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How To Get Rich In 2019 and 5 Signs Money Is Coming Your Way Now

So you're curious how you're supposed to get rich in 2019, huh? Well you're in the right place. Time and time again without fail, results follow when you apply what you discover here today. Let's dive in! 

Five signs that money is coming your way. Here's five signs that you're going to get rich in 2019 and beyond. Now, I can tell you these with absolute certainty because not too long ago I met an individual that became my mentor and his name is Bob proctor. He gave me five takeaways, five signs that money was going to come into my life.

I want to share these with you because without fail, if you see these signs, you are going to see your bank account grow quickly.

Get Rich In 2019 # 1

You are focused on the process of adding value and you have forgotten about money.

Yes. You heard that, right? And this is a total paradox, but let me tell you, I thought about money every single day when I didn't have it. I think about money less than I ever have ever thought about it.

Now that I'm financially independent. Bob proctor told me, "look, the irony is that you actually think about money all the time when you don't have it and when you have money, you hardly ever think about it because it becomes obsolete. In essence, your attention gets focused elsewhere."

Now, when I was starting to build my career, I was always focused on, it's not working. It's not working. It's not working. What can I do to get more? And I was missing the whole point. So money is a value you receive for services rendered.

In essence, money is a symbol of a value you are providing to the world. Everything is energy. Science tells us this. This is not new age. Albert Einstein told us this with E=MC squared. It said energy is one in the same with matter.

get rich in 2019

Money is energy too. And you're showing up to a certain energy to the marketplace. And quite often how most people show up to the marketplace is only for themselves. The market gives you money for value that it wants. Money is just a medium. Paper is just a medium of exchange that allows me to take what I value and trade it for something that you value.

So let's say for instance that you really valued and wanted your dream house. And I really wanted help with my hair. My hair is too long and you had a hair salon.

And so I valued my hair being cut well. What would I do? I would want your value. So I would give you paper for it and then you could trade that paper as you accumulated a lot of it for your dream house. So all money is, is a convenient medium of exchange that measures the value that you give.

What happened when he said this was I was like, Duh, I'm focused on all the wrong things. I'm not providing very much value and at the time I was just coming off my third book being published, I was writing physical books and nobody's reading books. I wish they were, but they're not. And so it's not very valuable.

Even though I think these books are really good, they're not valuable because they're not reaching everyone or anyone really.

Because value is measured in two things, how good something is and how many people you can help with it.

Most of the time we focus only on the, on the first part, how good something is and that is what I was focusing on trying to make my books the best that I could

get rich in 2019

I was becoming a perfectionist with them, but they weren't reaching anyone. So instead I said, okay, where do people want content?

First of all, they want it on Youtube, right? And second, they want it digitally. So I started making digital courses, teaching these principles of mindset and living a fulfilling life. Same thing I was doing in books, but in digital because people wanted it there.

All of a sudden, tens of thousands of people from all over the world are writing emails. Oh my gosh, this is changing my life and what's happening slowly, my income is going to change in proportion to what me reaching more people.

So the question to ask yourself is how can I become more valuable? How can my skills, my talents, my passions or my dreams reach more people? And when you forget about the money and you focus on that, the money will come.

get rich in 2019

I was just talking to someone just today that wanted to build their youtube channel and they're like oh, my subscribers are this and is this growing fast enough and is this good?

 And I said, you're focused on the wrong metrics altogether.

What you need to do is focus on how can you create good enough content consistently enough where you can reach 1 million people a month. If you do that and you focus on becoming great on camera and publishing every day instead of a couple times a week, you're going to help more people and slowly but surely your channel grow and the income will grow.

Focus on value you're providing and the money will follow you because money is just a symbol of value that you're providing to the world.

Get Rich In 2019 #2

you are brainwashing yourself for prosperity.

Every single day I brainwashed myself from prosperity. Why do I do that? Because if you don't brainwash yourself, the collective consciousness will brainwash you. It's sad to say, but the collective consciousness is not getting along very well financially.

Nine out of 10 people die with less than $10,000 and virtually no financial assets. Approximately 75% of people are living from paycheck to paycheck and on average, we're tens of thousands of dollars in debt per individual or per capita.

So that collective consciousness is infiltrating us and the collective consciousness says, be happy with you with what you have. Money's not that important. At least you're happy. Money's the root of all evil. Oh, don't be greedy. Money ruins the world. I don't know if you're smart enough to get it done. If you want to get rich in 2019 you have to brainwash yourself for new ideas, ideas like it is my right to be rich.

get rich in 2019

Matter of fact, comment that down below - it is my right to be rich.

Drill that in your head. It is my right to be rich. Neuroscience has shown us something called Hebbs law. Now, Hebbs law says that nerve cells that fire together wire together. So when I have an emotion, for instance, fear of not paying my bills or fear of God, not loving me. If I got rich or excitement about money on my way, no matter if it was a positive or negative emotion, I would be firing nerve cells in my brain.

So I created a software to rewire your brain, for you. It's called the second mind in the prosperity version is right there, down below. It's totally free to demo. 

I made this for myself many years ago because I was like, I'm young and I hadn't McCall chop out and I'm not smart enough and you had to be really good with numbers and I will and I didn't think I could do it. So I created a software to reprogram my mind for me and amazing things started, habit change.

My income started taking off. My impact started taking off with it, so it's right there, down below it's free to demo. It's the second Down below.

Get Rich In 2019 #3 

You are carrying around with you a little note. 

maybe it's an index card. I use index cards that says your goal on it. See the reason for this is just like we talked about in hebbs law before, every time you stick your hand in your pocket or your hand in your wallet and you see your statement and it says, I'm so grateful I'm now making $10,000 a month. Even though right now you're making $2,000 a month, you, you clearly pick your goal and that's how you reprogram the subconscious, but you're utilizing repetition of that paper.

Every time you stick your hand in your pocket, you're activating those brain cells, even if it's unconsciously. As that begins to occur, you start to take advantage of subliminals, which is the third sign. You're utilizing subliminal messages for prosperity and what's beginning to occur is your subconscious starts receiving those and it starts thinking those are real. It starts to reproducing better and better opportunities of prosperity.

Get Rich In 2019 #4

you are saving and investing more than you're spending.

Money is just energy. So if you make 2000 a month and you spend 2000 a month or you make 2000 a month and you spend more than 2000, what you're actually doing is creating an energy deficit because money is just energy and if you're in an energy deficit with anything, you're in a negative relationship with it. And if you're in an energy deficit with money, you can never actually get into a position of financial freedom.

get rich in 2019

What began to change in my life is even when I wasn't making much money and I was making thousand a month, 2000 bucks a month, I was saving because I heard in a financial program that a famous investor named Sir John Templeton saved 50% of his income and I was like, if this guy is the most famous investor in the world or one of them, then I should save that amount of money as well.

So I started saving 40 to 50% of my income even though I was hardly making any money. And with all my expenditures in southern California, 2000 bucks, 1500 bucks of income was all my money usually. But then I started being disciplined and diligent and taking 40 to 50% all the sudden I started to see my self image change. Instead of seeing myself as a broke person, I started to see myself as someone who could accumulate money.

As my self image changed, I saw myself instead of a broke person as someone who could accumulate money. Now the great thing about that, is all of a sudden when that self image changes, The results just took off and in the next year I actually saved more money and invested more money in one year than I had ever earned all of the previous years combined.

get rich in 2019

Not only did I make more in 12 months that I'd made in my entire life combined, but I saved more than the entire combined. Why? Because I broke the pattern of saying, well, I only have this much money. I need to spend it all, save it all, keep it.

Move into an energy of abundance and more money comes to you as a result of that sign.

Get Rich in 2019 #5

You have a prosperity affirmation.

what's your prosperity affirmation? You have at least one prosperity affirmation. This is something for your mind to focus upon and to reprogram your mind with. So to conclude this video, Forget about your conscious. Let's get into your subconscious that controls 95% of your life.


Miracles are normal.


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