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Jake Ducey
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3 Unexpected Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming

Three unexpected signs your manifestation is coming .These are signs from the universe. The universe is talking to you. I know for myself, I didn't realize what it was saying and it was actually blocking me from getting what I wanted in my life. So when you can identify these three unexpected signs, you can get what you want faster. This is how you really start to use the law of attraction.

The first sign is that you feel like you're going backwards. I can attest to this. I wasn't getting any progress and I was working really hard. I had spent a lot of money on all the equipment, consulting courses, learning all this stuff, and then I was spending a lot of time and I wasn't getting results.

I was visualizing. I was doing my affirmations. I was certainly working hard every single day, but it felt like I was going backwards.

This is actually a very unexpected sign that you're very close to a breakthrough because what happens is the point of a goal isn't what you get. It's who you become in the process. So a lot of times with the manifestation, what happens is it feels like you're going backwards.

The reason for this is because you chose that goal in order to learn certain lessons, even if you aren't aware. There is a great message and road being paved at play. A lot of times we don't learn those lessons because the ultimate lesson is to not allow your mind and your thoughts to be controlled by the outside world.

unexpected signs your manifestation is coming

A lot of times people have something they want, they feel like they're going backwards and they say, "I guess it's not meant to be". No, it just means that you need to stop reacting to the world. There's two ways to live - reaction and responding. Creation consciousness and reaction consciousness.

A lot of times we work hard. We do our inner work too. Then we don't get the outer results we want in the time frame that we want so we say, "I guess it's not meant to be". But really the point of a goal isn't what you get, it's who you become. What's intending to be manifested is for you to start to learn how to control your mind instead of letting the outside world and the physical environment control it.

For most people, the physical environment controls their mind and they don't get the results that they want and then their thoughts start to get controlled by their lack of results. And so the point of going backwards or feeling like you're going backwards is so that you finally transcend that level of consciousness that wants to constantly react to results and say, it hasn't happened yet.


I guess it's not meant to be. It's not your job to worry about the time. It's not your job to worry about the time. So if you feel like you're going backwards, trust me. Something great is about to head your way If you can take a deep breath and if you can keep moving forward.

So stop right now. Take a deep breath in and out. Go like this, smile and take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do it one more time. Just because you're not getting the outside results yet doesn't mean something great isn't coming shortly.

The second unexpected sign is that your limiting beliefs are surfacing and you might have the tendency to believe in them. So some old beliefs that don't think you're worthy of what you want. You're not worthy of love or you're not good enough to make money or it's too hard or you don't know how it will all happen. Therefore, I guess it's not meant to be.

unexpected signs your manifestation is coming

Now the reason that this is a sign that what you want is coming is because limiting beliefs surface and things happen in life so that we can come into the light and question all of our thought process'. So the reason that you haven't gotten what you wanted yet isn't because you're not good enough. It isn't because you're not smart enough.

It's not because it's not possible. It's not because God doesn't love you. It's not because you've sinned. It's because these limiting beliefs are surfacing so that you can tell truth from illusion. That's what's meant to happen. That's why you haven't gotten what you wanted because there's still a couple limiting beliefs that you need to transcend and cleanse from. I'll give you an example.

I wasn't getting the results I wanted year after year. I was working really hard and I thought I had cleansed all my limiting beliefs and then I realized a huge one that I didn't realize I had before. I thought that I was too young to be successful. Because the way we're conditioned is to believe that you build your career and become succesful once you're 40 or 50. Well, I started my career as a 20 year old. So does that mean I'm supposed to struggle as a starving artist for 25 years?

No, but I started to have these limiting beliefs surface that started to say, well maybe this isn't meant to be. And all of a sudden I was able to gear it all back to a strong social conditioning that said you need to be older. You're too young, you're not qualified. And I had to bring that to the light and realize I'm not even my body anyways. I'm a spiritual being in a physical body.

I'm using my physical body in order to evolve my soul and learn certain spiritual lessons. So what that means is that I am not any of my perceived limitations anyway because I'm not my body. So the idea that I'm too young is preposterous because my soul is infinite. My soul is one with God. My soul is infinite, timeless, immortal. It's going to move on far beyond this life.

And it's pure energy. So the idea that it's too old or too young is blasphemous. Furthermore, consciousness creates reality. And what is my soul? It's a manifestation of consciousness? Therefore, if consciousness creates reality, there's no such thing as consciousness being too old or too young or not worthy or not qualified. That's silly. All that belief is, is an attachment to the physical realm. If you're attached to the physical realm and you will constantly feel like your dreams aren't possible.

unexpected signs your manifestation is coming

What I want you to do is I want you to think of what one of your limiting beliefs might be. Is it that you're not worthy of love? is it because you don't think you're good enough or smart enough? What is it? say to yourself, I am a spiritual being in a physical body, so how could I be these limitations?

The third unexpected sign is that you're doubting the possibility that it's coming. It seems like a weird one, right? But the idea that it doesn't exist is an illusion. Albert Einstein showed us that time doesn't exist. So if everything in this physical universe is energy.

Your hands, the chair you're sitting in, and the money in your wallet are made of the same thing - atoms. An atom is ultimately 99.999999% empty space. It's a nonphysical energy. When you get a powerful enough microscope, all the things that look like physical matter are just energy. And science says energy is never created or destroyed. So if energy is never created or destroyed and everything is energy, then what you want has to already exist. It has to already exist. So the limiting belief that it might not be possible is actually just an illusion.

It's an illusion that comes from being attached to linear time. Believing in past, present, and future. And hopefully maybe this thing might come in the future. It already exists. It just exists in a non-physical dimension. Just like you blow a dog whistle and you can't hear a dog whistle, but a dog can.

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Does that mean that it's not real? No. It's just is an energy wavelength beyond the spectrum of sound that your ears pick up, but it exists. Similarly, your desires are just vibrating at a non-physical frequency that is beyond the current reality of visible light that you've been conditioned to perceive as your reality.

So as long as you keep saying, "hopefully this thing will come, I wish it will come. I'm waiting for it to come" You will constantly push it away from you. So the sign that it's on the way is that you're feeling like that because this is an opportunity for you to finally realize that you're already one with what you want. If everything is energy and everything comes from this universal energy, call it God, spirit, consciousness, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, call it Earl.

I don't care what you call it. Alan Watts says "you can't get wet by the word water", so we're all one with this force of nature. We're just all different variations or energies or frequencies or wavelengths. When you don't know this to be true, it's far easier to react in a way where you feel the outside environment is controlling you.

Start saying, "all I want exists now. I'm so happy and grateful that all I want exists now. I'm grateful that large sums of money come to me quickly and easily that each and every day I'm attracting fantastic new people. I'm in an amazing relationship. Every day I'm getting great opportunities."

unexpected signs your manifestation is coming

When you start doing this, you start to pull your desires that are currently just vibrating at frequencies beyond what you can see and you start pulling them into tangible, physical reality here in this room.

These are three unexpected signs that your manifestation is coming, that your manifestation is on the way that great things are unfolding in your life.

If you really want to use the law of attraction powerfully, you've got to reprogram your brain. You've got to start to wire the neural circuitry of your brain for what you want because your brain has been conditioned to be ordinary and realistic. And if you want to start bringing your things that you desire into life faster, you need to train your brain for it. I call that the second mind. 

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The first mind is the one that's programmed to think you are your body and that you're all these limitations. And the second mind is the one that's a magnet for what you want. I created a technology to rewire your brain for you using the latest advances in neuroscience. You can start to retrain your brain and make it a magnet for what you want. You can demo it for free. Over a hundred thousand people around the world have used it and I receive success stories every single day! This is what it's all about for me 🙂 I would love if you used it and let me know the successes that roll in!

Thank you so much for being here. Happy holidays and all the love to you.


Miracles are normal


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