either pushing it further away or bringing it closer to you so you replace "I hope" and "I wish", with "I AM".

if it's money you want, instead of "I hope I can make more money" or "I wish I had a better opportunity" turn it into "I am so happy and grateful than I am making more money now!! My life is so abundant and it feels so good!" You start speaking like that. And what begins to occur is the subconscious response to that. And immediately you start attracting new people, new circumstances and new situations that match this new consciousness you using. IAM is you expressing your consciousness in action. So comment down below, I am a divine being.

Number 3, Last but not least, you know your manifestation is coming if you're no longer needing it to come. Why? Because your vibration has become so pure, so strong. It's resonating with so much power, with so much abundance, with so much purity that you don't need something exterior. So it's the inverse. What happens is your vibration is here and you want this thing over here. All of a sudden your energy starts to raise and now you no longer need it as your energy raises.

is your manifestation coming

Then you start to pull those things back to you and they start to come to you with very little effort. So when you move from needing and hoping and wishing to, allowing, surrendering and living from this place of abundance, and so this place of freedom or this place of excitement about the things that are coming in your life, what happens is all of a sudden you become, in essence the law of attraction in and of itself.

You become a universal magnet. You start pulling things back to you that match it. All of this comes from one basic idea and that's it. The kingdom of heaven is already within you. Why would you need that one date? That one job? If the kingdom of heaven is within. Because if the kingdom of heaven is within, then the perfect job or the perfect date or the perfect situation will come to you at the perfect time.

And when you start to live from there, you realize, man, I don't need anything to make me happy. I don't need a really nice big house. I don't need a really nice fast car. I don't need a perfect job that gets me a bunch of accolades. I don't need this thing. I don't need that thing. And when that occurs, your vibration starts to raise because it's no longer being held down by an attachment to things outside of yourself for validation or for happiness or thinking that something outside of you can give you freedom.

And when that occurs, all of those things, the nice house and nice car, whatever the things that you want, the nice job, those things come to you and you can enjoy them. But you recognize that they're actually a reflection off of the divine essence of who you are and your true spiritual identity, your true spiritual DNA, which is totally divine. It has freedom within it. It's all powerul and all knowing.

It's totally divine and worthy. And the outside things become a reflection of your inner awareness, your inner conscious, your own self realization, your own self realization of yourself as a divine being then mirrors back to you. A world that matches that. A lot of money in your bank account for the freedom you want to do, the things that you want, a great relationship that's very healthy because it's matching your core vibration.

So when you move from needing to realizing your own divinity, what happens is the outside world matches it and you attract the things that you want with a lot less effort, straining, tension and struggle.


​Miracles are normal


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