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This One Technique Will Truly Change Your Life

This one law of attraction technique will truly change your life in order to illustrate the habit, which is something nobody even talks about. You're not going to find this anywhere because it's something that's so counter intuitive to everything that you're told, but it works. It will change your life.

In order to illustrate this habit which I'm about to share with you, it's not like anything you think; say your affirmations, do this thing, you know, wake up earlier. It's not nothing like that. Exercise more, meditate. It's nothing like that. It's something that nobody talks about.

To most people, they'll simply not even be able to think this way at all. In order to illustrate this habit before I share it with you, I want to share with you a really quick story of my own personal life and how I was able to use this. I was 19 years old. I dropped out of college and I decided that I wanted to write books. I backpacked around the world and I wanted to inspire millions of people. Every single year, new years resolution came around and I wrote them down on paper and at the end of the year, every year I was never getting to that spot.

I would always say "I'm going to do this and I'm going to do this. Then I'm going to do this." Half of it never ended up happening. I was stuck in this place where I couldn't pay for anything because my career wasn't taking off. Things weren't working out for me the way that I imagined at the start of every new year's resolution.

I came across an individual by the name of Neville Goddard. I think he's one of the top two or three greatest spiritual teachers and mystics of the 21st century for sure. He said something quite interesting. He said "Creation is finish. You're not creating anything." That's how we're always looking at it.

I realized that's how I was looking at life. I need to create this opportunity. I need to create this goal. I need to create this reality. I need to create this amount of money. I need to create this relationship. I need to create this thing. I want to create this thing. I dream of creating this thing." What that's implying is that it doesn't already exist.

He said all you're really doing is manifesting what already exists. If creation is finished, that's a mystical like esoteric thing to say. "Creation is finished. What the heck does that mean?" Well, let's look at it from a scientific perspective. Energy is never created or destroyed. That's what science says. Scripture says "Creation is finished." Science says energy is never created or destroyed. They're saying the same thing. Creation is finished means everything is energy and energy is never created or destroyed.


It moves just like water can move. Water can be in a liquid state. It could be in an ice state. It could be in a vapor state. It can be in a total nonphysical gas state. It can manifest itself in different appearances. In essence, in different frequencies. That's what energy does. If energy is never created or destroyed, and energy is the building block of everything in this physical universe, including your body, your thoughts, your bank account, your home, your car, your relationships, everything in life is just energy.

If energy is never created or destroyed, it must mean everything that you want already exists. I heard him say that and I was like "Okay, so I can see how that's true. I every single year tell myself I want this, I want to create this, I desire this, I wish to achieve this." What I'm really saying is "I do not have it now."

If energy is never created or destroyed, what determines what energy I'm experiencing? What determines which energy you are experiencing? Consciousness. That's why science and quantum physics specifically talk so much about consciousness creating reality. Your consciousness is what's determining how you will influence energy. Steve Jobs said the world was built by people no smarter than you, and this is the part that I love.

When you realize that, you can mold, shape and change your world, however you want. You can mold, shape and change it. How could you mold, shape and change your bank account? How can you mold, shape, and change your career, your life, your success, your relationships, your health, your happiness, your destiny? How could you do that? Well, the only way that you can do that is if everything is energy and your consciousness has the ability to influence it.

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What you want already exists so you're not creating, you're manifesting. This habit of perception started to change my life because I said" Okay, I'm not going to assume that the money I want, the job, the career, success I want, the relationship I want, the whatever I want. I'm not going to assume that it's not my life now.

That's the assumption that you're moving from when when you say "I want to create." You're assuming you don't already have it, which is in essence the consciousness is "I do not have." If consciousness influences energy and creates what you manifest in your life, then you're constantly creating an evasive goal that you cannot achieve.

Think about it. Everyone year after year has these new year's resolutions. "I'm going to achieve this, build this habit, create this single my life, reach this financial goal, reach this health goal." It's always about creating these things, but they're constantly elusive because in consciousness we're saying we do not have them. In order to manifest a different energy system that is your life, whether it's your bank account, your love life, you have to be manifested.

I started saying and started viewing reality as what science says; energy is never created or destroyed. That means what I want already exists. I just have to come into alignment with it first in my own consciousness. I started getting excited about the fact that I was inspiring millions of people. I wasn't, but I was excited about the fact that I was. I was not doing that, but I was waking up with excitement.

Psychologists call this the expectancy theory. What you expect, you experience. Science shows us that consciousness creates reality. What determines your consciousness? Your energy, your emotions, your expectations. That's what's influencing what energy you pull into your experience. The money already exists. There's more printed every single day. Your dream home already exists. You just aren't in alignment with it.

Start getting excited. I created a software that I started experimenting to train my mind to manifest, meaning that I was living in my reality as if it already happened, even though it wasn't happening. I created a software called The Second Mind for myself and now thousands and thousands of people from all over the world have used it.

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Energy is never created or destroyed. Manifesting is. It already exists and my consciousness will determine whether or not I experience it. I went from creating - "I don't know whether this is possible, but I'm going to make it so." To manifesting "It already exists. There is a dimension higher than this. I'm already inspiring millions of people. I'm already making millions of dollars."

It's now a reality. It wasn't a reality, but I said it was a reality because I understood I was manifesting at the energy of it, the essence of it. The reality of it existed in a higher dimension, and my consciousness coming into alignment with it is what manifested it here in the third dimension. My life changed. What I'm inviting you to do is consider that all you want already exists. 

You're simply manifesting it. Energy is never created or destroyed. Whatever it is that you want, I'm encouraging you to consider that your consciousness is the main force driving factor that will determine whether or not you create it and you're good enough. You're smart enough, it already exists. This changed my life and I'm really excited to see how it changes yours. What I'm inviting you to start saying to yourself is "All I want already exists."

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Start to use it. All you want already exists The second

Thank you for reading this all the way through. Go from creating to manifesting what already exists. Great things are already in store for you.

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Go ahead and demo that for free. Great things are already in store with you. I'll talk to you soon.

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