Sleep Hypnosis and 3 Words You Should Never Say Before Bed - Jake Ducey
Jake Ducey
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Sleep Hypnosis and 3 Words You Should Never Say Before Bed

Aloha friends! I'm stoked to dive into today's sleep hypnosis and the 3 words you should never say before bed if you want to manifest the love, the success, and the peace you desire. Let's dive in!

Three words you should never ever say before bed. This is subconscious sleep reprogramming to manifest what you want. It works, but there's three words you should never say before bed because at that time, you're diving deep into your subconscious mind and these words are setting you up to not get what you want in life. Hang in there, i'll explain!

Number one word to avoid for a successful sleep hypnosis  "I wish".

you know how sometimes you go to bed at night and you're "wishing"? maybe you sleep next to somebody and before bed you're talking about the things that you want from a wishful perspective? "I wish" implies that you do not have. So when you say, I wish I had money, you're saying I do not have money. I cannot get money.

Your subconscious doesn't know that you really want money. Your subconscious just receives the level of consciousness that you project. In the Bible. It says to those that have more will be given to those that do not have even that which they have will be taken away.

I wish is I do not have. So what I invite you to do before bed is instead of saying, I wish for this, I wish for that... just flip the script and start projecting on the screen of your mind the things that you're grateful for, that you already have in consciousness. You may not have them in the physical realm yet, but start being grateful that you have them in consciousness. Guess what? Everything that has ever existed in the physical world first came from consciousness.

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Number two word to avoid for a successful sleep hypnosis "I hope".

I hope I get the money. I hope I get the job. I hope they go on a date with me. I hope it works out. I hope I get the good news. I hope. I hope. I hope. I say nope nope nope! Hope is synonymous with, nope. It seems like it's a positive thing. Right?

But again, the subconscious doesn't know the difference between what you do and do not want. Einstein showed us that time doesn't exist. Before you go to bed, you're moving totally into the subconscious realm.

So your last thoughts are going directly into the subconscious and then it's marinating upon it for eight hours while you're asleep, while you're totally unconscious. So the word hope is synonymous with, nope. The reason, is Albert Einstein showed us that time doesn't exist. Everything is energy.

The Wall is energy, the chair is energy. It's just all operating at different rates of vibration. Money is energy. A car is energy, a job is energy. Everything is energy at different rates of vibration.


And because your consciousness only processes right now, it projects the infinite dimensions of time and space into past and future. But really there is no linearity.

Meaning It's all happening now. Your mind tries to rationalize how you will obtain what you want based on your limited conditioning but it's not the truth.

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What determines the next moment is based off of where your consciousness is engaged. In this moment, I hope I get the money is synonymous with, nope, I do not have it. So what am trying to do is replace the word "I hope" with "I am grateful".

Instead of, "I hope god's abundance flows to me"... say "I'm grateful that God's abundance flows to me in avalanches of abundance". I hope I get the job. I'm grateful that everything I do prospers and succeeds. I'm grateful that I have the perfect job and that God in the universe guides me to my ultimate success in life. All of a sudden what starts to happen is your subconscious starts to receive different messages.

Your subconscious does not know the difference between what's real and what's not real. So it receives those messages and it says, oh, look they already have the money. Oh look, they're already grateful for their soul mate. Oh look, they're already grateful for the job. Oh look, they're already grateful for the house.

And then it starts bringing about the ways to achieve those things and it starts to reprogram your belief system while you're asleep. And that's why it's so important to not say these words before bed. So comment down below. I am so grateful that the universe conspires to make me successful.

Number 3 word to avoid for a successful sleep hypnosis "I regret"

Oh man, I wish I didn't do that, man. I wish this would've went this way. Man. I wish they didn't say that. It's a regret. All we're doing when we're regretting is pulling the past into the present and projecting it in the future.

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All we're doing when we regret is pulling the past into the present and thus projecting it into the future. Because your present consciousness determines your future.

When you pull the past, you bring it into the present, you projected it in the future. So what I invite you to say instead of "I regret" is "all is well".

You just keep repeating that to yourself. "All is well" while you take breaths in and exhale out before bed. Imagine if you said that 500 times as you're falling asleep. All is well. Your dreams would be amazing. You'd wake up with a smile on your face.

You don't need to regret it. Everything's happening exactly the way it's supposed to happen. The Universe is conspiring to help you. We live in a friendly universe. Albert Einstein said, there's two ways to look at the world, one - that it's friendly and two - that it's hostile.

What I'm inviting you to do, is start looking at this place like it's friendly. You may be kicking yourself about some things. You may be regretting some things. I'm telling you the universe is friendly and it happened exactly the way it was supposed to happen because it's been preparing you for something greater. The Universe and God is not trying to break you. It's trying to shape you.

Life is not trying to destroy you. God is trying to rebuild you. Even more than trying to rebuild its more an energy of constant expansion. The Universe has your best interest. Even when your perception tells you that what happened was so hard and terrible, It's all happening for your best interest. The magic is when you can see the miracle and find the peace inside the turmoil.

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It's not trying to attack you. It's trying to multiply. It's trying to create more space. There are great things on the way. There are so many things to smile about. There are so many things to be grateful for and as you're going to bed, use this record player technique. I like to call it to replay the record over and over all the ways that all is well. So comment down below. All is well.

I created a software called the second mind. Sometimes people hear me say it everyday and they don't try it. Please use it. The reason that I made this is because you can listen to podcasts, read blogs, watch videos, but unless you have a technology to reprogram your actual brain, it won't be lasting change.

Sometimes I see people say, I'm doing what you're doing. It's not working. It's because you've got to reprogram your brain. All of this information that I'm sharing is only 5% of your mind. It's conscious. This is conscious information I'm relaying. The subconscious controls 95% of your life and operates as your brain in your body, and that's what controls your life.

Science now shows us something called Hebbs Law. It says, nerve cells that fire together wire together. Your brain memorizes actual neurological patterns, chemical patterns that control entire life. This especially before bed because we enter a brain state that is more receptive to being conditioned as we slow down. We also are in this vulnerable state upon waking before we go into auto pilot mode.

The second mind is the software I created to wire your brain so you can easily attract what you want, whether it's money, whether it's love, whether it's happiness, job, new opportunities. Every day I get hundreds of amazing messages and peoples lives have changed and my mission is to make sure everyone actually tries it and uses it.

Sending lots of love and well wishes on this beautiful day filled with opportunities to show up and be present.


Miracles are normal.


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