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3 Step Technique To Manifest While You Sleep

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Mar 15

Can you manifest while you sleep? The answer may shock you. Yes! You can! But you're probably doing it wrong. This is very simple. Here is a three step law of attraction, sleep technique for attracting what you want.

So the first thing that you want to do before you're going to bed is to check in and see if you are in your first mind or your second mind. Now, I use the first mind as a definition for the one that is conditioned towards limitations. It's often programmed by society, and it's often the habitual mind that we're trying to transcend or reprogram.

The first mind is one that is full of limitations and stories. It's the one that believes it's a physical body and there's physical objects blocking us from what we want. It's stuck in the patterns. It's been programmed by your parents, your teachers, news, media and all of society. It's the one that doesn't believe it can attract that much money. It's the one that doesn't believe it's smart enough that it's not good enough, but here's the thing.

That's not who you are. It's just a record player in the subconscious mind that's been programmed for a while and we've come to be accustomed to believe that it's who we are, but it's not who you are. Just like you're not a fingernail. You are not your fingernail. You have a fingernail. You are not your limitations. You are not the voice in your head. It's just a subconscious program. It's habitual. You have limiting thoughts but you are not limited.


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Utilizing sleep, you can reprogram it because just before you go to bed, you enter the brainwave States most akin to hypnosis. The very first thing to do is check in and use your rational mind. Use your conscious mind to ask yourself am I in my first mind or am I in my second mind?

Due to neuroplasticity, we know that you can actually retrain, rewire, and reprogram your brain. So your second mind is the one that you have consciously programmed. You have consciously programmed it for money. You have consciously programmed it for love. You have consciously programmed it for happiness, for emotional freedom. You have consciously programmed it for your dream lifestyle.

technique to manifest while you sleep

That's why I created the Second Mind technology. Use the second mind to start to retrain your mind before you head into bed. Now this is the first step that's very important to start reprogramming your neural network. I have a free demo for you to use. The results were amazing for myself and others. Now over 250,000 people from all around the world have used it. There's a free demo right there, down below in the comments.

After you use this before you sleep, then pull out a gratitude journal and write down everything you're grateful for as if it has already happened. Now the goal is to write with so much emotion and passion with so much detail that you start to feel different. You start to feel excited.

You start to feel as if these things you're writing about are already real, so you write this in the present tense. Go into the details of what your life looks and feels like on your paper. Write until you feel a positive shift in your emotions.

Everything is energy. So because everything is energy, energy is never created or destroyed. That's what science tells us. So technically what you want already exists. You're just calling it into your life by priming your brain just before you go to sleep.

Last but not least is the, "isn't it wonderful?" technique. This is a Neville Goddard technique. What I like to do is use the technique as I'm going to bed. Lights are out. I lie on my back and I close my eyes with my head on my pillow and I just practice relaxing. And I say to myself, "isn't it wonderful?".

technique to manifest while you sleep

Isn't it wonderful that I just attracted that amazing thing i've been wanting. This isn't it wonderful technique is a way where you can start to step into your fantasy and almost bypass those limitations of your conscious mind. I just go off on a story in my head as if I'm in eighth grade and my teacher did a creative writing assignment and she said to make up a fictional story for the next 10 minutes.

Now I'm doing that. Isn't it wonderful? I'm imagining myself getting that great job, like whatever it is you're doing. Imagine yourself getting that job. Imagine yourself in your beautiful mountain home with your soulmate in your, in your family. Imagine yourself traveling around the world. Imagine yourself healthy. Imagine yourself being able to run again and lift weights again. Imagine yourself in that perfect reality. Isn't it wonderful?

Use the Second Mind for FREE

The technology designed to wire your brain for what you want!!!

And you just, every time your mind loses focus, you bring it back to that. Isn't it wonderful? While you're doing that practice, using the image, making power of your mind, where you practice, actually seeing images because your mind works in pictures. So pretend that you are five years forward and you're telling me, Oh my gosh, shake. Isn't it wonderful? Now that I have this and this and this and this. So use the, is it wonderful as the final step as you go to bed with your eyes closed to totally relax yourself, it'll get you in a great state of mind.

You're going to start seeing tons of synchronicities in your life. It'll feel like time is moving faster. Like everything's just coming into your life. You start seeing more coincidences. You'll start feeling lucky. You'll start feeling good, like you know something good is on the way, even if you can't see it yet. And that's when you know that your brain and your subconscious is starting to receive the messages that you're sending it. So in this video I shared with you a three-step law of attraction sleep technique for manifesting what you want and reprogramming your subconscious.

technique to manifest while you sleep

Remind yourself that life is beautiful and the universe has your back. Use these techniques and watch your life expand in total love and abundance.


Miracles are normal.


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