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The Secret Weapon In The Law of Attraction

The secret weapon for the law of attraction and manifesting what you want. Here is the secret weapon that nobody talks about. Everybody overlooks this and it's right in front of your face. Let's dive right into the secret weapon for attracting what you want! 

Wayne Dyer said it beautifully. It's my favorite and most simplistic definition of the law of attraction, but it's also the most paradoxical. It says "you don't get what you want. You get what you are."

The law of attraction is mass marketed as "you get what you want and think about". And that's partially because it's easier to explain it that way, especially because our society has been conditioned to look at the reality from a Newtonian perspective. Isaac Newtons theory that everything is as solid matter and physical objects being the absolute reality.

All of a sudden Albert Einstein comes along. E = MC Squared. Essentially showing us that energy and mass energy and matter are one in the same. We now know that there is no such thing as matter at all.

secret weapon

There is no such thing as solid matter or physical things. It's all just energy moving at different speeds and rates of vibration. It's all one energy, but it's all different rates and speeds of vibration.

There's no difference between you and I other than some slight different speeds and rates of vibration. There's a real difference between all these different objects. Just like there's not much of a difference between all the different radio stations, but they all are slightly different frequencies. 88.1 88.4.

they're all slightly different frequencies and they produce a different reality. So technically you're already one with what you want. It's not separate from you. What stops most people from getting what they want. They think they are their body and the thing they want is over there out in space far off in time.

It's an object in space that they want, but we're all connected so you're already one with it. But what most people do is they project what they want into a location in space and then they insert reasons why they can't have it. All that's doing is perpetuating the idea that you get what you want.

If you're vibrating on the same frequency of what you desire, then you're going to experience a reality with them as opposed to separate from them. Just like if you go to 91.1 and in your local city it's a rock station and you turn it there, what are you going to get? The reality of rock! If you can turn your frequency, which is your consciousness, just like you turn knob in your car for your radio station, you can shift your attention and create a new reality for yourself.


Now, the instrument to change your frequency is your own consciousness. If you can change your consciousness and your overall energy, and your energy field is vibrating at the same frequency field as prosperity, you will get money.

If your energy field is vibrating at the same frequency as unconditional love, you're radiating unconditional love, you will attract an amazing relationship and an amazing romantic partner. If yours is vibrating at an energy of anger, you will attract an angry relationship, If you attract one at all.

Your experiences will mirror back the same complexities that you have internally because you don't get what you want. You get what you are. Now, here's the big secret to the law of attraction.

you can have everything that you want, but you have to change. More specifically, what has to change is your self image. Most people view themselves as their body. Really you're an energy field that far extends from what the eyes can see because the eyes can only see a certain bandwidth of energy, but there's a bunch of energy that you cannot see as well, and you're always emanating a frequency that goes beyond what you can see with your eyes.

Just like a radio tower, broadcast signals and you can't see them. You're broadcasting a frequency of energy or a vibration that you cannot see. Sometimes you can sense it, right? I'm in a positive vibe. I'm in a negative vibe, I'm in a great vibe. What is that? It's you defining or expressing your emotional state. Well, what's your emotional state? The word emotion is energy in motion.

secret weapon

It's energy and due to your nervous system, you're able to feel physiological sensations of your own vibration. We call those feelings certain names. I feel good. I feel bad. I feel great. I feel optimistic. I feel prosperous. I feel this. I feel that... It's your energy, it's your vibration.

And then you using the limits of language, the cognition of the brain and the power of your central nervous system to feel physiological feelings and then describe them as good, bad, positive note.

It's just your vibration and it's emanating a frequency. You can also feel that sometimes when someone walks in the room and they're good vibes and you can just feel it or someone's bad vibes and you could just feel it right away from 10 feet away before they even say anything. That's energy. That's vibration. Everything has a resonant field.

And so does money. Now everything has this field, one type of relationship, your soulmate and I deal romantic, lovely, um, unconditional relationship and a very unhealthy bad one. All have certain energies.


secret weapon

So based off of our vibration, the law of attraction says a like energy attracts like energy. So you see, this is why you don't get what you want. You get what you are. Why? Because you get the energy that matches what you're broadcasting. And what are you, a vibrational being?

So your vibration describes it, defines you in the present moment. Now the cool thing is that the moment is always changing. You can always redirect your focus and your consciousness and thus your value. You can shift your vibration. Most people get into a vibrational holding pattern and then their brain memorizes those patterns. In neuroscience, it's called Hebbs Law.

what's actually occurring is that you have your own vibration that you're emanating all the time and that vibration is who you are. It's your identity so you don't get what you want, you get what you are. But what happens is people start having certain emotions, energies for awhile.

And then hebbs Law says that your nerve cells that fire together wire together, every time you have an emotion, positive optimism, a feeling of love, you fire nerve cells and then they start wiring together and they build your neurological connections.

secret weapon

Then your brain starts chemically producing those realities over and over again. Kind of like this thing called evolution, where it makes it easier and easier for your brain to help you to function and operate. And they keep getting the signals of a lack of confidence then it wires your brain for lack of confidence.

Or it gets a signals of prosperity and then wires your brain that way. So essentially your mind is influencing your brain. And in programming the brain in certain ways, you can shift your reality in this physical experience.

Take control of your mind and realize that the secret weapon is loving yourself because there's nothing outside of yourself that you need in order to be whole, worthy, or complete. First. You see the prosperity and divine nature within yourself because you are one with God. You see that within yourself. Then you start to pull material prosperity into your experience that matches you.

I'm inviting you to realize that you are a divine being. God is within you. You are perfect the way you are. You are whole perfect, totally complete. And to the degree that you can keep producing those feelings is the degree you're gonna keep pulling new circumstances and situations back to you via the law of attraction that are circumstances, situations and experiences that mirror your new level of consciousness and your new feelings. When people describe bad luck and good luck, this is what they're describing.

secret weapon

Even in this blog, there are frequency transmissions where you pick up this frequency and it keeps instilling further and further and further into your consciousness and as you do this, you continue to make yourself more of a magnet of new and great opportunities.

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Have a beautiful day and i'll see you next time :).


Miracles are normal.


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