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How To Make Money Really Fast

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Mar 14

​Let's talk on how to change your beliefs to manifest money using the law of attraction. When you change your beliefs, your bank account grows. This is how to make money really fast ...

Belief number one, money is infinite.

the thing is, we don't look at it that way. At least that's the way that our culture conditions us. Our culture conditions us to believe that money is finite. It's a limited resource. If you get it, then a hungry person in Africa is without. So therefore, shame yourself.

Guilt yourself, you're bad. You shouldn't want it because other people are going to be without it if you have it. We're taught that if we sell something, even if people want it, that somehow we're greedy because we're offering it. We are taught that there's only so much money to go around, so we're in competition with other people.

Then that will breed jealousy when somebody has something great and you don't. Then we start telling our subconscious mind money is bad because we shouldn't be jealous and on and on and on. That's just one example. But money is infinite. There is no need to be jealous as we don't need to worry about there not being enough.

how to make money really fast

There's certainly no reason to guilt yourself into thinking that if you have it, God won't love you or you won't get into heaven or that you're taking away from somebody else who's starving. In fact, you're going to be able to feed them if you have money. So it's actually the reverse. And besides, they print more money every single solitary day, there's so much money that it loses its value every single day.

That's actually the economic problem that we have. It's that they're printing too much of it. So plenty of it has your name on it, but you have to believe it. And you have to get rid of the scarcity idea that there isn't enough to go around.

Money isn't even the end goal. It's the things that it can buy. Whether it's the time to be out in nature like this, any day of the week, whether it's to live in your dream city, to live in your dream home, to put your kids through the best school, to pursue your passion, to eat great food, donate to a cause, there's so much you can do with money. How could money be bad when it's really just a neutral medium for you to experience the life that you want?

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So eliminate the idea that there isn't enough. There is more than enough. You just have to be in consciousness of receiving it and then it will start flowing to you. Number one is the belief that money is infinite.

Number two, I am good enough for money.

you can believe that money is infinite, but if you don't believe you're good enough for it, it doesn't matter how much of it exists! We generally think that money has to do with intelligence. If money had to do with intelligence in the traditional sense of you need to graduate from the best university and all of these types of things, Richard Branson would not exist.

The virgin companies would not exist. All those things that wouldn't exist cause he was dyslexic and he had a middle school education. We wouldn't have automobiles because Henry Ford had a fifth grade education. Um, we wouldn't have iPhones cause Steve Jobs didn't finish school. Um, what else wouldn't we have? Like nothing. It doesn't have to do with how intelligent you think you are or are not. It doesn't have to do with your GPA.

how to make money really fast

It only matters that you speak the language of energy and frequency and that you believe you are worthy of having money. Money comes in direct response to the level of which you think you're worthy of receiving. Which then goes to "money is just a means to an end to get certain things". Whether it's a place you want to live, certain cars you want to drive a certain lifestyle.

Everything is energy. My body is energy. A car is energy. First-Class flight is energy. Um, putting your kids through a good school is energy. Everything in this physical universe is energy.

And what is this energy? It's God. And it's within every cell of your body, God is flowing just like it's flowing through every and all things. So why would you not be worthy of experiencing it? You are. I am worthy of everything that I desire. So that's the replacement on belief number two. to the degree that you feel worthy of receiving money and the things money can buy is to the degree it shows up when you start to say, Gosh darn it, I'm good enough.

Golly, I'm smart enough. I am worthy of abundance. I'm worthy of a nice home. I'm worthy of a nice car. I'm worthy of doing what I love. I'm worthy of of people buying my art or selling my product. I'm worthy of getting a promotion. I am good enough for these things.

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The law of attraction responds to your frequency and brings you back the money or the other circumstances and situations that match that frequency of abundance. That's why I created the second mind. I created a technology to start retraining the mind because the brain can start memorizing the old emotions and then you operate your whole life based on a false story and beleifs.

So I created a technology designed to keep you in the second mind, to keep you in your consciousness of "I am worthy of everything that I desire". You can demo it for free, right there, down below!

Use the Second Mind for FREE

The technology designed to wire your brain for what you want!!!

With those two shifts in your belief system and awareness plus rewiring your mind every day with the second mind, results are bound to ensue. When they do, please come back and share your success story! That's my favorite part. My life and business along with countless others now have completely boomed upward when we applied these things. I want the same for you!

Money is just energy. You are divine being. I know that great things are headed your way today. I know that you're destined for a promotion. I know you're destined for a raise. I know your financial life is going to upgrade. I know money is going to come to you and I know great things are on the way to you now.

Are you willing to receive them? Declare "yes" now.

how to make money really fast


Miracles are normal.


Miracles are normal


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