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Third Eye Government Conspiracy

Third Eye Government Conspiracy This is the CIA's sacred secret: instant Third Eye activation. This is the military's and CIA's most advanced secret for Third Eye Activation to achieve superhuman capabilities. This is a multi-part series on some of the wildest research I have ever done, directly from the CIA's declassified papers. We had a small plane go down somewhere in Africa, and we were not able to find it by surveillance, so the director of the CIA heard about a woman in California who was a medium or something; I don't know the title for it, and she gave him the latitude and longitude of the plane's whereabouts. He located the plane where she said it was, and that's the only time I have ever experienced something that was inexplicable while I was present. 

Believe it or not, that is actually the president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, discussing what essentially became the United States Third Eye Spies, also known as a formerly top secret program called Project Stargate, which was later declassified with some 12 million pages of records from research that they did in conjunction with Stanford University Research Institute. 

The Ability To Have People To Manipulate Objects With Their Minds 

In these experiments, psychics—the CIA didn't like that word, so they called them remote viewers—undertook a wide array of military operations, including locating hostages kidnapped by terrorist groups and tracing the paths of fugitives around the world and with you in the United States. The roots of Project Stargate actually go back to 1972. The U.S. military got reports that the Soviet Union was pouring a bunch of money into research on ESP and the ability to have people move objects with their minds, and in response, the CIA began funding its own top-secret research, which was headquartered at the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California. Believe it or not, this is all true, and everything I'm about to show you about the CIA's research into the third eye, remote viewing, and the secrets of the universe is all declassified and directly taken off the website. 

I actually used the Freedom of Information Act to request information from the CIA, and they actually sent me mail back from the CIA, giving me all types of documentation. I'm going to give you a sneak peek at the secrets of the third eye. There's a fascinating documentary on this top-secret experiment; it's called the Third Eye Spies, and in that documentary they point out that at one time humanity worshiped fire. The shamans called it magic, and people were actually afraid of it.

Science Only Acknowledges Fire As Another Aspect Of Nature

Science Only Acknowledges Fire As Another Aspect Of Nature

Science simply recognizes fire as another part of the natural world, and while this fear of fire is gone, the fear of the unknown, the fear of the human mind, and the fear of the secrets of the universe of psychic abilities are still something people don't understand and are afraid of, and I'm going to break down some of that. In this first fascinating experiment, there were a series of them at the Stanford Research Institute, where the scientists called it "CIA remote viewing” because they didn't like the word “psychics.” This is a crazy reenactment of one of the experiments, and I'll play the clip in just a moment, but they had one of their subjects in a room, and the head scientists drove away in a car. Their destination was sealed in an envelope, and the subject didn't know; the crazy thing is, they had the subject imagine, open his third eye, and use remote viewing to describe where the individuals went. 

It's fascinating that he knew exactly where they were: in a commercial quad building, there was this big, tall building. He knew there was a fountain right in front of them, but the fountain was turned off. He even described the exact patterns of the concrete that they were walking on. Here's a little clip of it. But back in the room, the subject began sketching and describing where he imagined they might be. Here was the tape recording that he made, so there must be buildings around, and this would be sort of an area. They closed at some sort of quadrangle or quad, and then I sort of felt that there might be a fountain around, but I didn't hear any water in it. There was a fountain that day, but it was turned off back in the room. 

The subject sketched a pattern he thought was crosswalks coming together in a circle, but in fact the courtyard is paved in this pattern. The courtyard where they were is two miles from the room where the subject was; there has been no communication between them. If you thought that was crazy, this is really only the surface of another experiment. Angela Ford was asked to help track down a former Customs agent who actually ended up going on the run, and she told the story on CBS News. This is in conjunction with the CIA's own declassified documents. 

Angela Ford’s Excellent Tracking Skills

I was good at finding people. I was good at locating things. Angela Ford was with Project Stargate for nine years; in a sense, were you hired as a psychic spy? I guess yes, her assignment was to look for missing hostages and fugitives without ever leaving this building at Fort Meade in Maryland. I was called into session, and my boss asked me, "Where is Charles Jordan in 1989?" Angela Ford says she was able to psychically track down a former customs agent who had allegedly gone rogue. I said the man is in law, oh, Wyoming, and I spelled it l-o-v-e-l-l. Ford was off by a letter; it was Lovell, Wyoming. When my boss went to customs and said we're still getting the Wyoming feeling, customs said as we are speaking we are apprehending Charles Jordan, who is 100 miles west of the state line, so you were right and we were right. 

The Man Who Proclaimed Himself To Be The World's Greatest Psychic

In another example, the head Stanford physicist snuck into a forbidden lab at Stanford University using one of the test subjects, who claimed he was the greatest psychic in the world. His name was Ingo Swann, and Swan actually claimed that he could move the needle of an unswayable magnetometer that was buried 30 feet below concrete in a classified design used to sniff out nuclear explosions. It had a superconductive shelf, and its whole fame was that nothing from the outside could affect the magnetism of this needle; it was designed for nuclear bombs. Not only could he perfectly sketch the design of the needle, but he actually moved the needle and messed up the magnetism of it, and this is when it got pretty interesting because the CIA came knocking on the door and they were all worried, "Oh my gosh, are we going to get kicked out?" We just ruined this Stanford needle magnetism system," and they said no, we don't care about that, we're a little weirded out that this guy could move the needle of a superconductive needle behind nuclear explosive shelving," and the stories just kept going.

Here's a clip from NBC News that proves this is real, and so maybe one of the most important things about the work done here is that it has been published in one of the most conservative and prestigious scientific journals in the world. With this note, few readers will finish without wondering for at least a moment if indeed ESP might be possible after all, and what a difference that would make to us all, Jack Perkins, NBC News, Stanford Research Institute, California. Here is another one of my blog you might want to read to learn more - How To Unblock Your Third Eye.

The Psycho-Engineering

The CIA referred to all of these things as "psycho engineering." In their documents, they define "psycho engineering" as a person who can interact psychically with things, places, organisms, or events. They claimed that the two main forms they concentrated on in these top-secret experiments were telepathy and psychokinesis, the latter of which is the mental ability to move objects in extrasensory perception (ESP). In these top-secret documents, they went on to describe remote viewing in more detail. This is a direct quote from a CIA document about how to get and describe mental ways of getting information that normal people can't see because of distance or time. I have to admit that when I came across these documents, I wasn't that surprised because I've had my own experiences with them, and I'll tell you a pretty crazy story. 

I was really into all this stuff, and I had a mentor named Bob Proctor, and one day on my birthday, my wife and I were parked in her car looking at the ocean, and I wanted Bob Proctor to call me, so I turned on Bob Proctor's seminar, and I said, "Ashley, we're going to do a little experiment and we're going to get Bob Proctor to call us, so we turned on a seminar so I could get into the energy of his voice, and I closed my eyes and I started imagining him calling me." " I started imagining from my third eye that I was sending out basically like this telepathic energy to communicate with him, and then I started imagining that my phone was ringing, and I stayed in this energy of a reality that didn't exist to my senses but existed in my own consciousness. Here is another one of my blog you might want to read to learn more - How To Open Your Third Eye Fast!.

We stayed in this vibe for a while, and then we were leaving to drive to the gym, and when we pulled the car out, none other than Bob Proctor called me, and I picked up the phone and I said, "Bob, I just telepathically told you that you should call me,” and he was just very matter of fact; “Yes, Jake, I know how you are and what's going on?” and I told him the whole story, and he said, “That's the way the universe works.”

To Increase The Power Of Your Mind, Train Your Subconscious Mind

One of the best ways to amplify the powers of your own mind is to actually train your subconscious, and I have free success hypnosis right there down below at It's my free success hypnosis to start to reprogram your subconscious mind because the only reason this stuff sounds crazy to us is because we're conditioned to believe in so many limits of our mind that are really just illusions, and you can use my free success hypnosis to start to tap into those superhuman qualities and capabilities. It's It's pinned to the comments and in the description right there down below. I could go on and on with all these stories from these documents, and if you want to see more, give me a comment down below that says, “I love this; more, please.” 

Suspending Your Disbelief Is The Most Crucial Step

Here's how I want to end it. I want you to do your own thought experiment. I want you to pick a singular intention, whether it's to send a telepathic message to someone or to get information about the future, and I want you to start practicing using these powers of your own mind. The easiest way to do this is to turn on my hypnosis. Close your eyes and start to imagine the energy at the point between your third eyes. This is where superhuman capabilities lie; start small. Maybe see if you can get someone to call you. Maybe see if you can get an answer to a problem that you're facing. See if you can tap into non-sensory information to get you the answers that you're looking for. Here is another one of my blog you might want to read to learn more - Press Here For 60 Seconds To Activate Your Pineal Gland.

The most important thing is to suspend your disbelief. What if everything you knew about reality was wrong? What if all of your seemingly real limitations in your own mind were just fabricated stories that we've inherited because they don't want us to know how powerful we are? So comment down below, suspend my disbelief, and if you want to see more, let me know. Check out my free success hypnosis, and here's another one I think you're going to like as well; you can click here to watch it.


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