7 Signs From The Universe Your Breakthrough Is Near
Jake Ducey
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7 Signs From The Universe Your Breakthrough Manifestation Is Near

Here are 7 signs from the universe your breakthrough manifestation is near! I'm so happy you're here. Let's dive right in! 

Have you been working on manifesting something or waiting for signs from the universe that you're on the right path?

Well, here’s 7 signs from the universe that your breakthrough to attracting what you want is near:

Let's dive right into it…

Signs From The Universe #1. The universe begins to speak to you through other people

So, you've been imagining yourself attracting a soulmate or a new house or a new car and some guy comes over to you and says,

“Hey, was that you out front of that house putting the trash out on that really cool street over there?”

And you're like,

“Huh? No, it wasn't me,”

But it's this street or this area that you've always really wanted to live in and your friend thought that it was you or he thought that he saw you in some new car holding hands with with some man or a woman that you've been wanting to attract into your life.

The universe will speak through other people or maybe the universe will say something like you've been wanting to write a book and you've been planning it out in your head or you've been wanting to get the book going and you've been imagining it and someone says, after you're talking to them,

“Man, you should really write a book!”

Or maybe you've been working on attracting more money into your life and somebody says to you,

“Man, you have the best way of thinking about abundance!”

And it's off of a remark that you said.

The universe will use other people to speak through you to confirm that you're on the right path.

Life primarily works through signs and symbols and since the universe is a higher intelligence, a non-physical intelligence that animates our world, it'll use another person to confirm that you're on the right track.

So, if you ever hear of those types of synchronicities, coincidences or just kind of odd head-scratching happenings from somebody else, it means you're on the right track.

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Signs From The Universe #2. You sense it coming

You just have this weird feeling and you can't explain it,

“I just know it's coming!”

Even if you look out and the evidence is to the contrary. Maybe you've been trying to attract a new house and something bad happened, your current one, you lost it or you lost some mortgage or you're renting it and the Landlord turned out to not be a nice person and you had to leave.

Maybe you've been working on attracting more financial abundance but you got fired from your job or they demoted you, and so on.

The evidence is opposite but you have this unexplainable feeling, an internal feeling, that it's coming. That's called intuition, that's called God speaking to you, that's called the universe speaking to you.

It's this feeling that you sense but that you can't explain, because the future isn't determined by the present. When you can sense that thing starting to come and it's like I don't know why but I'm feeling it coming.

You know you're on the right track.

It's just a matter of keeping it going but what happens for most people is they say,

“Well, how can I believe those thoughts and those feelings in my head when I look outside and I see the evidence that that's not happening?”

And they let their outer world control their destiny.

When you sense that feeling, allow that to guide you moving forward because that's going to be the bridge to allow you to attract what you want into your life.

Trust yourself. This is another one of the signs from the universe.

Signs From The Universe #3. Dreams

dreams - signs from the universe

A lot of times our dreams really don't make much sense. It's our subconscious mind and a bunch of images that have been locked in there and they're just kind of plopping themselves back out.

But I've noticed in my life a lot of times before something really good happens, I'll dream about it.

So, what I invite you to consider is to try to start actually even practicing using it.

You know they say we're asleep for roughly about a third of our life. Before you're going to bed start to step into the image of what you're attracting into your life and use the dream space to actually be a space where your  unconscious mind is put on to what you want.

Now, you may wake up in the middle of the night and it's some random thing or you may wake up in the middle of the night and it's your biggest fear about the opposite of what you're wanting to attract.

That's simply your subconscious mind releasing the fear out of you.

So, there's no need to worry about. Often you'll notice in a dream state that what you've been wanting to attract is showing up in a dream or it's showing up in the opposite as this fear of it not happening. That's the subconscious releasing the fear. So, oftentimes you'll see it in dreams.

Signs From The Universe #4. Deja Vu

Have you ever before had deja vu and it was almost like you were already there before? Or you were having this weird form of deja vu where you had imagined your dream or your desire or whatever you want to manifest and you were walking into the grocery store and you felt like it was about to happen but then maybe it didn't actually happen. It felt like it was about to happen and you were having weird deja vu about it?

Life is simply a hologram of the images programmed in our subconscious mind. What will happen is the universe will give us glimpses of what's about to happen before it actually happens.

Everything is a projection of our own consciousness.

If you're having deja vu or you've been having deja vu what it likely means is that you're right on the precipice of a new shift of something greater coming into your life, of the thing that you've been working on attracting.

Don't give up, yet! You're almost there!

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Signs From The Universe #5. You get happy for absolutely no reason

happy signs from the universe

Just get happy for no reason.

“I’m alive, I feel good today. I feel amazing, feel great today!”

You're happy for another reason. Most people need a reason to be happy but if you need a reason to be happy then what you're doing is living in reactionary consciousness and your happiness and joy is subject to the world outside of you.

If you're living from creation consciousness you're happy for no reason and when you're happy for no reason you're in a position to attract more of what you want.

What's happening is this deeper part of you knows that what you want to manifest is already coming and so you feel the sense of joy that consciously you can't describe.

“I guess I'm happy for no reason”

But on a deeper level it's you moving more in alignment with your true self and what you're intending to manifest in your life. If you're happy for no reason continue to be happy for no reason. Look around and enjoy the beauty of life instead of looking around and saying,

“Yeah, but look what time it is. My thing hasn't shown up yet and look at my bank account it hasn't shown up--”

No, no, no! When you're happy for no reason what's actually happening is you’re connecting to the energy of what you desire so that you can bring it about into your life.

Signs From The Universe #6. People start hating on you

The universe doesn't give you what you want all the time until you grow to a new level. Sometimes you'll have people hating on you. Friends, family members trying to talk you out of your dreams.



The universe will use other people it'll speak through other people to help you evolve and to help you grow. So, if you're facing opposition from somebody in your work from a family member from a friend from a stranger take it as a sign that what the universe is saying is,

“You are so close to what you want to manifest and I'm going to throw a couple things in your road just to see if you have the consciousness that can truly create and embody what it is that you intend to manifest.”

But what happens is people get into this place where they forget the previous signs that they see and then they have some opposition, some negativity, someone hating on them, someone doubting them and then it causes them to try to explain themselves or to overthink it.

You don't need to explain yourself to anybody, you do not need to explain your dreams, your desires to anybody and they don't even need to get it! You just need to feel it.

They don't need to get it, you just need to feel it!

You feel that it's true and it doesn't matter if they don't get it. You recognize that that's a sign from the universe for you to step and stay in your power because what you want is very, very, very close.

Signs From The Universe #7. You have a sense of calm that you can't quite understand and maybe other people don't even get it

calm signs from the universe

What that is is a sign that you’ve let go.

When you're in a place of holding on you are actually in a place of lack of confidence. When you have this like weird sense of calm, it means on a deeper level, which you can't consciously understand, that you already know that what you want is totally on the way.

Now, someone else might be like

“Look, why are you so relaxed right now?! You’ve got to work really hard! Come on! You’ve got to make it happen! Come on!! You’ve got to do it!!”

And you're like,

“You know, I'm gonna take the inspired actions as they come to me and I'm gonna keep moving forward but I already know it's coming. I don't need to fret, I don't need to worry.”

Other people don't understand that.

They’re like, “Hey! Hey! Work hard, do this, do that!”

But you have this deeper sense of calm and quite often that's misunderstood by other people.

That's okay, there's no need to worry.

When you have that deeper sense of calm the negativity, the haters, the doubters, the challenges that show up, the things that don't work out they just don't really even seem to bother you anymore. Someone cut you off on the road, a random stress, in the day, a detour that takes longer for you to get to where you want to go. It’s kind of like,

“It's all good, I know everything's coming.”

Sometimes people worry because they're addicted to worrying. We're addicted to thinking that we need to control everything. When you have this shift in consciousness and you stop trying to control everything and worry about everything. You think,

“Do I not care anymore?”

No, it's not that you don't care, it's that you know on such a deep level, which you can't quite understand and articulate, that what you want is coming. You know for a fact that your breakthrough is on the way, and that's what I invite you to remember and consider.

What you want is closer than it appears to be. It's like the rearview mirrors, what you want is closer than it appears.

So, what I invite you to consider is this...

Train your subconscious mind.

You deserve what you desire.

People will say,

“Well, we don't deserve anything.”

No! We do! We deserve well-being, joy and abundance. Sometimes we have to go through difficulty to get there, but that's the purpose!

The purpose is for us to realize ourselves as creators, to step into higher levels of consciousness so that we can realize ourselves as creators in this universe.

What you want is on the way, affirm it!

“What I want is on the way!”

“What I want is already here!”

“I believe in the good things coming!”

Share this blog with somebody you know that is working on attracting what they want into their life. Thank you for sharing!

Let me know where in the world you're coming from and any questions you have that I can answer on the Ask Jake show. Until next time, keep your eyes, mind and heart open for your signs from the universe

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