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Jake Ducey
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3 Things Keeping You Trapped From Attracting Money

In this blog, I will talk about the 3 things keeping you trapped from attracting money! 

Would you like more money? Here's three things that you don't even know that are blocking you from attracting money. These are three things that are keeping you trapped from manifesting money in your life and you don't even know it.

I didn't know these things and now in hindsight, I'm like "Oh my gosh, this changed my life." Today I want to talk to you about three things keeping you trapped from attracting money, from manifesting money, and you don't even know it.

When you do these three things, you're going to open up the flood gates. There's a quote in Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich, and it says something to the effect of "Riches, when they come, come so abundantly and in such vast quantities, that one wonders where they were hiding all those lean years." I thought that was the silliest thing. "Oh yeah, they're just hiding." Then these three things open up the flood gates and I'm like "Hey, that thing made sense."

3 Things Keeping You Trapped From Attracting Money #1

Step number one is that you're thinking you're not smart enough. That's the number one way to keep ourselves trapped from attracting money in our life. Think about this. Richard Branson is the creator of the Virgin brand and he called it the Virgin brand because he knew nothing about business. He was a virgin at it. He was also a 16 year old dyslexic kid when he started it that didn't have further than a middle school education.

There's so many people that fall into that category that have created tremendous wealth, that aren't "smart enough." It has so much more to do about the way that you view yourself than credentials. Here's what I want you to consider. You are an individualization of God. Everything is energy. Money is energy. Your body is energy, the wall is energy. Everything is energy, and you are an individualization of this energy.

Therefore, it's your birthright to partake in the abundance of life. You would not be here if you weren't meant to live a fully abundant free life. You wouldn't be here. You are an individualization of God energy and that God energy wants to express itself. Your desire for money is really your desire to experience more of God, to experience more of the universe.


God is in everything. It's in the wall. It's in every cell of your body. It's in the house you want, the car you want. It's in everything, so your desire for things is really your desire to experience oneness and more of God's creation. That's all it is.

You have the universe and God on your side for you to have abundance, but you live in a world of free will and even pain teaches us lessons. A pain that I know I had for a lot of time was thinking that I wasn't good enough and smart enough for this blog to take off. I thought I was too young. I dropped out of college. I was like "Maybe I'm not intelligent enough. Maybe I'm not smart enough. I'm not as smart as them. I'm not as smart as this person."

What happens is you create your own financial prison that you trap yourself in.

I was on the phone with Bob proctor a few years ago I said "I'm this old.." He said "Stop saying that. Stop telling me how old you are. You're a soul; you're not a physical body." He said 'Your physical body is just your rental car you're using for your soul, but you keep categorizing your physical body as who you are. You think you're too young. That's why you're struggling. You keep telling me your age. Your age has nothing to do with your ability to attract success, your ability to positively influence people's lives. It has no influence on money."

What is money? Money is energy. What you're doing is compartmentalizing, limiting your infinite energy into a very small fraction of who you are and saying "This is how old I am, therefore, this is what I'm capable of." What I'm inviting you to do is consider that you are a spiritual being in a physical body. Your spirit, your essence of who you are isn't bound to any of your perceived limitations right now that you have in your life.

Your spirit is one with God, and that energy is in everything so you're one with money already. Isn't that interesting? When your perception of it changes, the money starts showing up.

It's just like when you're looking for your car keys, but they were actually in your pocket and you looked around the house for like 40 minutes and you're getting all pissed off.


Then they were in your pocket or you're looking for your phone, but it's on silent and it ended up being in your hand.

You're looking for money, you're looking for a solution to your problem, but the key is actually within yourself. The key is you're already one with the energy of abundance. Until you claim your share of abundance and you realize that no one else is losing by you gaining. In fact, we live in a totally infinite world.

In fact, by you being in the energy abundance, you're going to help the collective consciousness for other people to tap into it as well. It's the hundredth monkey effect. They took a hundred monkeys and then they taught the monkeys something and then eventually all the other monkeys picked it up so there is a collective, unified consciousness that all the monkeys were tapping into. Similarly, there's a collective, unified consciousness that all of us can tap into and by you tapping into the flow of financial abundance and the flow of freedom, you make it easier for other people to do it.

It's the domino effect, so you're actually helping the world by doing it. Step number one is forget about saying "Oh, I'm not smart enough. Oh, I'm not this enough. Oh, I'm not that enough." No, no, no. You are an individualization of God. You're one with the energy of God. You are a divine being The fact that you're here makes it part of your right to experience the fullness of life.

​In this instance, money is a vital part of that. If you love traveling, you should be able to have the money to travel. If you want to help people, if you want to build up your community, help underprivileged kids, you need the money to do that and you deserve to attract it into your life.

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Every time the negative thought pops in and says "I'm not good enough, I'm not this enough", remind yourself, I am one with God.

3 Things Keeping You Trapped From Attracting Money - #2

Number two, not seeing the value of it. What happens when you don't have any money is you convince yourself that it's not valuable. That's what I used to do. I would convince myself that it wasn't valuable and it wasn't important. "At least I'm happy." That's what I would tell myself. Imagine if you told your wife or your husband that they weren't that important. How long would they stick around?

Think of three things you would do if you had more money now. Whether you'd go help someone out and you'd buy them a new car because they can't afford it, or whether you go on a trip around the world, you get a nicer house, you put your kids in better school, you have better health care, or you buy this thing for yourself. Something that's exciting.

What you need to do is start to see the value of it and speak to money as if it's a person What is a person? A person has a consciousness. A person has an energy field that your consciousness communicates with. If you say "Yeah, you're not very important", how long is that person going stick around? Not very long. How long is money going to stick around if you don't have any of it?

The fact that you don't have any of it, you try to rationalize the fact that you don't have any it by saying over and over again "It's not that important. It's not that important." It's very important. Just agree that in the arena of which money is used, it's very important. Is money everything? Absolutely not. Is money important? Yes, absolutely.

Until you start to find the importance of it psychologically and subconsciously, your subconscious won't create money for you if you don't think it's important because your subconscious mind and your brain is always trying to preserve your energy and focus on the things that are of your highest values.

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If you have trouble with that,

3 Things Keeping You Trapped From Attracting Money #3

Number three, believing what your parents believe. Your parents may have told you " Money is the root of all evil." Your parents may have said "Money doesn't grow on trees." You may have grown up in a certain institution and by parents, you may have grown up without your parents. You may have been raised by foster parents. You may have been raised by your grandparents, you may have been raised by your aunt or your uncle.

You may have been raised by just random adults. I just mean in general. What adult figures around you told you or that you heard them talking about money at the dinner table or when you came home and they were arguing about it. What happens is we accept all these subconscious beliefs. Half of the divorces that happen are because of money.

We associate money with breaking up marriages. Subconsciously, that's what a child does. If you believe what the adult figures tell you, you're living out their reality. If they don't have the type of financial freedom that you want, you've got to eliminate their beliefs, The first way to eliminate their beliefs is to ask yourself "What do I believe about money? Do I believe it's bad? Do I believe it doesn't grow on trees?

3 things keeping you trapped from attracting money - money tree

Do I believe I'm not smart enough? Do I believe the rich people control all the money therefore I'm not going to have it, that I should just be happy with my little meager lot in life. What have I been told about money from adults, from authority figures, from the media, from all the influences around me?"

Up until the age you're seven years old, psychologists say that you're in a brainwave state called theta. Theta is the state that you're in when you're in hypnosis, so essentially what you're doing is you're like a sponge up until the age of seven. You're just receiving everyone else's energy and it goes directly into your subconscious. Then you spend the rest of your life recreating these subconscious beliefs.

If you heard enough times "Money is the root of all evil. Just be happy with what you got. Who do you think I am, Rockefeller? You're greedy if you have money. The rich people ruin the world. Money isn't important." If you heard that enough times, you're going to believe that subconsciously, even if you don't consciously believe it.

If you haven't yet already,

Your subconscious mind controls 95% of your life so the question is "What do you believe about money?" You have to change your belief system about it. I used to believe that I was a bad person if I had it. I thought rich people ruined the world.

I thought money ruined the world. Money doesn't ruin the world. It's our belief in separation, if anything, that is causing a lot of the chaos that we have in our world. It's our belief that we're separate from one another.

Money is energy. It's just like saying that cars are causing problems because somebody gets in a car accident. It's our unawareness, texting while we're driving. It's us not paying attention. That's what causes accidents, not cars themselves. I realized I had all these beliefs. It was evil. It was bad. I was passionate about this work that I do. I thought that if I made money at it, I was somehow a bad person.

I believed all those things and year after year, I struggled financially to the point where I was stressed all the time. I asked myself "What do I believe about money?" I never asked myself that because I thought my beliefs were just facts. They're not facts, their beliefs. I believed them long enough to think that they were real, but they're not facts.

I thought that they were facts and I was like "Wow. I believe money is the root of all evil. I believe money is bad. I believe that money isn't important, I believe that the rich people have all the money. I believe I'm not smart enough. I believe that the fact that I dropped out of college negatively affects my ability to earn money. I believe I don't know anything about money." I was like "Wow, I have a lot of negative belief systems."

Look at the results in my life. Jesus says "By your fruits, you'll know them." My fruits are very minimal. Why? Look at all those beliefs I just shared with you. They were creating my reality, so I had to recreate it and I started saying "Money only makes me more of what I am."

Comment down below one of the most limiting belief systems about money that you've just noticed that you have or that you've become aware of recently

I know a lot of people that have money and they're very generous. They're very great. They actually do a lot of great things. If I had money, I could donate to places. If I had money, I wouldn't be stressed. I could buy a nice camera and I could work on my spiritual mission of making these videos. I could hire an editor, I could do all these things. I could travel to where I want to travel, to experience more life and learn new cultures.

I know a lot of people that have money and they're very generous. They're very great. They actually do a lot of great things. If I had money, I could donate to places. If I had money, I wouldn't be stressed. I could buy a nice camera and I could work on my spiritual mission of making these videos. I could hire an editor, I could do all these things. I could travel to where I want to travel, to experience more life and learn new cultures.

I could live in a house that I actually wanted to live in instead of going home every day to my apartment and saying "I hate it here." I could live the life I really wanted. I was dependent off my girlfriend. She was in debt. I couldn't even afford a car so we drove her car. She had to go to work every day so it was always a dilemma.

If she was paying for everything, but she didn't have enough money anyway. That's why she was in debt. I said Look, if I had more money, I'd actually have a lot more solutions. I'd be more self reliant, I'd be happier. There would be more peace in my life and I could help more people." It turns out all of that was true, but I had to change my belief systems about money.

What you'll find is you're going to inspire everybody else because other people are going to be like "I have that. I was told that. Oh my gosh, I'm finally breaking free of it." As you break free of these belief systems, you'll start to see money start to show up.

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It's our birthright. What is money? It's just a symbol of being able to experience the life that you want. It's not the money itself. A bunch of papers sitting in your room is useless. It's the fact that you can actually use it to fund your church and your community. You can live where you want to live, buy what you want to buy. Experience what you want for yourself and for other people.

That's my software designed to retrain your brain. You need to retrain your brain for this new reality because for so many years you've been programmed with this limiting belief systems and you've got to break free of them free of it. I created a software to do that. It's free to demo.

If you haven't yet already,

What it's going to do is retrain your brain for prosperity rather than limitation. When you retrain your brain, your brain is going to go about creating financial freedom for you without your conscious effort.

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Most people say "No, I hate it. No, it's not important." Say "I love money." What's going to happen is the energy of money will start to open itself up to you and your consciousness will expand.

Have an absolutely beautiful day. I love you. I appreciate you. Thank you for reading this video. These money traps are actually now going to open up the flow of abundance in your life because you're starting to change your subconscious programming.

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