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3 Things To Give Up To Attract Money in 2020

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Dec 20

Guess what? 2020 is your year to start attracting money in 2020 . So often we think of what do I need to do to get more money? What do I need to do? Well, there's habits of doing and not doing. And in this video I'm going to share with you the exact opposite, something new, something different. Three things you need to stop doing. You're going to bring more money into your life quickly just by stopping doing something. Attract money in 2020 .

Give up the idea that somehow money is bad or wealth is bad.

See, a lot of times when we don't have something that we really wish we had more of and we don't get it, we can often demonize that thing. It's a way that the brain and the mind unconsciously protect us from the negative feelings associated with not having or not getting what we want.

In this instance, it might be money or the things money can buy - Health insurance, roof over your head, the type of car that you want, the type of lifestyle you want, put your kids in the right school, the lack of stress. And maybe you don't have that or the things that money can buy. And so unconsciously you may have built the habit to demonize money and it's a way that we rationalize as a protective mechanism.

So we say, "well it's bad". Or maybe you just been programmed by your parents, by older people, by religions, by institutions to believe that money is somehow bad money simply makes you more of what you already are.

attract money in 2020

So if you are in a- hole, you will be a bigger a-hole. If you are an awesome person, more money is just going to give you more opportunities to be more generous. You have way more opportunities to do good. When you have money, you can help your friend out with a new job. You can do so many good things when you have more money. As soon as you let go of the idea that it's bad, you'll start to attract more of it.

Once that belief system changes and you start to see money as just an opportunity to be more of what you already are, if you're already generous, you're going to have a lot more opportunities to be generous for friends, family, and strangers. So comment down below, money is good.

Next, give up the idea that you're somehow not worthy of it. "Well, I don't know if I'm worthy or I might not be smart enough. I don't have the right resources"... What we do is we look at ourselves, our life, and we decide whether we're good enough or not. The truth is society has conditioned you to believe you're not good enough anyway, so it's obviously going to be deeply embedded into the financial life too.


attract money in 2020

But guess what? You are worthy of the life that you want. Money is pointless for the sake of accumulating paper in a room. It just gets in the way that way. Money is good as a medium of exchange.

We want to be able to put our kids in good schools and to donate to our church or our favorite charity. We want to be able to start to improve our community. We want to have the money to have the free time to start to garden instead of have to go do that thing we don't want to do. We want the things money can buy. So the question is really not "am I good enough for money? Am I smart enough for money? It's do you believe that you're worthy of the things that it can buy? Do you believe that you're worthy of having free time? Yes you are.

Do you believe that you're worthy and you're good enough and smart enough to be able to improve your community and be a huge donor in your community? Yes you are. Do you believe that you're worthy of flying first class or having a home in the nice neighborhood of town? Yes you are. You are worthy of everything that you desire. You wouldn't be here as a human being, a few more worthy of it and you wouldn't have the desire in the first place if you didn't have the means of making that thing a reality.

attract money in 2020

You are good enough and you are smart enough. So comment down below, I am worthy of financial abundance. This is what stops people. They don't believe that they're worthy of financial abundance and it's such a ludicrous thing. See, it's something that's just been handed down through generation that you might not be good enough smart enough and you know because of the way you're born or because of this thing that you did and this mistake you made, you're not worthy.

No, I am worthy of financial abundance. And when you start to believe that you start to change the results in your life. That's why I created my success hypnosis. It's right there, down below. Over 700,000 people now from all over the world have used it. You can start to use that to reprogram the old belief systems in your subconscious mind to attract everything that you desire. You will start to believe genuinely that It is your birthright to give your talents with love and you're wonderfully blessed financially.

Last but not least, you have to give up this last year entirely and the year before and the year before and the year before and the year before and the year before. What happens is it becomes 2020 but we carry around the same brain from 2019 we keep the same software from 2014 that says, Oh, you can only make this much money, and you remember your tax returns and do you remember your GPA in school?

It wasn't that great. And do you remember what that one teacher or that one boss said about you? Do you remember how hard it was last year and it just tries to recreate the same problems over and over. You aren't that anymore. What made Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant or LeBron James or Tom Brady or any of these people so great?

They could have had a terrible game for three quarters, but when the fourth quarter hits, they're able to totally erase all that from their mind and they're able to in 15 seconds win the whole game. After they had a really bad game or after they weren't feeling it, they press a delete button. So your last year is no indication of what you can do this year. It's just not.

attract money in 2020

Now I want you to take a deep breath in and out and say, "I can do this. This is the year." When you press the delete button on last year. You open up your mind, you open up yourself to the opportunities of right now. When you start to do this, you're going to start to see opportunities you never saw before. You don't introduce yourself as, "hi, my name is last year".

No, what are you really? You're pure divine intelligence. Your consciousness creates reality. You are a powerful being. Money is simply energy that you can attract into your life and you are worthy of everything that you desire. This is the year where you really start to experience it. This is the year when you're going to really start to see it.

This is your year! Have a fantastic day and I'm so excited to hear about the great things that flow into your life!

Aloha and much love.


Miracles are normal.


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