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Success Formula Of Joe Rogan Is Best Advice

Success Formula Of Joe Rogan Is Best Advice: Have you ever wondered what the simple success formula is that successful celebrities like Joe Rogan use to get whatever they want in life? I'm going to break down Joe Rogan's simple five-step formula to bend reality and get whatever you want in life. This is part two, all right? What if you could see the future before it happened? What if you could predict your own future like a fortune-teller? What if you could predict your future by creating it? This leads us to a big idea.  

See The Vision Before The World Sees It

Number one from Joe Rogan: see the vision before the world sees it today. Joe Rogan's the king of podcasting, number one in the world, and he's made over like 500 million dollars, but it all started in 2007 before the term podcast existed, when the internet was in its infancy, and he was on Tom Green's mysterious online show, and he had an idea that ended up shocking the world years later on online media with no grip from Hollywood and big corporations, he saw the vision before the world was ready. Let me show you the clip. You just need to keep doing this.

Figure Out How To Make Money

We need to figure out how you make money from it. I've got a lot of neat ideas I want to talk to you about because I know you're into this computer thing. I think we should call it okay because we're on the national internet. I think we have a thing called the national interweb. We're all creative people that are online on the web themselves and link themselves together through a series of links and then create a mass traffic like a page, like a portal sort of, like a portal into the advertising revenue stream you know and take a little bit from the bigwigs, right? 

This is what I mean by saying they don't need to exist; they're non-creative people. We talked about this before the show. They're non-creative people who are controlling creative things, and they want to have their input, and it's maddening. I mean, that happened with Chappelle. They give you jobs, and it's nice to have great times together as well. We're all caught up in this building. Just abandon them. 

Abandon Ship, you know I'm kind of, and that sums up big idea number one: you have to see the vision even if the world doesn't; you have to see the opportunity before it actually exists, and it was summed up best by Mike Dooley: the one thing all famous authors, world-class athletes, business tycoons, singers, actors, celebrated achievers, and podcasters have in common is that they began their journeys when they were none of these things, yet they still began their journeys. How do we take a crazy idea and make it a reality? We'd be like Rogan stumbling on the future gold rush of internet media podcasting. How do you take that big vision that you have and make it a reality? 

Your Imagination Is The Next Step To Bending Reality

According to Rogan, the next step to bending reality with your mind is with your own imagination. Here's Rogan explaining it. Life might be just one frame in an infinite movie that lasts forever. The imagination is the real force behind evolution. What imagination truly is is what we think of it as, like, "I can see things and I can work around problems." 

I have this idea, but when you imagine an idea, when you imagine a product, you imagine how to design an engine for a car. When your imagination has this idea for this thing, you build it and design it, and boom, it's there. It's not that people were running around thinking of the car, and I know it's going to look like there was no thought of it because you created it or it came to you. There's something from nothing, something from the ether, something from these, even if it's just these synapses firing in your mind. To learn more about this, read this - Law of Attraction: How to LET GO, Surrender, And TRUST THE UNIVERSE

Use Your Imagination To Build Your Future

What is the signal? What is the root of this signal? That sums up big idea number two. Use your imagination to build your future, and if you have difficulty with that, set aside time where you can detach your five senses from the outside world, right? Because your imagination will only create at the level that your senses are conditioned to operate at, that's why I'm so big on success hypnosis because, when you listen to it, you can close your eyes and start mentally rehearsing your new future.

I have a free success hypnosis program that about a million people from all over the world have used. It's right there, down below You can check that out for a free success hypnosis MP3, and I can hear some of you saying, "Okay, what if I know someone who used their imagination but couldn't seem to make their dreams a reality?" Rogan says it's one word: momentum. You need momentum, and you get momentum from discipline. 

Joe Rogan Explaining The Tenets Of Discipline

Here's Rogan explaining the tenets of discipline. The one thing that discipline definitely helps you with is that it helps you get things done, and when you get things done, when you actually do things, you have more success. If you have more success, sometimes a big part of success is just not being lazy and just doing it. It's like, ninety percent of success is just showing up, getting there, and starting to work like you're not going to feel perfect every day.

If I only worked out when I felt good, I'd be fat because there are a lot of days I don't want to do it. I've been pretty much the same with everybody: if you actually get good at something, there's got to be those days you push through, and then they're probably going to be more numerous than the days you don't.  So the benefit of discipline in my eyes has always been that through discipline I get things done. 

I always tell my friends that I'm like the most lazy disciplined person I know because I don't want to do it but I always do it, and that summarizes Rogan's third big idea: discipline will set you free, but have you ever done all those right things? You were disciplined, you worked hard, you had a mental dream that you visualized, and you did everything the success gurus aid to do, but you still didn't get what you wanted. Maybe it's all sunshine and rainbows for you, but for most people it isn't, and for me, it didn't change till I realized I was blocking my own success. To learn more about this, read this - How To Attract Wealth And Prosperity.

Rogan had the same problem, and he explained the dangerous pitfall that might be stopping you here before I was successful. I realized it was stupid long before because when I was an amateur, I would see guys that were killing and I'd be like, "Why is he doing good?" "Like that guy sucks, and this guy sucks, and you know how come he got this and he got that?" and then I remember thinking, "This is a gigantic waste of time."

I got into comedy because I'm a fan of comedy, and concentrating on people that suck or being jealous about people that are doing well does me zero good. That one is so powerful that it changed my life because I didn't even know I was doing it. 

Stop Being Jealous Of Success of Others

Stop Being Jealous Of Success of Others

Success Formula of Joe Rogan Is Best Advice: The messages that you're sending to your subconscious mind and your brain are that this success is bad, right? Because if you're condemning someone else's success because it's bigger than your own, what you're really telling your mind is that it's bad, it's wrong, or you cannot achieve the same thing, and this summarizes big idea number four: stop being jealous of other people's success and bless what you want.

Take it as a sign that you can do it too, but if you don't, you are training your brain to believe you cannot have it as well. I talked about it earlier, but that's why I'm so big on success hypnosis: because the world has brainwashed you and me to believe that we can't be successful like Joe Rogan, and you can't be successful like the top real estate agent in your office. You can't be the big, huge doctor in your city; our brains have been programmed this way, and when you use your success hypnosis and start retraining those subconscious beliefs, you find out what your big pitfall is.

Joe Rogan Explains How To Get Through The Hard Stuff

Rogan said one of his weaknesses was being jealous of other people's success. It was the same for me, and it might be different for you, but when you get to the core of it, you can change it. So you can check out my free success hypnosis right there, down below. It's, pinned to the comments and in the description. Now once we get our minds right, it comes down to one final Rogan secret, and it's often the hardest part. 

Now let's have Rogan explain how to get through the hard stuff. There are a lot of people who are scared of their ability to do something that's difficult; they're scared of whether or not they like it when you see someone doing something that's really tough to do and you go. I don't know if I could do that. I don't know if I could force myself to be disciplined. I don't know if I could force myself to take that kind of action. Well, if you force yourself to take that kind of action, you don't have to ask yourself that question anymore: I don't know if I can do it." Well, you're doing it. 

Most people's associations are to avoid anything that's uncomfortable, but it's so illogical because when you look at comfort, success, progress, and eventual feelings of accomplishment from getting past certain hurdles, in terms of how you feel about life, a lot of those are connected to discomfort. Like discomfort is your friend, it really is like discomfort—not being happy and content with certain situations in life or certain feelings in life. There are massive motivators, and they're amazing at facilitating change. The instinct is to avoid them and just sit on the couch and watch some reality show about dudes who make moonshine. To learn more about this, read this - 3 Step Formula For Law Of Attraction.

The Brain Releases Dopamine

Success Formula of Joe Rogan Is Best Advice: I admit that sounds like a nice, fluffy motivational speech, but neuroscience proves that your brain is a reward-seeking mechanism. Neuroscience shows us that, contrary to popular belief, dopamine is not the pleasure chemical; it's the arousal chemical. Your brain releases dopamine whenever it recognizes a reward opportunity, either real or imagined. Discipline is the gas pedal that allows you to release the dopamine. So the key is to think about small wins that you can achieve every day, not the huge goal at the end of the tunnel. 

A lot of people think that the reward is success itself, so their brain gets conditioned to release dopamine only when the big success happens, so when it's difficult they stop and quit, but the truth is that dopamine is released when your brain is purposefully pursuing difficult tasks that have deep meaning, and that triggers the dopamine to keep you going. So this summarizes big idea number five from Rogan.

Do something uncomfortable every single day. Have the discipline to get uncomfortable, and what will happen is you'll start to train your brain to stay in the process, and then all the outcomes you desire will come to you now. As I mentioned earlier, this is part two. If you want to see Part 1, which a lot of people loved and which got like 500, 000 views in a couple weeks and people were asking for more, I'll link it here so you can watch that now. Have a beautiful day.


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