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Jake Ducey
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Why I Charge For Some Programs

Not a day goes by where someone doesn't ask me via email or a YouTube comment something like this...

Jake, if you really care about helping people, why do you charge for your programs? Why not give them away for free if you really care and want to help people?"

And you know what? It's a really good question. 

And, of course, I have a really good reply. 

You see, I typically spend 85% to 90% of my working time creating FREE YouTube trainings for you. I upload a new video every single day and it takes a lot of work. Not only does it take a lot of work, it takes a lot of money to hire a video editor to edit 30 videos in a month. 

If you haven't seen or subscribed to my YouTube channel, you can do so at this link... https://www.youtube.com/jakeducey/ or click the image below...

youtube subscribe to jake ducey

I upload these videos every day for you because I know what it's like to not have money. I know what it's like to feel like I can't afford to invest in myself.

When it comes to the programs that I charge for, I do this because we humans tend to value the things that we invest in. 

I have all been given all kinds of free books, products and seminar invites. And you know what? I rarely did anything with those gifts. 

I've bought all kinds of cheap things for $10 or $20. And I've rarely done anything with those purchases either. 

But when I heavily invested in myself and spent thousands of dollars, I was sure to maximize and leverage every ounce of that information because I didn't want my hard earned dollars to go to waste.

It was only when I had a financial stake in my education that I began to take it seriously. 

And this is why I charge money for my programs because if you want your life to change, you have to take this change seriously. If I were to give you everything for free, it's very unlikely you'd take it seriously and do much of anything with it.

However, I'm very sympathetic to those with money woes, and this is the reason I do free YouTube trainings every day. This is also the reason why I sell 3 of my best selling programs in The Trilogy Pack for such a discount so anyone who is serious about growth can gain access. 

Subconscious Bootcamp Products
mess into message products
Affirm Your Destiny Products

About the Author Jake Ducey

Jake Ducey is a two-time published author with Penguin/Random-House (The Purpose Principles and Profit From Happiness), a leading speaker for his generation having been featured in TEDx Youth, hired by mega organizations such as Nielsen and Accenture, and a leader who has already inspired countless thousands of young people to seek meaningful career success and to make a difference in the world.

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  • Ronald Kerr says:

    Jake, I wanted to tell you, that I did try out your “Second Mind” sessions, and was very impressed by it. But I wanted to ask you, is there any way the “demo” or the tid bit od video that you showed, can be downloaded for free?? I’m going to join your dream team, as soon as I am finished writing this message to you. I am one of those that fit in the category, at the moment struggling to come up with the money to purchase the “Second Mind” program. I know you mentioned using Paypal, but the last thing I need right now, is more payments. I am 59 years old, and retired from the Military and with Walmart, due to a back injury. I don’t have a plan, I don’t know what to do, but I do know that I desire money in my life, in some way, shape or form. I’ve been a loyal subscriber to your YouTube Channel, and look forward to your inspiration every day. Thanks Jake, for being a part of that inspiration to me….God Bless….Ronald Kerr, Granite Falls NC, USA

  • Jake….you are so…THE BEST. You are right about the need to INVEST in ourselves. It helps us value and take things more seriously. Beside YOU need to make a living too and CONTINUE to … help others…. like myself….more and more!!! Like gold…nothing that is valuable is free. I am in
    awe of your wisdom,strength and courage. On behalf of all those you have helped…a BIG thank
    you. Please continue to help people like myself who believe that I am worth the investment.
    God Bless You, Today, Tomorrow and Always.

  • Lynn Summers says:

    Jake, you answered the question with the truth. We, in the “helping/serving humanity” business have to create content that actually does help and serve. This cost money, and we have to pay bills, eat, and live, just like anyone else. I love your free videos – there is so much value in those alone.
    You are a man of integrity. Thank you for all you do.

  • Eileen Mc Mahon says:

    Thank you so much. U deserve to earn a good living

  • Rawda says:

    Thank you Jake, you are very generous I realy benifited from your free youtube videos and I wish you all the best

  • Rejean Dupuis says:

    Jake you are an amazing young man keep up the good work you do for all in this universe. You need to charge us in order to continued success. I will be joining your team soon. I am turning 53 this May I always did for others. My dad was an alcoholic all is life spend all the money he maid with is friends. My mom was a hard working women she had nine children from two different marriage three with her first husband he past away at an early age then met my father she had six with my father I being eight child of nine. My mother babysat nearly 100 children to pay the rent food and clothing. We the children help are mother with with all we could. I spent a lot of time with my oldest sister because of what my father did to her as a child. I didn’t know why I had live with her from the age of six to eighteen. When I found out what my father had done I was very angry at my father. I got married at the age of 18 I have for nearly 35 years I worked hard all my life as much as 90 hrs a week gave a lot of my money to help family and friends I have no money for my retirement. I have three wonderful children all in there late twenty’s and early thirty’s they keep telling me dad we love you so much please think of your self before others you need to happy and take care of your health. I am diabetic have bin taking insuline for the past four years. My children are right for the past year I have bin working to changing my life it’s not easy I will get there soon. Jake keep charging us or you will become just like I no money for your rretirement. Keep up the wonderful world you do. Lol your friend Rejean

  • Barbara says:

    I totally get it that not ever thing is free in life and you need to financially invest in things in order to achieve success. It also takes hard work, belief and trust in the universe and affirmation to succeed. I want to thank you Jake so much for your you tube videos for giving me the motivation and daily inspiration. I have not invested in any of your online programmes yet. But have ordered your books. You deserve all the best. Kind regards Barbara I am from beloved country South Africa

  • Francis says:

    Jake thanks for the you tube content you provide for free. It has been a real opener for me.
    I agree wholeheartedly that you need to charge for certain programs as it is your livelihood and you spend all of your time creating the content for these. If you had no income this would not be possible.

    Keep up the wonderful work you are doing for all of us.

    God bless

  • Hi Jake , I appreciate what you have to say and I completely agree with you. I, too have signed up for many low cost programs that sit in my computer. Recently invested quite a bit to become a better professional blogger. Your videos really resonated with me. I saw the light in your eyes and the wisdom and intelligence behind your words. I bought your book In to the Wind and plan to buy others. I even shared your book on my Facebook page. And I downloaded your free manifesting tape. It’s very good but maybe a little too long. I’m not letting you get too far out of my sight as I see so much potential in you and your message. You are a voice for the future to be sure. I’m wishing you the best and praying for a bright future for you. Stay pure in heart and carry on!

  • Mireille says:

    Hi Jake, the link to the trilogy pack doesn’t work, nor do the link to the individual packages making up the trilogy pack.
    I will look on your website if I can order them on another page of your website.

    Thank you!
    Thank you.

  • Cynthia says:

    Thank you for ALL you do! I think you are an amazing person who works hard, has done his homework, has invested in himself to help others be their best & everyone needs to live! I thank you for the bright light you are & thanks for creating the dream team! Some of us maybe ill & trying to get off the system…very hard to do in certain instances…bot I am grateful to you far ALL your videos & look forward to when I can join your Dream Team! (I have noticed we reD a lot of the same authors…I have made great progress in certain areas & hope to continue! Keep up all the great work & fun, Jake Ducey!
    Much love & gratitude! All my best wishes for your continued success!

  • Tracie Wilcox says:

    Thanks.Jake”” much love to you an yours also sweetie …I’m so sry I can’t buy anything at this time .unemployed…😳

  • Ni Wayan Widnyani says:

    I do understand because actually we are not allowed to give anything in life for free. The people wont appreciate you and your work. My soul teacher shared her experience when she held her first workshop for free . When the workshop finished she got heartattache then had to do surgery. Then later on when she was doing meditation she found the answer that we arent allowed to give anything to other people for free unless there is certain reason. People tend not to value something free. More or less like that.
    But for me why I cant buy anything online because I havent got any credit card on my own yet. I cant use somebody else card anymore because they are afraid other misused their card as many criminality this time. For me I dont think that far because I know I am dealing with spiritual people. So got to wait till I have my own card. Thanks Jake keep up the good work.

  • Rebecca says:

    Jake u have taught me so much I am forever grateful,u are always going to get whingers i think your a wonderful person for all you have taught people.Thankyou.

  • Rebecca Payne says:

    As a quadriplegic female senior living on SSI, I cannot afford anything else. Just wanted to let you know that there are those of us out here that are in this boat. I truly appreciate your free videos and I thank you for your help. Rebecca

  • Jason Wilcox says:

    I think you show enough free things for us to be happy with, you can’t please everyone mate. Keep up the good work, I’ve learnt alot already and have only just found you.

  • Jjonathan Bakewell says:

    Jake I watched the second mind pre words and when I pressed the thing at the end nothing happened I tried heaps and got zip can you help me. I love all to do with the secret.i spent 30 years in prison an got through thinking positive. I seen the law of attraction working every day. PLEASE Jake I need your help to down load the second mind. I love your work Jake. Take care my Brother.Jon from Australia

  • agnes says:


  • Helene DiPonzio says:

    This question never ceases to amaze me. People like you, and Esther Hicks and others, spend their lives in this pursuit. You have made this your job! You should absolutely charge for it, while also doing exactly what you do, which is post vids on youtube for those of us who are either on the fence or simply don’t have the dough at the moment. Imho you never need to explain or justify why you charge for your material.

  • concepcion gerogalim says:

    Hi jake …what a fantastic inspiration you shared…your every word are full of thought. An energizer. You guess it right. I belong to the group a bit with difficulty regarding money matters. But anyway i always watch your videos on utube… thanks a lot for you and your team’s effort sending me always an email. Promised i may not be able to buy your programs. Promised im your follower in utube. I always watch it. Thanks ..more blessings for you Jake.

  • Barry says:

    Not complaining, I’ve been using MP3 player , Hypnosis, which to me, has more affect then, The boot camp one, any reason but I already felt the shift, keep up the good work Jake, thanks

  • Savina says:

    Jake I do appreciate what you do and I really love you and what you share with us all. But seriously I have done so many courses and I am in a very comfortable space right now and I am perfectly okay with who I am. Love and light to you my friend, shall continue listening , thanks for What you already do for us all. Do appreciate it.xxxx

  • Shirley says:

    Jake, You’ve given so much invaluable information to all and for free. Your knowledge you’ve so graciously given to us for free is priceless. It’s ashame that you’ve to explain why not all your products and information is for free. Abundance is for all including you, especially you. No need for an explanation, it’s just a matter of changing our mindset and realizing that we’re all worthy of abundance.

  • Maria Freire says:

    Jake I am 69 years old lady, only now I got the opportunity to change myself because you.
    Thank you Jake

  • Sameera says:

    How much is your book cost. In Indian rupees

  • Jodie Shores says:

    You add SO much value for free!! I am so thankful for everything you do! I am now investing in your programs and it’s Ahhhmazing! Taking change seriously!

  • Martha says:

    Hi Jake, When I give people readings for free, they generally dont see the value of what they just got. When I charge money for my sessions, or get a trade for my sessions, there is such a difference.. There is a certain respect and value that automatically happens if that person has some skin in the game. I always feel great after I give a session or reading whether I get paid or not but I have noticed a general lack of respect for the information if its given for free. There must be some sort of exchange is what I have come to.. Don’t undervalue what you give or what you get.

  • Jack Burger says:

    Lol! Thank you Jake! The universe works in mysterious ways. I did watch the second mind video and afterwards I wondered why if the universe always brings us what we want why you are changing for this information. I was kinda pissed at you. I felt like maybe you were decieving us like back in the 80’s with all the self hypnosis audio’s. I told the universe/god that night that I didn’t agree with what you were doing. Now a week later I get this email with your video explaining why you do it and I can completely understand your reasoning. I will continue to watch your daily videos and one day will be able to buy some of your systems! Just wanted to let you know that I am confident that you are truly trying to help your fellow man/ women. Thank you! Stay true!

  • Kristen says:

    Jake, your an amazing person and doing an amazing job helping others, including me. I thank you for all your time invested YouTube videos and emails that you put out daily. You have helped me so much. Don’t let the negativity of others get to you. Until they’re in a positive mind set, they won’t understand why things are the way that they are. Your amazing and please continue to do what you do. You’ve been a big motivation to me and I am very grateful I came across you. Keep up the good work. God Bless You

  • Laurie Smith says:

    You are amazing! What more can I say!🙏🙏🙏

  • Laurie Smith says:

    Laurie Smith

    I would also like to add, that as a newbie to these practices I am so grateful for your amazing daily videos & emails!!! You help keep me on track and stay focused on my happiness!! Because of you and the new community of like-minded people I’ve become a part of with my new online business, I know now I will be just as successful as you in helping change people’s lives!! Much LOVE, GRATITUDE & RESPECT for you and your success!! May the Universe bless you many many many times over Jake Ducey!! Your Inspiration is felt worldwide and heart deep!!! 🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕

  • dino says:

    Jake, i am blessed with what you do and this really inspired me. My, father once told me, son if you have an urge to buy something, buy it. Because later you may need it, and guess what. It like dissapears.I am greatful to you & your team for these inspiring things you put out everyday, just keep it up. Yehhh

  • Gayle Montana says:

    First let me say Thank You for all the videos you do . lm blessed to be able to see them . I realise that nothing is free really. I have to pay for internet to be able to see them. I hope soon to be able to purchase a few things from you and I;m sorry people make you feel like you own them a explanation. So I want to tell you Thank you Thank you Thank you. Thats all. Have a great day I’m happy to be able to listen to your meditation videos at night .

  • Hi Jake!

    I totally agree with you!
    How else could we feel the delightful joy of having achieved our goals, if there is no driving force in achieving our goals, dreams and more positive thinking.

    To get something, we have to do something, and not only believe that everything comes from itself. And then, we value it a lot more and process it in a better long-term way.

    I don’t know, but maybe I can compare this with my nephew’s childhood, since he was a little child.
    Every week he received expensive gifts from his father, as other children could only dream of.
    And every year when he had a birthday and when it was Christmas Eve, that joy was missing by packing up his presents / Christmas presents. He just threw them aside in a big pile.
    The sad is, for each year his gloom grew and that satisfying joy was completely lacking.
    Today he is a young man of 21 years, but is terribly sadly depressed and unhappy.

    Birgitta from Southern Sweden

  • Marieliz Napa says:

    Aloha Jake🌺

    Thank you for sharing your passion where I believe you do the most good for humanity🙏🏽. You are on the money for your rationale on charging for your “intellectual property” shared with contagious emotion and passionately delivered each time.


  • V.Nagasubramani says:

    Jake, I have tried your Third eye program for 60 seconds as per your guide lines.But I can’t realise any thing. How many days I have to do it.

  • sherry says:

    Thank you Jake . For all the free stuff you do . I know, i wont always need, your free stuff , But right now i am sincerely grateful for every lesson you are teaching me on you tube. most fondly and gratefully happy Sherry <3

  • Gemma says:

    Jake, I want to thank you for your video about saying prayers of appreciation to water. The day after I started I received $20 back from someone I had given it to for a friend’s dinner…someone else had paid for it. Also, the next day I received a job offer to take care of someone’s pets in one of my favorite towns for $60 a day for a few days short of a month. Then someone turned me on to a quantum health app for my cell phone and I got it and it works! So, I expect to make tons of money as an affiliate, because it’s time for all things quantum. So, I wanted to send you some of this appreciation and say thank you! Many Blessings.

  • Zowie says:

    I listened to jakeducey hypnosis for one week,and for some reason I’ve found the strength to get out of an emotional abusive relationship that I’ve been in for 7 years.im not sure where the strength has come from other than his hypnosis.i only left 2 days ago but this stuff really works it really does.thankyou

  • Janai Richard says:

    Jake you are doing amazing and I’m so grateful I stumbled across your you tube videos I feel like the universe connected me to your style of teaching that I was able to comprehend. I am an Entrpanuer, Artists and I have learned that I am not for everybody and everyone is not for me and its ok. I’m pretty sure that you know this but it’s nice to get confimation from a true viewer of your teachings. It like breaking down and rebui

  • Janai Richard says:

    I was not done but it’s like a breakdown and rebuild. Jake has helped me be aware of what I need to do and I forever grateful. Once Im on the next level where I can purchase, I will pay what ever you ask because its totally worth it.

  • Munira says:

    You are spot on Jake. You shouldn’t give everything free. Your videos are so useful. It is amazing. I manifested money out of the blues. I made an affimation to God that I’ll have a particular amout of money to save this month and yes I have that exact amount. ☺”I HAVE JAKE DUCEY’S 2ND MIND VIDEOS” That’s my affimation. Thank you.

  • Wanda Addison says:

    I want,to thank you for providing these amazing videos for me. I am raising my 4 young grandchildren and my disabled brother, I work 6 days per week. I am learning to have time for myself. Money is growing, 99% of the time I have to wait to get what I want for me. I know there is a Blessing for me, my person,so self somewhere. I would love to have your Trilogy Package, I need a vacation, a larger home for all of us. I pay over 1000 per month for rent of a 3 bedroom. I believe things will get better soon. I keep listening to the manifestation meditation. Hopefully I will be able to manifest enough to buy the Trilogy. God Bless You. I love what you are doing.

  • Autum Flaata says:

    This video, or rather the need to have created it in the first place saddens me. I would wholeheartedly recommend your YouTube channel to anyone questioning their purpose, or wanting to create the life they desire. What you publish for FREE has been invaluable, and where I started. I learned very quickly that I can afford anything I desire, it is just a matter at starting where I could afford, or was personally comfortable investing. You have helped me on my path of enlightenment!

  • james says:

    Jake thank you for sharing your wonderful info for free on youtube.you do deserve to be rewarded for all your hard work!so i get it ! been listening to your $38 trilogy along with reiki energy healing wow i am feeling great!now i am able to bring more joy into the lives of those around me! i am so grateful to find your videos 1love James

  • gis says:

    Well, isn’t the better answer to that that every service we supply to others is deserving and worthy of financial gain? That is such a misconception view of money as well, as it would go against the law of attraction and the mind set that your videos instill. You and anyone deserve to make money for the service, art, healing, service, you provide… it is the exchange of energy the universe provides you with. Giving and being worthy of receiving, so you can give and continue giving.

  • Greg Tucker says:

    Jake, First off thankyou for all the time and help you do give to us for free. As a pk ( preachers kid )+ life long active church member I have 1st hand seen exactly what your trying to explain. Those that complain the loudest are us ally the ones that contribute the least. So in church venacular your preaching to the choir, in secular words I got your back bro.Thanks again for all the freebies I hope you know many of us are appecative and grateful. Brotherly love, Greg

  • Susan Nanney says:

    Jake, I really would love to improve my life, but I am on a fixed income and I can’t afford even the 37.00 . I’m embarrassed to say so but it’s true,, thank you for everything that you have shown me so far though, you are more sincere about helping me more than anyone else,,
    Susan Nanney

  • Alice says:

    Dear Jake, being such inspiration for the thousands of young people it’s a privilege and puts on you and your team important responsibility.
    I do appreciate your help, great job You are doing FOR FREE on the YouTube channel.Also you said you had been given FREE Seminars.
    I agree we leave in the world which is based mostly on money value – our consciousness works on that vibe in a great majority.However this pattern of humans life is about to be changed if we want put Humanity in higher level of dimensions.
    That’s why I refuse to accept your suggestion – in your free demo considering the Second Mind -when you are saying that without this course noone is able to improve the ability of the brain in keeping a balance to put on a new track our consciousness.
    Myself, I’m certain that’s possible,Jake.
    I understand you, that’s the way you make money now.
    However, fallowing “Life & Teaching of The Masters of the Far East” by Baird T.Spalding – such important teaching which is powerful and able to help suffering Humans achieve higher inner improvement, consciousness and future dimensions is suppose to be served FOR FREE.
    Shorty speaking, such attitude is credible and pure.

    Still I do appreciate any advice,help, knowledge and your warm in your movies on YouTube channel.
    God bless you.Alice

  • bateng Motshwane says:

    How much is the program in South African rands. I came across the 2nd program yesterday and loved it.. I love it and would line to be part of your team and teach this in my country. Can you also help on this matter?

    Thank you

  • Abhinav says:

    We can invest but aren’t we already investing?? Internet/Data

  • Yo j.duce u make so much sense here I can’t afford either not yet but it is a priority to me ima make.it happen,u da real deal bro and u changing my life big time,and.once u see results ima gonna go 4 da guguler.Thnx dice ur a game changer 4 real!!!!!!!!!

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