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How To Manifest What You Want

I'm going to show you exactly how to manifest what you want, just by writing something down. Everything you write down can come true, if you follow this very simple manifestation technique and process that has worked absolute miracles in my life! I am not just making it up either, this is directly out of the most famous personal development book in history. That's Napoleon Hill's book "Think, and Grow Rich. In which profiled 500 of the richest and most successful people in the world. This writing technique was something that many of them used to get exactly what they want in life. So this is Jake Ducey with, welcome to the blog! Incase you haven't yet, make sure you get my free success. Hypnosis is right there down below. I created a free success hypnosis that will reprogram your subconscious mind and eliminate old limiting belief systems. So you can get what you want quicker, faster and easier.

So at the beginning of the book, "Think and Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill tells a story about his son who was born without any ears. In other words, he was born deaf and, they labeled him with all these handicaps, Napoleon Hill, the boys' father said, "My boy's going to be able to hear". At the beginning of the book, he tells a story of discovering that his son could very faintly hear sound waves, that his brain was picking up sound waves. He began using repetition to tell his kid through sound waves that his child couldn't comprehend, but he could pick up the essence of the vibration and he would tell him over and over and over and over again that he had all these advantages. He could hear this, even without ears, he was going to be so successful, it ended up his son became able to hear and became very successful.

How To Manifest What You Want: Auto-suggestion 

Moreover, this is where Napoleon Hill started to see first hand that you could use suggestion auto-suggestion to reprogram the brain. The way that the cells of the brain are conditioned to operate. We now know that this isn't new age. We know from neuroplasticity, there are all types of stories of individuals who were born without certain parts of their brain that allowed them to not be able to taste or, see and using neuroplasticity. They were able to use suggestions to repattern new cells in the brain to take over the function, where the absence of function of other parts of the brain. This is autosuggestion or what Napoleon Hill talks about with hypnotic writing. When I learned all this stuff about think and grow rich, whether it's using it for health, whether it's using it for success and manifesting your dream life, I started to take it very seriously writing on a piece of paper in the present tense, exactly what I wanted out of my life.

It seemed very farfetched. It seemed almost impossible. I was 19 years old. I dropped out of college. I would fail junior English class in high school. I didn't know anyone that was a successful author. All the publishing companies told me, no, but I wanted to be an author. I wanted to be a successful multimillion-dollar author, inspiring people all over the world. And I wrote it on a piece of paper and, and I read it every single morning and every single night and I put it on my refrigerator. And then I would do hypnotic writing what I would do is I'd play the success hypnosis that I talked about earlier there's a free link to it in this blog. Playing that softly in the background, to get the sound waves starting to activate different cells in my brain while I would simultaneously write out what I wanted in the present tense.

How to manifest what you want instantly: Write what you want to manifest repeatedly

How to Manifest What You Want

So I would create my story, on how I was selling books in other languages. I was a multimillionaire author every day. I was getting all these messages that people's lives were transformed. I was speaking all over the world. My videos were reaching people from all over the world. I had a library, of courses and audio programs that were helping people from so many countries and all these types of things. And I would write it all in the present tense. And I would do this for about 10 minutes and I would allow the sound of my hypnosis audio to kind of put me into a trance while I would just write and write and write. Now, my only rules were that I couldn't pick my pen up off the paper. So oftentimes when people try to start writing what they want down, it's so hard, hard to think differently than your current reality.

 Be In The Moment : Feel Like You Have It Already

If you don't have any money, it's hard to write about how you're rich, right? Especially in the present tense. So my only rule was I couldn't pick my pen up off the paper. So I would write over and over and over free flow until I tapped into my subconscious. And I got into a trance. That's the point at which you can hypnotize yourself once you stop thinking. That's when you enter the brainwave states that are akin to hypnosis. I did this for years and I'm 29 today. And I'm not saying this to brag because it's all relative. But, I've pretty much crossed those things off my list. Two of my books ended up being published with the world's top English publishing company, Penguin Random House. I built two multi-million dollar YouTube channels. I retired my wife and me in our twenties.

I'm sitting right now out from my beautiful view. I'm trying to get some of the natural sunlight. You see all my books stacked up right there. It all worked by simply writing this down. So when I say the title of this blog how to manifest what you want,  I'm being serious. I'm not filling you with crap. This isn't just like some random new age. Like this stuff happened in my life. And I really have my dream life. And it's from this process. So now I'm just going to detail it. Step-by-step one more time. So you can start to do it in your own life. So step number one is to get a pen and pad to write out what you want in the present tense. So that means that you write it as if it's already happened. 

Tell Your SubConscience Whats Real: Then Repeat 

The subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's not real. This is very powerful, if you understand this, it doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's not real. So when somebody says, oh, that's unrealistic, nothing is unrealistic to the subconscious mind. Oh, that's impossible. Nothing is impossible to the subconscious mind. Oh, it's too hard to make more money. That's not impossible to the subconscious mind. There are no right guys out there. My true love is, not out there, that's not impossible to the subconscious mind you can have, do, and be anything you want, but you have to use autosuggestion and repetition to get into the subconscious mind. And hypnotic writing is the best way to do it. So you write what you want in the present tense. This first time you do it. This is going to be your official manifestation document. Napoleon Hill calls it his, his declaration. And you're going to put this on your refrigerator, your wall somewhere where you're going to see it every single day.

And what you're going to do is you're going to write out in the present head. So mine might look like I'm just making it up right now. I'm so happy and grateful. Now that I am a world-renowned author speaker, and online personality, inspiring millions of people, worldwide making millions of dollars. My YouTube channels are reaching people from countries all over the world. Every day, I'm attracting new customers and new clients who happily pay for my products and services with incredible satisfaction. Everyday, I'm hearing fantastic miracles in people's lives. Who's been transformed and upgraded from my work. And I'm just making something up off the top of my head, but you get the point. So you write it in the present tense. You could write about your dream house, your dream car, your dream job, your dream city, your dream country, your dream day, your dream life, the financial freedom, having your soulmate, traveling around the world, whatever you want, you write it in the present tense.

If It Hasn't Happened : You Must Suspend Your Disbelief

I know maybe everything in your life hasn't happened the way that you want. So sometimes it's hard to do this exercise because it's like, well, it probably won't happen anyways. Please just do it. Suspend your disbelief comment down below. Suspend my disbelief. Comment that down below suspend my disbelief. So you write it out in the present tense, make it about one page. You're going to read this every morning. And every single night, I take you two to three minutes. The sound vibrations are going to start activating a certain pattern of cells in your brain. Pretty soon, your brain is going to think it's real, even though it hasn't happened because you're going to do something called hubs law to determine neuroscience that says that nerve cells, that fire together, wire together. So when you read it every morning and every night, you're building a new pattern of cells in your brain, you're conditioning your brain to a reality that hasn't happened.

How To Manifest What You Want: Write Down What You Want Daily Like You Already Have It 

I trained my brain to have the life that I imagined 10 years ago just by doing this every single day. So number one, pen and pad, write it out in the present tense. Okay. Step number two is to have a hypnotic writing session every single day, five, 10 minutes. I think this is one of the best manifestation techniques in the entire world. I've been doing this for a very long time. I used to do 30-minute sessions. Uh, I don't have quite the time to do that now with having a baby and, uh, having a life and multiple businesses and all of these things, but, um, just hypnotic writing I did for 30 minutes every day. And what I would do is I would, put in my headphones, you don't have to use headphones, but I like to use them it blocks out all outside noise.

Hypnosis: Another Way To Manifest Faster

I get distracted easily by outside noise. I would play them not very loud, pretty quietly. Our subconscious can pick up sound that your conscious mind can't even hear. So below the earshot level that you can consciously perceive your subconscious still picks up sound, but I don't do it that low. I still keep it at a level. I can hear it and light enough where it doesn't distract me, it can put me into a trance. I recommend you use my success hypnosis, I give it away for free. Just so everyone has a tool when they leave the blog. So it's right there down below it's Jake's It's pinned to the comment. It's the top comment. And then, yeah, and it's in the description right there down below. It's my free success hypnosis. So I recommend you listen to that. And while you do that, this is when you detailed different scenarios in your life.

So one day I would write about how all my videos started going viral on YouTube in the present tense. One day I would write about how, uh, I retired my wife, Ashley in her twenties. One day, I'd write about attracting my dream house, right? You could do different subjects every time. This is interesting, exciting, and creative. What you're doing is you're practicing, developing your imagination in image form, making powers of your own mind. As you start to hone this and you use the success of hypnosis to put you in a trance and your conscious mind disappears. The way hypnosis works is, your conscious mind tones down, and you move into a brainwave state. That's similar to sleep. And when you're in a brainwave state, so similar to sleep, you are amendable to suggestion in the, you know, the Vegas shows that's when they hit the hypnotist, makes the person bark like a dog and quack like a duck and whatever weird things.

Reprograming Your Subconscious Mind Changes Your Life 

Well, you can do weird things like that. If you get directly to the subconscious, but you can also do really cool things, such as program yourself to be a millionaire program, yourself, to be more productive, program yourself, to be happier, program your subconscious mind, to heal and rejuvenate yourselves, attract romance, attract new success and opportunity into your life. You can put yourself into a trance. You can hypnotize yourself for these things. I kid you not. I've been doing it for 11 years. The reason I resorted to these techniques, is because when I dropped out of college, every publishing company said "No" to me, all my friends said," You're nuts". They used to be my friends. They're not anymore, but they all said it was nuts. Many family members said this is never going to work. Book agents all said "No", this guy, was kind of a role model to me, a little bit of a mentor.

He was a successful author and speaker. And before my first book came out, so I was probably 20. We had a mentor session and he told me, I should go back to school. He said, look, buddy, I appreciate what you're doing. I get it. But this is hard stuff. And it's not going to work out for you at this age, especially without any credentials or anything like that. And so I realized all my outer world was, uh, telling me was impossible, but remember nothing is impossible to the subconscious mind. So I resorted to hypnosis out of essentially no other ideas. I didn't know how I was going to do it. I didn't know how to write a book, publish a book, market, a book. So it's not like I had the knowledge or the intellect to do it. I just had the dream.

I had faith and a burning desire for what Napoleon Hill talks bout. Consequently, I started doing different hypnosis techniques to reprogram my mind. I found this was the most powerful so you just mark out five to 10 minutes. You listen to my success hypnosis, and you have fun. You enter the spirit of what you want. You write about your dream house on the beach in Hawaii. You write about your trip around the world. You write about how you doubled your income and you're jumping up and down from excitement. This is the process of daily hypnotic writing.

Be Grateful For What You Want And Let Go

The third and final step is to practice letting go and being grateful. So when you finish reading your statement every morning and every night, and you finished doing your hypnotic writing, imagine that you just got up from your diary and you were writing about what really did just happen in your life. Understand this as I'm speaking right to you right now. Okay. Really understand your subconscious doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's not real. It doesn't know the difference in acting it's called method acting, right. And that's when they don't break character. And you know, in some actors have had some psychological problems because they're playing these crazy characters and then they can't break out of them when they're done. But on a lighter note, that method acting you can use to become the character you want to be. You're starring in your own movie. Most people don't really realize that they're the writer of their own script. Well, you can become a multimillionaire. You can become a humanitarian. You can become the perfect husband, wife, soulmate partner friend. You can become that more productive version of yourself.

Your The Author: Decide Who You Want to Be And Give Thanks

You can become that healed, happy, healthy, inspired version of yourself. And when you do this every single day and you leave the session truly giving thanks, Joe Dispenza always says, can you give thanks for a future that hasn't been made manifest yet? If you can do that, then you realize the entire manifestation process. Isn't an intellectual exercise it's designed to make you feel like you already have what you want. If you can use hypnotic writing to feel like you already have what you want.This is how you manifest what you want If you can read it off your fridge every morning with excitement, you have to exaggerate. 

I'd go to my mirror. And I would say, "I'm so grateful. I'm a multimillionaire author, inspiring millions of people. Throwing my hands in the air. Why not? Because I'm an idiot. Not because I'm delusional because I'm trying to evoke emotion because emotion is feelings, and feelings activate new cells of recognition in your brain. If you do it every day, they build a new pattern. They build a new neural network, which wires into your brain before your outer world can be what you want. You have to embody it in your own mind. So let go, be grateful, have fun, understand thoughts, create reality, and that the power of consciousness is beyond anything you can imagine. If you can reprogram your subconscious mind using this very powerful technique on how to manifest what you want. 

So this is Jake Ducey with If you enjoyed today's blog from my living room, let me know in the comments section below, comment I can manifest anything. I want comments down below. Comment "I can manifest anything I want" and let me know what that is! If you haven't yet please be sure to use my free success hypnosis. It's right here in this post.  

You know, I see a lot of comments. People get amazing, amazing miracles from using the success hypnosis. Because we have to reprogram the mind. And that's why I always give you tools. That's why I always give you real techniques you can do. That's why I always say, Hey, people ask all the time how to manifest what you want? Please just get my success hypnosis and start to use that. We don't realize how many crappy belief systems we have. We've inherited them. Our whole lives, crappy belief systems about money. Self-worth self-confidence public speaking, love, romance, dating, weird self-sabotaging ideas and beliefs habits. We don't even know that we have. That's why they're called subconscious. They're below the conscious mind. We aren't aware of them, but we can reprogram them even without knowing what they are. We can replace them. We can update them, just like you update the software on a computer. And if you do that correctly, you can program your mind to be a magnet to help you attract what you want quicker, faster, and easier into your life.

Don't take my word for it. Just try it for yourself. And so my success hypnosis is right there down below in the description and pen to the comments. It's free. Thanks for visiting the blog. If you're new here, I'm Jake. Nice to meet you. Thanks for reading my blog, If you're a returner, it's good to see you again. And I appreciate you coming back and checking out the newest blog. Give me a comment down below and let me know what you think of today's episode. I'm going to start doing more, uh, questions and answers. So if there are certain topics you want covered problems, you're having things you'd like me to discuss, leave a comment down below, and I will try to feature you in a future post. So wishing you a great day and I'll talk to you next time. 


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