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Bend Reality With Your Mind So You Can Have All You Want

Bend Reality With Your Mind: All right, are you ready for this one? Because before famed physicist Stephen Hawking passed away, he published one last paper, and in this paper he revealed the real secrets of the universe, and I'm going to break down how you can apply these to your life to bend reality and get what you want quicker, easier, and with far less effort because what you want is a

Matter Can Be Created Out Of Invisible Energy

According to Stephen Hawking, big idea number one is that matter can be created out of invisible energy. Stephen Hawking said there are something like 10 million one with eight zeros after it particles in the region of the universe that we can actually observe. Where did they all come from? According to Hawking's quantum theory, particles can be created out of energy in the form of particle-antiparticle pairs, and that's big idea number one from Hawking: that particles of physical matter can be created out of energy. In Hawking's own words, the key words are that particles can be created out of energy. Try to read this as this might interest you also - Law of Attraction: How to LET GO, Surrender, And TRUST THE UNIVERSE.

Invisible Energy Can Create New Physical Particles Of Matter

Bend Reality With Your Mind: In a previous video, we actually discussed how scientists use Einstein's mc2 to do exactly that—use pure energy to actually create new physical matter, just like Hawking suggested. So if invisible energy can create new physical particles of matter, then you can actually use it to turn energy from nothing into something. You can actually make your dreams come true; they are neither here nor there. You can go from nowhere to nowhere when you understand what Hawking is teaching about how the universe actually works. 

This means that you can bring money into your life. This means that if you're struggling, you can manifest your goals and your desires. You can bring your ideal romantic relationship into your life and the perfect job into your life—anything in the material realm that doesn't exist because Hawking is saying it all comes from pure energy, and since you and your thoughts and your consciousness are pure energy, it opens you up to a whole new universe. 

The Essence Of  Stephen Hawking’s Holographic Belief

Now the question is, "How does it actually occur?" Hawking says, quote, "the holographic form of the wave function has led to a fruitful and promising application of holographic techniques." If you watch my videos, we've discussed the wave function in quantum theory at great length, but just to recap, it's the fact that subatomic particles are sometimes waves of pure energy outside of this dimension that we cannot see, and sometimes there are actually physical particles localized in space and time here in observable space, and whether they manifest as invisible energy that we cannot see that doesn't exist or as physical particles is based on the consciousness that's actually observing them. Try to read this as this might interest you also - How To Attract Wealth And Prosperity.

Hawking said that this wave-particle function is the basis of holographic reality. He believed that reality was a hologram, and all information was stored outside of this dimension in the second dimension and projected into third-dimensional form. He said that all potential information and energy already existed outside of this physical dimension, and this energy moved particles into third-dimensional form. This is the essence of his holographic belief.

The Meaning Of Hologram

I heard that they did a big concert and they made Tupac into a hologram, but what is a hologram in all actual reality? So the word "hologram" has Greek roots: hollos means whole, and gram means message. So in a hologram, if reality is a hologram, each piece contains the whole, so for example, you can make a photograph into a 3D hologram instead of just a two-dimensional picture by using a laser, and the difference is that if you cut up a 2D picture, it's like a puzzle, and you've got to use your puzzle-solving skills to piece it back together, but if you have a holographic picture, every single one of those little tiny pieces that you cut up contains the entire hole that you cut. 

Now this is crazy because if Hawking is correct and reality is a hologram, that means every single subatomic particle, every single cell of your body, everything is connected to something else; you're already connected to what you want; it already exists just outside of this dimension, and Hawking is saying that through quantum theory and the wave-particle function, you actually bring it into life. 

Bend Reality With Your Mind: The Reality Was A Hologram

Bend Reality With Your Mind: There was another famed physicist who believed reality was a hologram, and he actually won the Nobel Prize. His name was David Bone, and he argued that the empty space in the universe contained the whole of everything; it was a hologram. Bone believed that this realm of empty space and pure information was what paradoxically gave life and brought order to the physical world. That's the exact same thing that Hawking said in his latest research paper. His last one is that energy and information exist in a realm outside of the Third Dimension and are Nobel Prize winners. David Bone had a term for when things move from the invisible to the physical state, from the empty invisible realm to the physical realm, and he called it the hollow movement. That's the movement from invisible realms of energy into physical form. Try to read this as this might interest you also - 3 Step Formula For Law Of Attraction.

Now the hollow movement you can actually use to bring money into your life can bring love into your life, but it has to do with shutting off your five senses. When you shut off your five senses and stop thinking at the level of your environment and start thinking greater than your own environment, that's when you shift the wave-particle function and start to change the hologram, and things actually then begin to shift in your life and you realize that you are the creator of your own reality. 

So I invite you to give this a try in your own life to do a thought experiment, and I'm going to break this down in a simple way that you can apply it to your life so you can take your desire that is not here and bring it here into your life from nothing to something. 

Steps That You Can Take To Make Something Real

There are three simple steps you can take to make this a reality. Step number one is that you must try to accept the idea that what you want but don't have is already real; it's an energy frequency or a vibration that you can tap into with your own thoughts. Step number two is to realize that everything is two things in the hologram: the future of your desires fulfilled exists in this invisible field of energy, and the future you do not want already exists. There are both real frequency patterns. They're both real wavelengths of energy, and you tap into one or the other via your own consciousness, which collapses invisible energy into physical form. 

So you want money, love, or a job, but you can be constantly fixated on the fact that it's here, and that's what I used to do. I have free hypnosis; it's right there, down below, at It's pinned to the comments, and in the description, I suggest you use it because this is what changed my life. I was trying to build my career as an author and an entrepreneur. I knew what I wanted. I had a vision board that I visualized. I worked hard, but I was always focused on the fact that it wasn't happening, and since it wasn't happening, it was year after year a disappointment and I couldn't get ahead, and my thinking was getting controlled by my five senses that said I am not successful, I am too young, I am this, I am that, and I'm broke.

So I started creating a success hypnosis for myself where I would disconnect from the third-dimensional hologram and I would access higher possibilities that didn't exist and I would practice visualizing them, entering the feelings of them, and getting excited about it, and my life started changing pretty quickly. After that, I started having all these viral videos, and I got a TEDx talk, and then Penguin Random House, the number one English-language publishing company in the world at 23 years old, signed me to a book deal. All this stuff started happening fast, and it wasn't because I started working harder; it was that my consciousness shifted. So you can check that out right there down below; it's, and it'll help you to focus and enter the feeling of what you want as opposed to what you don't want. A Free Will To Create Your Own Reality

Remember, everything is really two things: what you want in the absence of what you want, and this leads us to the final step in the cosmic holographic puzzle from Stephen Hawking, and he summed it up best when he said, quote, I have noticed that even people who claim that everything is predetermined and that we can do nothing to change it look before they cross the road. What Hawking is saying is so beautiful that even if you believe you don't have control over reality or you're one of the people who don't believe in free will and everything is predetermined, well, why do you look before you cross a road? You have free will, and you can create your own reality. 

Do a thought experiment; you don't have to believe me, and you don't have to believe Stephen Hawking. Just test it in your own life, and you will see that your consciousness is so freaking powerful that you can alter every single aspect of your reality. Give it a try and see what happens next.


bend reality with your mind, reality is just an illusion, thoughts do not create your reality, you create your own reality

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